A Good Neighbor Ch. 02A Good Neighbor Ch. 02


After our first sexual encounter, Susan and I found various reasons to be at each other’s house to lend a hand (so to speak) at just about anything we could think of. Funny how we found a good reason to ended up naked in the process too. Once when we were chatting on the phone, I mentioned that I was doing laundry and needed to fold clothes; Susan came right over to help. Instead of folding the clothes, she had to try them on. Seeing her wearing a long sleeved dress shirt, sans bra, was very erotic. We tried exchanging underwear and I found her panties to be quite comfortable and she got a kick out of wearing my briefs. We romped around the house for a while before we removed each other’s underwear and enjoyed some great sex.

One evening we were sitting naked in the dark on her back porch, sipping wine and touching each other. My hand was on her pussy and her hand was cupping my balls and cock. What a perfect evening.

“I have a favor to ask,” she said. “I am giving a party for my girlfriends this Saturday and I could use some help with the house and the food.”

“No problem. I’d be happy to help. Do I get to mess with the cook’s buns?”

“I hope so since we both will be wearing only an apron.”

That image caused a stir with my cock.

“My, my, I can see that somebody likes the idea. Let me see if I can get it even harder. I love feeling your dick get hard in my mouth.”

She knelt down and took my cock deep into her mouth. As it got grew and got harder she slid her mouth up and down. She stroked it, licked it, and then fucked me with her mouth. Her efforts were rewarded as I shot my cum into her mouth. She licked me dry and said with a smile, “I like that the best.”

I arrived at the appointed time on Saturday, and told Susan I was there to help and all she had to do was tell me or show me what she needed. True to her words she greeted me by wearing only an apron. It hung from her neck and yet stayed between her lovely breasts. Before I put on my apron, I kissed her mouth isveçbahis and each breast. With a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her lips she said, “You have too many clothes on.” She playfully removed my clothes and tied the apron she chose around my waist. Wearing an apron was ok, but this was a bit too girly and frilly for me. This was certainly not a time for my friends to see me now.

She was very organized and had a list of things to do and food to prepare. I took every opportunity that presented itself to touch her. Groping might be more accurate. She had a body I ached to touch. When I was behind her I would reach around her and cup her breast and rub her nipples. I loved rubbing her nipples and get the hard and then kissing them. She would sigh and reach behind and hold my dick. I had lots of fun playing with the cook’s buns, and tits, and pussy. Susan did a great job of keeping my dick sticking out under my apron. We worked and played very well together.

One of my assignments was to bake a cake and frost it. It was an easy box recipe for the cake and while it was baking we moved some furniture and set up more tables and chairs. Two people wearing only aprons provided many opportunities for playful fondling. As I looked over the frosting recipe I gave a little chuckle. Susan of course wanted to know what I found humorous about the recipe. I told her that there was an ingredient missing. She examined the recipe and gave me a bewildering look. I suggested that we should add a special treat for her girlfriends by including my cum in the mix. A grin spread across her face and I knew she really enjoyed the idea.

“I think that is a great suggestion. After you mix the ingredients, I’ll suck you off and just before you cum I’ll jack you off into the bowl. I’ll stir it in some and then I’ll lick your special utensil.”

By the time I had the mix ready, my cock was hard and Susan was eager to add our new secret ingredient. I must say that stirring a frosting mix with my dick is a new experience. isveçbahis giriş Something tells me there will be other first like this in the future.

The food was prepared, the house ready and I asked Susan if she wanted me to help her serve. I suggested that I could be her man servant and we could really play it up. I would be “Her Man Godfrey,” like William Powell was in the 1936 movie “My Man Godfrey.” I would be her dedicated servant serving her every need. I would wear my tux and hover around the party.

“What a great gag to pull. We’ll follow each other’s lead and just let your character develop. I can hardly wait to see how this turns out. Those gals will be green with envy”

I did a quick change and then returned to Susan’s to help with the last minute details. I practiced my proper butler voice and we both tried hard not to break up with laughter.

The party was to begin at 7 PM and as is true to form, the ten expected girlfriends were socially late. I greeted them and directed them to the family room where Susan was doing the entertaining. After the last person arrived I moved to the bar and began to serve the drinks. It was fun to see the expressions on Susan’s friends as I served the drinks; partly because they didn’t know who I was and partly because I was the only male at the party. After sufficient time had passed, Susan directed everyone to the dining room for dinner. We had arranged everything in a buffet style and I hovered around filling the water and wine glasses. I was the elephant in the room and finally someone had to ask who I was and why I was there.

“This is my manservant Godfrey,” said Susan with a matter of fact tone of voice. “Do tell them Godfrey how you came to be here.”

“Madam obtained me in a shrewd business arrangement,” I replied in my dead pan voice. “She won me in a poker game with only a pair of kings.”

I thought Susan was going to choke but she recovered nicely and I too was able to keep a straight face.

“Godfrey is the perfect isveçbahis yeni giriş man to have around the house. He does everything and I mean everything. He cooks and cleans, and runs the house. The best part is he not only sets out my clothes, but he dresses me. He draws my bath and then dries me although sometimes I have him in the shower with me. He is a wiz with a razor and until recently kept my bikini line shaved; now he keeps my play area bald.”

The whole table was going all at once. The looks Susan and I got were priceless. A conversation ranged from: is she serious, to did I really hear what she said; to how can they get one like me.

“No girls, he is all mine and I am not giving him up.”

“I do have a surprise for you ladies. Godfrey is an excellent chef and he made a cake for dessert. Godfrey would you be so kind as to serve it now please?”

I graciously served everyone and I gave Susan a wink. We watched the group and received the expected praises and then came the words that brought tears to my eyes. I dared not even look at Susan when someone asked for the recipe.

“Alas madam, it is a family recipe that I swore to my mother would stay in the family. I feel a part of me is in that cake every time I prepare it.”

I could see Susan giggle behind the fork as she took a bite. I was pleased when some raved about the frosting and requested seconds. I would say the cake was a big hit.

After they all had departed, Susan and I had a big laugh.

“They will be talking about this for months,” she said. “I think next time I’ll serve Tapioca and we should do a double load.”

“Speaking of dessert, I didn’t have mine.”

I moved some dishes out of the way, picked her up and sat her on the dining room table. I sat in front of her and lifted her dress and as I had hoped, there were no panties. I love looking at her pussy. It is completely bald and beautiful. I started licking around her pussy and slowly working my way down to her cunt. My mouth was all over her pussy and I was licking her clit when someone walked in. It was Jan, one of the girlfriends at the party.

“Susan I forgot; holy crap. Did I pick a good time to walk in.”

“Hi Jan, care to take my place after he brings me off?”

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