A Little Night GameA Little Night Game


What a day. Hell, what a week. You make your way to your car after what seemed like the longest week in history. You need a hot shower, stiff drink, serious man food, and hot nekkid sex. In that order. You open your car door and wait a minute and while the enclosed heat escapes, you run a hand through your short tousled hair. Although you keep the windows cracked, the interior is stifling. As you move to get in, you notice an envelope on the seat. The familiar writing makes you forget all about your week, shower, food, drink, and go straight to the sex. You know who it’s from and recognize the hand writing. Tonight is the night you’ve both talked about. In the envelope there is a hotel key, room number, and instructions. Despite the blistering heat, a shiver runs down your back. You hardly notice the hot leather seats as you hurry home to prepare for what promises to be a very exciting and fulfilling evening. Although the traffic this time of day is bumper to bumper, you try not to lose patience as your mind runs through all the possibilities of what’s in store later tonight. As heat creeps up your cheeks, you crank up the air conditioner full blast. The colder air does nothing to relax the ever growing erection now straining against your slacks. You try to adjust your bulge to a more comfortable angle and fear you could have permanent zipper marks if you don’t find relief soon. You turn up the radio hoping for a distraction as a pounding song comes on, full of bass and thumping. The song sings of bumping and grinding and the rhythm reminds you of pounding your flesh into a tight, wet hole. So much for getting a distraction. Absentmindedly you reach down and rub the heel of your hand down the length of your cock through your pants. It pulses and tingles with the contact. You drop your head back against the headrest as your eyes droop closed. You are jerked back to reality as you hear a horn blaring behind you and you realize the light had changed. Swearing at yourself for being a slave to your cock, you accelerate and force yourself to keep up with traffic until you are safely home.Once home, you step into a tepid shower, and hope the cooler water helps alleviate your now almost painful erection. You were instructed not to masturbate before tonight, but the pounding water is only adding to your arousal. As you soap your body your foam covered hands work their way over your smooth shaven chest, pausing to lightly run a slick fingertip over your nipples. You’ve always loved nipple play and it sends jolts straight to your already heavy cock. You try to concentrate on bathing again, but soon realize that you are slowly stroking yourself. You are freshly shaven here too leaving only a small, well trimmed nesting of hair. You know it will only take a few quick strokes to bring relief and you feel almanbahis şikayet under the circumstances I would understand. Your balls tingle as they draw close to your body preparing to erupt and you feel the all too familiar pressure at the base of your spine. Without any more encouragement than that you grunt as ribbons of your hot seed are shot against the shower wall. Once your breathing and heart rate return to normal, you are finally able to finishing showering and getting ready. Feeling a little more in control of yourself, although a little guilty, you shrug it off and convince yourself it’s better for your body not to have to run around with a hard on for hours at a time, safer to drive too.Now, showered, shaved and dressed per my instructions you are waiting in the hotel room. You are kneeling in the suites sitting room with your knees slightly apart wearing only the black silk lounge pants tied loosely at the waist, no shirt, no shoes. Your hands are clasped behind your back and eyes averted at the ground. The lights are dim but your eyes are adjusting. You know I have prepared the adjoining room for us and are very anxious and slightly nervous to get started. You try not to think too much about what all we are going to do tonight, but despite your best efforts your mind relives earlier conversations we had. We have been lovers for a while and while we still thoroughly enjoy traditional sex, we both found we enjoy getting a little kinky. We talked about different sex toys we would like to use and have used on us, and different role playing we would like to participate in. We both found ourselves getting very turned on at the talk of playing a Dom/sub role and how we would like to see it played out. Remembering these conversations is bringing back your erection full force and you try to mentally control the tingling as your blood changes direction and flows to your crotch. You hear the bedroom door open and catch yourself before you look up. Your instructions included keeping your eyes down unless I gave permission. I step in front of you and you can see that I’m wearing 6” spiked, black strappy leather heels, and black netted stockings. You want to see the rest of the outfit so bad the tendons in your neck ache as you struggle to keep your head down. I step closer to you and you can smell the familiar scent that I wear as well as the scent of my arousal. You can feel your cock jerk and take a deep breath to try and control it. That backfires as you fill your lungs with my scent. The overpowering scent short circuits the last bit of control you have on controlling your erection. You hear me chuckle when I realize you lost the battle and I gently run my fingers through your sandy colored short hair in understanding. This simple caress serves to both relax you and remind you that almanbahis canlı casino I care and understand you’re struggling. You can see a leather flogger in my hand now and let a swear word escape your lips as another jolt of lust shoots straight to your cock. I remind you that you will be punished for speaking without permission and you press your lips together to suppress the moan that tried to escape at the thought. After what seemed like an eternity but was actually only a minute, I place a finger under your chin and slowly lift your face to meet mine. Making sure you have time to take in my outfit. You can see that I’m wearing soft black lace gloves that go to my elbows with the fingertips exposed showing well manicured long fingers, a leather corset that lifts my breasts up like an offering with the cups barely covering my already erect nipples and emphasizing the smooth white skin of my exposed shoulders, the boning shows off my trim waist and the corset stops just before the flair of my generous hips. My black stockings stop at the top of my thighs, and because I’m wearing no panties, you catch a glimpse of my bare, smooth pussy just waiting for you. You can see my clit playing peek-a-boo between my already moistening lips, just begging for your kiss. My dark hair is down and the silken strands brush past my shoulders almost covering the upper swell of my creamy breasts. I smile at your expression of pure lust on your face, showing a row of my straight white teeth and the dimple in my left cheek that you love to run your tongue over. I ask you to stand for inspection. As you do, you clasp your hands behind your head, feet spread apart and are instructed to look straight ahead and not to move or make noise. I take a moment and marvel at your beautiful body and wonder how I got so lucky to have you. You stand several inches taller than I even with me in these heels with broad, well muscled shoulders that shows many hours at the gym, tapering down to slim hips a taunt ass, and 8” of beautiful thick cock. Your long, lean muscled thighs and legs speak of how you love to hike the nearby mountain trails. I run my fingertips over your face, exploring the chiseled jaw and strong cheek bones, touching your eyelids that cover your beautiful brown eyes and marvel at your long lashes as they brush your cheeks, and tracing your well arched brows. When I caress your mouth, I marvel at your full bottom lip and you can’t help but slide out the tip of your tongue for a taste of my fingertips. I give your lips a tap with my fingers to remind you that it wasn’t allowed. I continue to run my hands over your muscled shoulders memorizing every texture and across your chest paying special attention to your nipples that respond to the caress by tightening to stiff little peaks. I lean forward almanbahis casino and flick one with my tongue and you gasp. Your cock is now tenting your pants even more as I continue dragging my fingers across your abs to the waistband of the pants. Your stomach muscles flutter and your cock jerks in anticipation as I get closer.I instruct you to remove your pants and I step back to give you room. You release the drawstring and start to push your pants down, your cock springs forward to its full length, happy for the room to expand as it seems to almost reach for my caress. You remove the pants and kick them aside and clasp your hands behind your head again as your hard cock bobs happily in front of you. I’m moved at your willingness to please me and follow my instructions. I step closer and firmly take your cock in my hand. I give it a nice long stroke from base to tip rubbing my fingertips over the reddened crown. You close your eyes and bite back a moan as a small drop of pre cum weeps from your slit. I reach down and cup your balls feeling their weight and enjoying the smooth shaven skin resisting the urge to thrust your hips in my hand. I tell you that you can put your arms down and I reward your obedience with a deep passionate kiss. We are both hungry for each other as our tongues slide inside each other’s mouths. Tasting and exploring, leaving no area untouched. I pull away with a small nip at your full lower lip that I love so much and quickly soothe it with a lap my tongue. I take your hand and lead you to the bedroom and you can feel your heart speed up in anticipation. The room is lit by candles and you can see that there is a King size, four poster bed in the center of the room, and a Jacuzzi style tub sits in one corner filled with steamy, scented water. There are decorative iron rings on the bed posts and along the beds footboard. Instead of looking medieval it looks rustic and inviting with extra plump pillows and thick down comforter. Before we begin, I remind you of your “safe word”, the one that if spoken, will end stop everything if things become too uncomfortable, or too painful. This time the word is “butterfly”. You nod your head and let me know you are ready and draw in a shaky breath. I kiss you again and instruct you to clasp your hands behind your back. When you do, I move behind you and secure them together with leather cuffs.I instruct you to get on your knees and place a soft cushion on the floor for you to kneel on. When you are settled, I slowly start caressing your back with the flogger and your muscles jump at the contact. You are surprised at the softness of the straps and relax a little. I ask you if you were good today and you reply with a yes. I remind you that you were instructed not to orgasm and ask you again if you were good. You look at me surprised that maybe I had some sixth sense that gives me a peek into your life. You decide to analyze that another time. You confess to the shower scene and try to quickly make excuses for your behavior, convinced that if I heard you out that I would understand.

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