a lady copa lady cop


The young woman stepped off the bus and looked around in awe at the towering buildings of New York City. She turned and stared at the busy street and sidewalk filled with cars and pedestrians.

“Excuse me Miss, but might you be a model,” said a husky voice behind her.

The woman turned to see a well-dressed black man addressing her. “Well I’m looking to become an actress, but I would consider modeling,” she replied.

“Excellent,” said the black man smiling at her. “Here is my card. Give me a call if your looking for work. My name is Latrell.”

“Angel,” replied the woman looking at the card, it read, E&I Modeling Agency.

“Nice to meet you Angel,” said Latrell holding out his hand. She took it, noticing how little her hand looked as it disappeared into his big black one. His grip was strong but gentle. “Don’t lose that card,” he said tucking a copy of the Wall Street Journal under his arm and walking down the sidewalk.

‘Contact,’ thought Officer Angela DeSabitini watching him walk away. This had been her fifth attempt to make contact with the man who recruited young women into the porn industry. He hadn’t been waiting at the bus stop the previous four times, but this time she had spotted him sitting on the bench before the bus had even stopped. Angela knew she was an attractive woman, but at thirty she was a little worried Latrell wouldn’t approach her. She shouldn’t have worried, she had watched him out of the corner of her eyes as he immediately zoomed in on her large Italian breasts.

Angela gathered her bags from the bus driver and hailed a taxi to take her home.


Angela dialed the number on the business card and waited a second before a nasally female voice answered the phone, “E&I Modeling, How may I direct your call?”

Angel calling for Latrell, please,”

“Please hold.”

Angela held another second before Latrell got on the line. “Angel, I’m so glad you called. So are you looking for work? We’d love to represent you.”

“Yes Latrell, I’m very interested.”

“Great, Can you come in today for an interview?”

“Sure, anytime.”

“Come on in around noon, bring your portfolio and be prepared to take a couple of test shots.” Angela said she’d be there and hung up the phone. She was flushed with excitement and her pulse was raising. She was surprised to find that the excitement of going undercover had her feeling horny, but then she seemed to be horny all the time over the last year, since Maria was born and her husbands accident.


Angela stepped out of the cab and looked at the old warehouse near the wharf. It looked shady, the kind of place one would hide a porn studio. If the stupid courts hadn’t lost Ann Dutton’s statement she would be leading a raid on the warehouse instead of sneaking around undercover. Angela walked around to the side of the warehouse and up the short stairway to the entrance. She peered through the window, seeing nothing and then knocked on the door. Angela saw Latrell appear, he waved at her, then opened the door. “Angel, I’m so glad you could make it, come on in.”

Angela entered the building and followed Latrell down the hall. Her keen mind taking in her surroundings, looking for evidence, and planning a route to get out in case of discovery. The warehouse was huge, but mostly abandoned. They passed several sets, including the beach scene Ann had posed in, and entered a small waiting room. A blonde woman in her late thirties was sitting at the desk. “Carol, please tell Tyrone that I’ here to see him with a new model,” said Latrell.

The woman got up and entered the office, returning a few seconds later. “Go on in, Mr Jones is expecting you.”

Angela followed Latrell into a sparsely decorated office. A giant dark skinned black man with a large flat nose, sat behind a large desk. He held out a big beefy hand and she took it, though he didn’t bother getting up. This was the man who had posed with Ann Dutton in the magazine. If the pictures hadn’t been faked-and she was sure they were- he had the biggest, thickest, penis she had ever seen.

“Angel, a pleasure to meet you. Let’s see your portfolio,” said Tyrone.

“I’m afraid I don’t have one,” she replied. “I’m really interested in acting, but when Latrell offered to give me a shot modeling, I thought I’d give it a try.

“Then I’m sorry too, I was very interested in you, but I need to see how you look on film. Unless, of course, you’d be willing to model some clothes for us now and then we could get Latrell to take some shots of you.”

“Sure, I’d be happy too.”

“Carol, please show this young lady to the dressing room,” called Tyrone. Carol came in from the waiting room and Angela followed her out.

She was relieved to be out of the room with the two black men. She was very aware of their presence. She found their size to be very intimidating, their very presence overwhelmingly masculine.

Carol showed her the dressing room and told her to pick out a swimsuit to wear before leaving. Angela looked through the swimsuits, there were one pieces, two pieces, and some that were virtually just strings. She picked out a bikini, skimpy but modest compared to the string bikini’s and set it aside.

Angela turned around and looked at the mirror. This was the hard part, if she busted these guys and pictures of her in a bikini got passed around the police station, she’d die from embarrassment, but she really didn’t have much choice.

Angela had been well dressed in a blue silk blouse and a knee length skirt. She let the skirt fall to the floor and unbuttoned the blouse, leaving her clad in a modest bra and panties. She removed her underwear and smiled at her nude body. Angela had always looked good, with a lean build and big heavy Italian breasts, however her pregnancy had put fifty pounds on her two years ago. Angela had used her free time and sexual frustration towards an intensive work out that now had her fitter and in better shape then she was as an eighteen year old, twelve years ago. Her muscles were well defined, you could escorts in london see the outline of her abs above her navel, but she was sill more feminine then tough looking. Her breasts had remained large, so large they interfered with her police work and she considered them a nuisance. They were big and heavy, but still proud, her nipples large and pointing straight out.

She pulled the bikini bottoms on, looking at half her hairy bush- another gift of her Italian heritage- still sticking out of the material. she pushed and shoved her hairy pubes under the material until satisfied, she stood up straight and pulled on the bikini top.


“Fuck, will you look at them big titties,” said Tyrone watching Angel change into the bikini on voyuercam. “Their bigger then your’s Ann.”

Ann Dutton licked the last of the sperm from the tip of Tyrone’s cock and crawled out from under the desk. She looked over at the computer monitor a little jealous that the new girl was getting so much attention from Tyrone. The women looked vaguely familiar and she scrunched up her eyes and stared more closely at the woman trying to stuff a very hairy bush into a skimpy bikini bottom. The woman was hard to recognize with her hair down and out of uniform, but it was definitely officer DeSabitini. “Tyrone, we got trouble, that woman’s a cop.”


Angela was a little nervous as she stepped back into Tyrone’s office. He had gotten up from the desk and was leaning against it next to Latrell. The two men stood and approached her, Angela froze as they slowly walked around her. Latrell was a foot taller then she was and Tyrone wasn’t much shorter then him. She felt dwarfed by these two men as they got uncomfortably close. “My your one sexy little thing Angel,” said Tyrone. Angela felt her nipples growing, stretching out the fabric of her bikini top. The men were close enough that she could smell their sweat, it was very…. masculine.

“Let’s see what you look like without your top,” said Latrell reaching out to untie her bikini top. Angela felt Latrell’s hand on the string, her knees felt weak, she ducked and moved between the men to get away from them, unfortunately leaving the bikini top in Latrell’s hand. She gasped and covered up her breasts.

The two men grinned and split up, Latrell sitting on the couch, crossing his legs and Tyrone going back over to his desk. “Relax Angel, all successful models have to pose topless and nude sometime.”

Angela nodded and gulped as she slowly lowered her arms, thrusting out her breasts. At least she wasn’t being photographed. “Excellent Angel,” said Tyrone looking at the computer. “Now the bottoms please.”

Angela felt goosebumps forming on her skin as she bent over and stretched out her panties pulling them down. Angela had been surrounded by street toughs, attacked by a pit bull, and even shot at once, but as she stepped out of her bikini bottoms, she felt the most vulnerable she ever had in her life.

“Very nice Angel,” said Tyrone. “Now hold your arms over your head and arch your back.” Angela complied. “Spread your legs a little. Now bend forward and let them big titties hang down. Very good Angela, it’s nice to see your so agreeable. You can grab your stuff and go take some shots with Latrell now.”

Angela sighed with relief as she bent down and grabbed the bikini bottom. She stared at it a moment, surprised to see a wet spot on the crotch, before stepping back into it and pulling it up.

“Oh and Angel,” said Tyrone as she was tying the top on, “welcome to E&I.” Angela nodded and left.

The next two hours were a blur for Angela as she posed in various swimsuits, refusing to take her top off to be photographed, but Latrell didn’t push her to do so either. Finally, her whole body tired, Latrell said she could go and that he’d be in touch.


“Yes Mr King that women’s the cop,” said Tyrone into the phone. He was starring at a picture of Angela in the bikini practically sandwiched between he and Latrell. “She’s the one Ann contacted.” Other pictures appeared on the screen as thumbnails: Angela naked in his office, changing in the dressing room, and trying to cover her hairy pussy with the bikini. “Yes sir,” said Tyrone as he received his instructions. “It sounds risky, but if that’s how you want me to proceed sir, I will.”


Angela pulled up into her driveway behind a strange car. “Mommy, mommy,” cried Maria running out of the garage and into her arms. A moment later her husband Tony rolled the wheelchair out onto the driveway. She felt a twinge of pain at seeing him in the wheelchair even now after two years.

She had been sitting in a diner watching her partner James, waiting, knowing it was coming any second and sure enough, his big black hand slid under the table and rested on her knee. She had been partnered with the black man for a month and he hadn’t hidden the fact that he wanted her bad, but she was happily married and James was married to a wonderful, pleasantly plump black woman named Ruth, whom Angela really liked.

She had just removed his hand when the call came over the radio, “Officer down, Officer down, all units proceed to….”

It was her husband, Tony. Some street punk had pulled a gun on him and fired during a routine traffic stop. The bullet entered his stomach, missed his vital organs, scraped along his spine, and exited through his back.

Angela was reminded off those events- the worst day of her life- every time she saw him confined to the wheelchair. He was paralyzed from the waist down. His once strong body had atrophied over the last two years, his legs withering, his stomach bulging out, only his arms remaining strong and muscular. She missed walks in the park, horseback riding, being crushed by his strong arms, but most of all she missed his fat, eight inch, Italian sausage. Tony’s cock had been the biggest pussy pleaser she had ever experienced. Sex was the hardest thing she had to give up.

Luckily, the day after the shooting, she discovered she was Escort in dubai pregnant with Maria and they were able to start a family.

Tony rolled out of the way and a man stepped out of the shadows in the garage. She looked up to see that it was her boss, Capt Braddock. “Sir, what are you doing here?”

“I need to speak with you alone Angela,” said Braddock.

“Of course sir,” she replied and they walked around behind the house, while Tony scooped up Maria and set her in his lap.

“Angela,I want you to go after Solomon King, I wanted you to all along,” said Braddock as soon as they were alone.

Angela felt like a great weight had been lifted off her shoulders. Her excursion into E&I had been unauthorized. “But sir, what made you change your mind?”

“I was for busting him a along, but I suspect half the cops of the force might be on his payroll, so we need to be discreet, this is going to be between just you and me.”

“No, I want James in on it,” she said suddenly.

“Absolutely not, it’s the black cops that are the most suspect.”

“If you insist sir, but I’d feel more comfortable with additional backup.”

“I understand, but it’s too risky. Now where do we start?”

“Actually sir, I already have.”


Angela returned to the warehouse two days later for her first photo shoot. A young blonde girl ushered her over to a chair and started teasing her hair. Angela stared at the set out of the corner of her eye. It was a bedroom set with a large canopied bed. Latrell was setting up a series of cameras aimed at the bed.

“Hi I’m Mark, I’ll be posing with you.”

Angela looked in the mirror to see a handsome young black man standing behind her smiling. He looked like a model, lithe and wiry, as opposed to beefy like Tyrone. “Hi Mark, I’m Angel.”

“Nice to meet you. We’ll be playing newlyweds today to sell some intimate wear for a company. I’ll see you out there.”

The girl, Suzie finished her hair and went to work on her makeup. When she was done, Latrell told Angela to go put on the clothes in the dressing room.

There were two outfits in the dressing room. A wedding dress and lacy white underwear. Angela stripped off her clothes and looked a herself nude. She looked great, her makeup was perfect, Suzie did good work.

The lingerie consisted of crotchless panties, which she pulled on, noticing with embarrassment how her hair stuck out the hole in the crotch. The bra was see-thru and it looked like her big breasts were getting ready to pop out at any time it was so tight. The rest was a pair of white nylons and a garter belt. It was very similar to the outfit she had worn for Tony on their wedding night. She felt like she was betraying him. “Jesus, I can’t wear this.”

“Don’t give up now Angela,” said Braddock’s voice in her ear. “If we bust them I’ll confiscate the photos before they go to press.”

“I hope so,” she replied pulling on the wedding dress. It was very traditional, exposing only her chest and the tops of her breasts. She sat and sliped her feet into a pair of white high heels before walking out onto the set.

“Angel you look lovely,” said Latrell. “We’re going to take shots of Mark carrying you into the room by the bed. He’s going to strip you down to the lingerie and your going to strip him down to his boxers.”

“There’s no nudity right?” she asked.

“Actually there will be an adult version of this ad running in some adult magazines, so Mark will be nude in some shots. You can get by being topless.”

“I’m not sure I can do this.”

“Angel you were so agreeable at the interview, I didn’t think it would be a problem, but if you want to forget it, I can always hire someone else.”

“Don’t blow this opportunity Officer DeSabitini,” screamed Braddock in her ear.

“Ok Latrell, I guess topless will be ok,” she replied.

“Great, lets start then,” said Latrell. “Mark pick her up.”

The first shots were easy, Mark, wearing a black tuxedo, effortlessly scooped her up and carried her into the room. She wrapped her arms around his neck and stared a him like he was her adored husband. He set her down by the bed and picked up two champagne glasses. They toasted each other and she tasted hers, downing the glass when she realized t was just ginger ale.

“Now kiss your wife,” called Latrell. Startled, Angela looked up at Mark’s descending face, his lips pressed against hers and he gave her a loving, intimate kiss. The kind she hadn’t had from Tony in two years.

Mark pulled her close and she felt an impressive erection pressing against her hip. She hadn’t felt that from Tony in two years either.

Angela felt the blood rushing in her head as Mark unzipped her back. He stepped back and pulled the dress down to her waist. Angela blushed when she realized her nipples were hard, even her areola seemed engorged and prominent under the bra. He kneeled before her and pulled the dress down over her hips until she stepped out of it, clad only in the lingerie.

“Now your turn Angel,” said Latrell.

Angela reached up and undid Mark’s tie, then she removed his jacket and cummerbund. Her hands were shaking as they unbuttoned his white shirt. He removed it, revealing his lean, well muscled chest.

“Now the bra, Mark,” said Latrell.

Angela’s eyes went wide when Mark reached around and unhooked the bra, lifting it over her shoulders. He squeezed her tight until she could feel her nipples pushing into his chest, her breasts squashed between them.

“Angela kneel before him and take off his pants,” said Latrell.

Angela kneeled before Mark which was easy because her legs felt weak and wobbly. She reached up and undid the buttons on his pants, gulping as she unzipped them. She pulled the opening back and down around his ass, until they fell down Marks legs. Mark was left wearing only silk boxers that covered the biggest bulge she had ever seen.

“Pull ’em down Angel,” said Latrell.

Angela was having second thoughts, but she couldn’t think straight so she decided to Dubai Escorts follow Latrell’s orders, besides she wanted to see what Mark’s penis looked like. With one swift yank she freed his big dick.

‘Jesus,’ she thought, ‘it’s bigger then Tony’s’. It was about an inch longer then her husband’s. Mark’s cock was big and beautiful. That extra inch must feel incredible.

“Impressed?” asked Mark.

“Yes, it’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen,” she replied, hearing Latrell laugh and feeling like an idiot.

“Angel wrap your hand around it,” said Latrell Angela did wanting to cry. It had been so long since she had held a big hard dick in her hands or even seen an erection.

“Put your lips on it Angel,” said Latrell and when Angela shook her head he added, “You don’t have to suck it, just kiss it.”

That sounded reasonable, so she brought her lips up to the head of Mark’s cock and rested them against the tip.

“We need to make it glisten like you’ve just given him a blow job. Why don’t you lick it.”

That made sense, Angela licked out with her tongue, twirling it around the head, then licking up the sides. She noticed his balls were huge. His dick was only a little bigger then her husband’s but his balls were almost twice as big. She licked them too for good measure.

“Put the head in your mouth,” said Latrell.

Angela stretched her jaw out and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. Sucking more and more into her mouth until she was bobbing her head over half Mark’s cock. ‘Two years, two years,’ she thought. God, how she missed giving Tony blow jobs. She had always had trouble swallowing the whole thing, but Mark’s slid in easily as her throat seemed very relaxed and she swallowed all nine inches.

Angela lost all sense of time as she sucked Mark’s cock. She increased her sucking when she felt his cock grow in her mouth knowing he was close. She had never swallowed cum before, letting Tony’s sperm roll around her tongue until she could spit it out and brush her teeth, but Mark’s orgasm caught her completely off guard. The first wad shot straight into her belly, the second filled her mouth so quickly she had to swallow to keep from choking and he still wasn’t done. She swallowed two more loads and found herself stroking the shaft trying to milk out moreAngela sat back, letting his cock fall out of her mouth, she looked at the big slimy thing and giggled.

“Mark, put Angel on the bed.”

Mark helped her up and sat her on the bed. She giggled again when she saw his cock was still hard. She spread her legs and looked at Latrell for orders. He had come in close with a video camera and was filming her crotch. She looked down and giggled at the hair sticking out of her panties. She had forgotten they were crotchless and Latrell was filming everything as Mark ran his black cock up along her white thigh and pointed it at her pussy. She jumped when the head touched her labia. Her clit was engorged and she felt her lips opening, longing for his cock. Mark pulled back, aiming his cock at the opening to her pussy and…

Angela came to her senses in time to bring her hand up over her pussy, covering it.

“Fuck,” said Mark and Latrell in unison as her hand deflected his dick.

“Fuck the bitches tits then,” said Latrell angling the camera up on her breasts.

Mark pulled her arms down to her sides and kneeled on them so that she couldn’t resist as he straddled her stomach. Suzie ran up and poured oil on her breasts and over Mark’s cock as he slid his long rod between them.

Mark squeezed her breasts around his cock and began fucking them. Angela had never done anything like this before and watched fascinated as the head kept emerging from her tits to strike at her face. She let out an involuntary moan when Mark pinched her nipples between his fingers.

After about fifteen minutes he increased his pace. She watched the head swelling as it lunged at her. It was growing, hardening and turning reddish black. On the next thrust, he came. A long strand of sperm exploding from the end and splattering on her skin as it left a trail from her forehead to her chin. Angela arched her head and caught the next wad in her mouth, swallowing it down. Mark pulled back and came all over her tits while Latrell captured it all on film.

“Great job you two,” said Latrell, you can clean up and head home.

“Where’s the bathroom?” asked Angela struggling to get up. Suzie helped her off the bed as Mark was already leaving. Her legs felt weak as Suzie helped her out into the hall and showed her the bathroom.

Angela closed the bathroom door. “Braddock, I think I’ve been drugged.”

“How do you feel?”

“Better, I think it was just something to loosen my inhibitions.”

“Angela, I’ll see you’re the most decorated cop in the city for what you just did. I think we got enough to shut this place down even if we don’t get Solomon King.”

“Thanks,” she said wiping Mark’s sperm off her breasts, “but all I care about is stopping these bastards.”

Angela opened the door and peeked out. Tyrone and Carol walked out of his office and headed towards the studio. “Braddock, I think I can sneak into Tyrone’s office and have a look around.”

“Ok, but be careful.”

Still topless, Angela ran down the hall and into Tyrone’s office. She quickly rummaged through the desk finding nothing. She turned her attention to his computer. “Sir, the screen seems to show links to the E&I empire. There’s dozens of links, magazines, videos, restaurants, clubs, websites.”

“Try to get in,” said Braddock in her earpiece.

Intrigued, Angela clicked on one that said Lab. “Damn, password required.” She turned her attention to a cam running on the bottom of the screen and enlarged it. She gasped when she saw the bedroom set. Tyrone was talking to Latrell. “Sir the bastard watched the whole thing on his computer. I’m looking at Tyrone and Latrell now.”

“I’m taking off,” said Tyrone voice in the computer. “I’m throwing a birthday party for Solomon at the Zebra club. I’ll see you later.” Angela looked at the desk. Sure enough his calendar had a note that read: 8:00 Zebra club, meet Solomon.

“I think we know where your next destination is,” said Braddock.

Chapter 2 coming soon.

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