A Holiday in the USA Holiday in the US


Noelle was a 19-year old British University student in her second year of an English Major. With green eyes, long dark blonde hair, slim body and small but perky breasts she would have made for a model, had it been not for her diminutive stature.

She had decided to spend a couple of weeks in the summer to visit the East Coast of the US. She especially wanted to see places outside the big cities, so she booked several bed and breakfasts around the area to allow her to move around. One late afternoon she was walking through a small town. As she walked past the houses, the yard of one of them caught her attention. It had a little fountain in the middle and she could see a hedgehog drinking from it. It was so cute that she took out her mobile phone to take a picture. As she did so, the owner of the house walked out. She was a strawberry blonde woman in her late 40s, about 5 inches taller than her 5’4″ frame and with a stocky build. Dressed in a white T-shirt, blue jeans and a pair of black combat boots, she definitely looked like someone used to work outside. She also noticed the woman was wearing a piercing next to her right eye, which further emphasised her strong appearance.

“Oh, I hope it’s ok if I take a picture of your fountain. Just saw a cute hedgehog drinking form it and wanted to take a picture!” I say.

“No problem, hon. I’m glad people enjoy the fountain I built.”

“Oh, did you build it yourself? Wow, you must be quite a handy person!”

“Well, I try my best. By the way, my name is Julia” and she approaches me to shake my hand.

“And I am Noelle!”

Her handshake is firm and strong, unlike anything I experienced before from women.

“You are not from here are you Noelle? British?”

“Yep, I am. I’m just here on a trip for the summer!”

“Well, listen, I just made some lemonade and you look thirsty. Why don’t you come inside and share a glass with me?”

“Oh, that would be lovely. Are you sure I am not bothering you though?”

“I’m positive Noelle, please come in!”

They sat in the kitchen and started talking. Noelle was wearing a midriff baring yellow shirt and some jeans shorts. As they talked, she caught Julia’s eyes staring at her midriff and chest, which she found odd.

“So you are from Britain. I must say I find British accents very sexy!”

Noelle blushed at the compliment: “Thanks, but mine is not particularly nice!”

“Well, let me be the judge on that, girl” and as she said that Noelle noticed her stare on her chest again, which made Noelle feel a bit self-conscious.

“I really like your top. It suits you.” Julia said.

“Oh thanks. It’s just a casual top though. Nothing special. But I do like the colour!”

“Oh mine, look at the time! It’s getting late. Do you have to get back somewhere?”

“Well, I have a room at a bed and breakfast nearby, but no plans otherwise. I’ve been travelling by myself.”

“Tell you what then…why don’t we have dinner together at my house? I have a nice bottle of Californian red wine we could share.”

“That sounds nice! It beats going back to my B&B alone for sure!”

Julia cooked a lovely dinner and, as promised, the wine was delicious. After dinner they sat down in a couch in the living room and took off their shoes to get more comfortable. Noelle started feeling a bit tipsy and giggly, helped by Julia cracking many jokes and making her laugh hard.

After a while Noelle noticed that Julia’s foot was sometimes brushing against hers, sometimes lingering bursa escort there for a few seconds. Sometimes her fingers would graze at Noelle’s arm and occasionally she would place a hand on Noelle’s knee.

“You know Noelle, you have a nice, flat belly” and as she said so, she ran a hand all over it, “Yes, very nice indeed!”

Even in her drunken stupor, Noelle felt a bit taken aback. “T..thanks I guess..”.

“Tell you what…I have a bottle of Tequila…why don’t we use it to play a drinking game? We ask each other questions of general knowledge. If the other person gets it right, the person who asked drinks a shot and vice versa.”

As Noelle was already a bit drunk, it sounded like a fun idea and she agreed. However, Julia was quite knowledgeable and Noelle ended up drinking the majority of the shots, getting very drunk along the way.

“Well that was fun, but I think I got you dominated there! How about we play another game? How about truth or dare?”

In her increasingly drunken stupor Noelle agreed. She was pretty good at asking embarrassing questions and so she thought she could get back at Julia for winning the previous game.

Noelle started by asking Julia if she ever peed in public, expecting her to choose dare but, to her dismay, Julia replied her question without flinching. She then fired back asking Noelle if she had ever given a blow-job in public. Noelle was totally taken aback by the question and opted for dare instead.

“Good…then I want you to take your top off.”

Noelle was a bit bemused by the request, but being drunk, didn’t think much of it and complied, sitting on the sofa in her bra and shorts. Julia stared at Noelle’s chest with a smile of approval and they continued the game.

Noelle’s next attempt at daring Julia failed, while Julia’s next question again forced a blush and a dare choice from her.

“My next dare is…a breasts comparison competition! We will both bare our breasts and compare them.”

The request stroke Noelle as odd. But, as they both were women, she thought Julia might just genuinely be interested in comparing “assets”. Noelle had done drunken games before with other girls where they stripped or even kissed, but it was all harmless fun.

Noelle removed her bra while Julia took off her top and bra. They then sat facing each other to compare breasts. Noelle’s were small and perky, while Julia’s were really big and a bit floppy. It was quite a striking contrast.

“Well, we can’t compare them properly unless we really push them against each other” and in saying so Julia put an arm around Noelle’s back and then pushed her body against Noelle’s. Julia’s breasts pushed against Noelle’s, enveloping them, and Noelle could feel Julia’s nipples harden as they pressed against hers. Julia then began to rub her breasts against Noelle’s in circular movements.

“Mmm, you have such perky breasts, little girl! Do you like what I’m doing?”

Finally the penny dropped: “I…I’m sorry, I think you got the wrong impression…look I’m straight…”

But Noelle could not finish her sentence. Julia pushed her hard against the sofa and pinned her down. She was much bigger and stronger than Noelle and the latter attempts at pushing her back were fruitless. Julia then placed a hand behind Noelle’s head and grabbed my hair right at the scalp and pulled, forcing Noelle’s head back. She then looked Noelle straight in the eyes and said:

“I know what your really crave, little girl. You crave bursa escort bayan a strong woman to dominate you and turn you into her lesbian slave!”

Before Noelle could reply, Julia again pulled her hair, but harder this time, forcing Noelle to let out a little cry. As Noelle opened her mouth, Julia lunged in and kissed me, slipping her tongue deep inside, lashing furiously against Noelle’s. At the same time, her breasts started grinding harder against Noelle’s, smothering them. With one hand, Julia deftly removed Noelle’s shorts and panties, leaving her completely exposed. She then spread Noelle’s legs open and pushed her pelvis against Noelle’s, in a slow but strong circular movement.

Noelle tried to resist, but the sexual stimulation was beginning to have an effect. Also, what Julia said before initiating her assault hit a nerve in Noelle. A long repressed feeling she had forgotten about. To be possessed, used and dominated by a strong woman. Noelle began to kiss Julia back, letting out a soft moan.

After a few minutes, Julia ceased her assault on Noelle and looked at her with a triumphant smirk.

“I knew that deep down you were longing for this, little girl. I will take you to places you never imagined!”

She then put her strong hands on Noelle’s breasts and began to knead them roughly. She then pinched Noelle’s nipples and pulled them hard towards her, causing Noelle to squirm and let out a moan.

“You like that, don’t you, you little lesbian slut?”

Being called a lesbian slut turned Noelle on even more and she replied:” Mmm, yes, I do…I have very sensitive breasts, Julia…”

Julia immediately slapped Noelle’s breasts hard causing her to yelp.

“From now on, when you address me, you shall call me Ms. Julia or Mistress, is that clear?”


Another hard slap on Noelle’s breasts followed.

“Yes, what?”

“Y-yes, Mistress”

“Good girl! I think you deserve a little reward now.”

Julia lowered her mouth to Noelle’s right breast and began to lick it. She then put her mouth on Noelle’s nipple, taking in as much of it and her small breast as she could. It almost fit all inside her cavernous mouth. She then began to suck really hard on it. In the meantime her right hand was twisting and pulling Noelle’s left nipple. The dual assault caused Noelle to squirm and moan in intense pleasure. Noelle could see her own breast turning red from the intense suction. But Julia had one more surprise in store for her. She bit Neoelle’s nipple and then pulled it back hard with her teeth, sending a shiver of pain and pleasure down Noelle’s spine that forced her to release a loud moan. Julia then switched her attention to the other breast, licking, sucking and biting it until Noelle got very wet.

After a while, Julia put a hand on Noelle’s pussy and felt her wetness.

“Mmm, looks like my little lesbian slave is now ready for the next step. After this, you will never be the same…”

Julia led Noelle to the bedroom and made her sit on the bed. Julia then went to the bathroom and Noelle could hear her rummaging through a drawer. Noelle’s jaw dropped when Julia re-entered the room. The older woman was completely naked except for a skin-coloured 9″ strap-on dildo hanging between her legs.

“Do you like it, baby girl?”

“It’s…it’s too big…I don’t think it can fit…”

“Nonsense. It just needs some lubrication…”

Julia then grabbed Noelle by the hair and bursa sınırsız escort made her kneel in front of her. She then grabbed her strap-on and placed in in front of the teen’s mouth.

“Show me how you suck a cock, Noelle. I want to see my strap-on shiny with your saliva…”

Noelle opened her mouth and began licking and sucking the tip of Julia’s strap-on.

“Come on…you can do better than that!”

Julia than grabbed Noelle’s head and pushed it hard against her strap-on, pushing it all in her mouth and throat.

“That’s it! Suck it all in and out of your mouth!”

Noelle complied, eagerly sucking the plastic cock in her mouth and then licking at the shaft. After several minutes, Julia grabbed Noelle’s hair at the nape and pulled her back.

“Mmm, yes, you did a good job there, little slut. “

She then pulled Noelle’s back further back and made her stair into her eyes. Moving her face close to the young girl’s, she then started slapping Noelle’s breasts with her other hand.

“Tell me how badly you want my plastic cock in your pussy. Come on…I want to hear you beg!”

“I…ouch..want your..owww…cock in my pussy, please…ouch…Ms. Julia…ohh, please fuck me now…”

Aroused by Noelle’s words, Julia pushed the young girl onto the bed, turned her around and lifted her ass up after grabbing her hips. She then knelt behind Noelle and placed her the tip of her strap-on against Noelle’s pussy lips.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard little whore, you will never want a man’s cock in your pussy again!”

She then slowly slid the plastic cock in the teen’s pussy until it was halfway in.

“Ohh, it’s so big…”

Hearing that, Julia grabbed the young girl’s hair hard and pulled her head back with a sharp thug she then pushed the strap on into the girl’s pussy with one push, causing her to let out a loud moan. She then began sliding her strap-on in and out of the girl. Slowly at first but gradually increasing the pace, until she had reached a fast and furious tempo. Noelle was now moaning regularly under the older woman’s relentless assault.

“Tell me how much you like it, you little slut” said Julia while slapping Noelle’s butt hard.

“I…oww…I love it…please make me…ouch…come Ms. Julia”

Julia then grabbed Noelle’s hair again, pulled it back and bent over to place her mouth next to the girl’s right ear.

“Mmm, have you ever felt like this with a boy?”

“N…no…I never have…”

“I want to fuck you like this every day. I want you to be my lesbian slut forever, Noelle.”

She then resumed her fast-paced fucking, alternating it between hard spankings and pulling the young girl’s hair.

“Is that what you want too? Tell me!”

“Fuck yeah…I want to be your lesbian slut! I want to be your slave! Make me yours!”

Upon hearing that, Julia picked up the tempo and started pushing really hard against Noelle’s pussy, making her eventually come with a loud scream. But rather than stopping she then kept going, until the teen had climaxed a further two time and finally collapsed in an exhausted heap on the bed.

Only then did Julia slid the strap on out of Noelle’s pussy and then cuddled the girl against her big saggy breasts, making her feel warm and secure. She then whispered in Noelle’s ear:

“I want you to be my submissive lesbian girlfriend. Move in with me, Noelle. I have so many more things to show you. We will be so happy together.”

And then proceeded to kiss the young girl deeply and passionately in the mouth. Noelle, in a post-orgasmic haze the likes of which she had never experienced before, eagerly welcomed the older woman’s tongue in her mouth and wrapped her arms around the mature woman’s back, letting her emotions take over and imagining what her new life with Julia would be like…

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