A Lesson Pt. 02A Lesson Pt. 02


Alex left with Veronica still lying on the floor of his office, “Gather yourself, let’s meet tomorrow and see what is to be done further.”

Veronica pulled herself up from the floor and started gathering her clothes to wear. She was crying from the pain and humiliation she had just felt. She wore what was left of the shirt and went home.

At home, Alex lay next to his wife and kissed her good night. He and his wife had been married for good 12 years but his wife could never match his sexual yearnings. Lying beside his wife, all he could think of was how tight Veronica was and how beautifully she called him daddy. The taste of her lips, the softness of her tits, his mind was occupied by her. So, he devised a plan to have a little fun with her for as long as he could.

The next day, as soon as Veronica entered the office, Alex called her in. He closed the door behind her and asked her to sit. He stood behind her and started massaging her shoulders. Veronica’s breath hitched and her body tightened under him. But he kept going down and started to grab her tits. She got up in anger, turned around and said,” Sir, I have already paid for my mistakes, I think you should stop this now, or else..”.

She got cut short by Alex, “Or else what, you’ll tell on me? And then what do you think will happen? It’ll be my word against yours and whom do you think people will believe? A highly successful manager or a slut?

You just have two options right now, either quit today or do whatever i say to make your life at least livable here.”

Veronica’s eyes were welling up with tears, “But sir, I’ll improve my sıhhiye escort performance, I’m one of the best performing employees. Why are you doing this to me?”

“Because I want your body and I want to use you as I please. And if you don’t want that, you can just leave.”, shouted Alex.

All Veronica could think of were the responsibilities that rested on her shoulders and how quitting this job would put her in a downward spiral.

“Ok sir, what do you want me to do?”, She gathered up all her courage and agreed to be his slave.

“That’s like a good girl,” Alex said, touching Veronica’s lips. When she tried to move a bit back away from him, he grabbed her hair and pulled her towards himself. A gasp left her mouth, thinking about what she had gotten herself into.

“For starters, why don’t you undress for me, come over to my chair, get under the table and do what you do best.”

“But sir, there are people, anyone can come into your office”, said Veronica, almost choking on her own tears.

To her pleading and begging, all Alex said, while pulling her hair harder was,”Good sluts beg, they don’t choose, understood?”


A backhanded slap landed on Veronica’s cheek, immediately turning it red.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes Sir”, Veronica was visibly crying now and knew that she had to do what Alex said.

He moved back to his chair and sat there. Veronica turned to face him and started to unzip her monochrome dress. She pulled it down and was wearing matching black lingerie. Alex’s smile widened a bit, “Hurry up bitch, we don’t have much time.”

Veronica sincan escort then removed her bra and underwear and was standing totally naked infront of her boss.

Alex tapped the table as a signal to call her. She went across the table, got on her knees and looked at him with pleading eyes.

Alex pushed his dick onto her mouth

Veronica just took the head in her mouth and started sucking it.

“Take it all in”, hissed Alex

“Sir it’s too big, please I won’t be able to.”

Alex’s patience wore thin and he pushed Veronica’s head to the wall, held her hair and started fucking her mouth.

The sounds of her gags were like music to him.

“You have to learn how to obey, you cum slut. Every morning you’ll come into my office and suck me like a little bitch. And every morning my cum will be your breakfast.”

He kept fucking her mouth and Veronica was trying hard not to choke on his huge dick, she was crying but doing the best she could to just end it.

He pulled his dick out of her mouth, pulled her up and bent her over his table. Veronica’s ass was in full view now. He grabbed one of her ass cheeks tight and said,”I’ve wanted to fuck that ass since you joined. Only I know how much I’ve controlled myself. But now this ass belongs to me”

Veronica whimpered, “Sir, please, don’t do this. It hurts a lot.”

But he pushed her face into the table, and placed the head of his cock on her tight asshole.

“A single noise you make will result in five spanks. And you know how hard I spank.”, said Alex, knowing fully well that it was going to hurt sınırsız escort and she was going to cry, beg and scream.

Veronica was shit scared now but she had to do what he said. He first pushed the head in. It hurt a lot but Veronica bit her lip hard, drawing blood so as to avoid any further punishment. Alex smiled, one hand on her ass, one in her hair, he pushed his dick in completely in one thrust.

Veronica cried in pain and started begging him,”Sir please, it hurts I’m begging you please.”

He just laughed at that and pulled his dick out completely. Again, he pushed it in, in one stroke. The pain was very intense and Veronica was begging him like a little bitch. After doing this for five times, he started fucking her ass. It was so painful that Veronica passed out once and woke up to him still fucking her ass. After what seemed like an eternity but had been just 30 mins, Alex came in Veronica’s ass.

She took a sign of relief but was soon turned around.

“Lick it clean”, Alex said, pointing towards his now limp cock.

“Ok sir”, knowing that she had already gained more than a 100 spanks she hurriedly licked his dick from head to balls. After it was clean, Alex said, “This is it for the first half, I’ll now see you after lunch. Your pussy will get a treat then, for being my whore.”

Frightened and angry, Veronica only nodded to save what was left of her dignity.

“Your punishment will be given to you after the office ends. That’ll be 150 spanks with a camera on your face, to capture all your expressions. Get it my little girl?”

Veronica was fuming with anger, but all she could say was, “Yes sir.”

She got dressed and walked out of his office, with his cum dripping out of her asshole. She was now a sex slave and that realisation hit her hard when she walked to the washroom, limping, after the rough fucking she had just received.

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