Subject: A Neglected Boy Chapter 61 Subject: A Neglected Boy Chapter 61 Please support Nifty to keep these stories fty/donate.html This is my first story at Nifty. Thanks Nifty staff for all your help. Please remember this is fiction and all the characters names are simply fabricated. **Note** All locations are accurate including mileage, just remind me when your almost out. So you boys just have fun and I will talk to you soon. Thank goodness my phone receives text messages even while on this riverboat. Oh now the hat, Oh Yes thank you very much riverboat crew for Kori’s un-removable hat; he has it on his head and that is where it will stay! Now we see the other side of Kori. I simply asked politely to take the hat off and immediately it turns into a debate about . . . . Why? Thank you riverboat crew! And what about the other boys so what are they chopped liver? So the crew doesn’t have to put up with Liam, Peter and Simon. I’m slightly chilled and could use a real cup of tea. You know that American “Tea” nice and dark with flavor. So far it is the only thing Jonah and I have a difference on. Jonah likes to show the hot water the “Tea”, like scare it and thinks it’s now “Tea”. On the other hand I actually prefer to put the “Tea” in the water and boil it for 5 minutes or so till its black. Em em good! Personally I think Jonah holds a grudge going back to the Boston tea party, wouldn’t surprise me if his Great Granddad was there. I shouldn’t think bursa escort such things because he makes the best damn biscuits with jam I have ever had, Oh n the coffee is good too. Simon makes the coffee most of the time and we have all been treated to breakfast made by Simon and Kori and the bacon here is much better than that cheap stuff back home. This bacon is lean from the loin not that belly bacon, not even bacon just fat from back home. We have found food here is real home town delicious. Well here we are in this marvelous tunnel heading for the Science Museum and Kori, Simon, Peter, and Liam decide to break the record of who can holler the loudest. Well guess who did? Me. Jonah nearly lost his hearing when I started; being a 4th grade teacher I have a set of lungs the size of an elephant and the voice to go with it. Damn if it wasn’t tons of fun. The boys loved all the airplanes on the top floor and to be honest my concern about Kori being obnoxious had all disappeared. I really think that Simon and Peter’s manners have rubbed off on Liam and Kori. Then we hit the railroad models and the six of us could have spent the whole day just here. Jonah and I found out that we both love trains, I will admit it was hard to get Jonah to leave the area. The afternoon was slightly interrupted by some obnoxious rude tyrant. The next thing I saw was Kori heading for a fight and grabbed him just in time. This fool of a kid had picked on the wrong boy today and found bursa escort bayan his butt on the floor as Peter, yes Peter, knocked his legs from under him. Peter and Liam very much alike; gentle, sweet, kind and loving or can turn into T-Rex in a heartbeat. Well I guess it was one of those gallery guards or museum police that threw the little bugger out on his ear. Now it was off to see just how much my legs would take. Jonah and his boys are fit! I think they either workout or walk everywhere. It was time to go to the market Kori and I are cooking and all we heard from Liam was . . . “I’m starving” . . . what’s new Liam? Dinner was excellent and we just about finished everything. I can’t say that Simon or Peter are shy about eating. With the kitchen cleaned mostly by Jonah and Peter we all played Monopoly. I had a plan. I was going to keep my eye on Liam because Garret and Peter at home say he cheats. I watched, I never took my eye off him. Liam is shrewd he watches every move and calculates the cost of rent and buying a house. Tonight Liam met his match! Simon was one step ahead Simon’s brain is a human calculator. Showers finished it was bedtime and I was completely worn out I’m not sure how my feet even made it to the bed. I think I may have been rude and not even said goodnight to Jonah. Hell I don’t even remember the light going out. I awoke with Peter half on me and Liam half on Peter. Peter is staring at my face and Liam is tracing escort bursa along my eye and nose with his finger. Then peter started to laugh I stopped it quick and we slept till morning. I thought I was the only one who ever had 6 in a bed. Now I find out that 6 is a fun and warm number especially on a cold night. As I drifted back asleep I thought of things back home and how they made out with the water heater. Knowing Neil the way I do I am sure it is all taken care of. We have been so busy here that there hasn’t been much time to think of home. One thing I know is that Garret and Ian are having a great time and I can’t wait to hear all the stories they will tell when we get home. I have received a couple of nice text from Yori about how well the boys are getting along. It seems Riku loves his new Steinway piano and I would too when it cost $24,000. I hope Garret will do well with his cello lessons. I was dreaming that I had the horses hitched to the sleigh. I must have been dreaming about the “Project” and was laughing in my sleep when Liam shook me awake and told me to be quiet. I laughed at that too and then he gave me a love tap on my face and said “Shhhhhhhhhh!” I was back asleep in seconds and it was dreams of the trail rides and horseback rides to the pond. It was almost like a movie as I saw Liam and Riku running naked in the water at the pond. I must have laughed again when I saw the elderly couple and when Riku stood up and bowed; I felt a quick jab to me side woke and fell right back to sleep. What will this new day bring? Chapter 62 Next Visit Jake and the Boys at~ https://jacoblion.weebly/ **If you liked the story, please let me know. Thank ota

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