A Good Day Going BadA Good Day Going Bad


Finally I have a free day tomorrow, after so much time without been able to see anything different to my office desk. Too many errands, commitments and work. I’m lucky to have a job today with the current situation and I am thankful about any extra job when I have the time to do it. If the sky is clear tomorrow, I will go to the beach to swim in the sea but for the rest of today, I’ll take a shower, do watch some TV and rest…

The alarm woke me up at 8.30 in the morning. Not really early and even less if we take into account I wake up some hours before in a daily basis to go to the office. Quick visit to the bathroom to wash my face and finish waking me up with a bit of cold water. Next step, having breakfast. While I prepare some toasts and stretch, I look outside the window to see how is the weather today. It seem clear and I hope it stays this way. The weather is quite unstable during this month but perfect if you want to go for a while to the beach and enjoy a few hours for some reasons: people usually don’t go during this period and it has rain a little bit in the last few days, which also helps; also people get scared when they see a couple of little rocks in the middle of the road, which takes me to another incentive, there is less people and more peace and space.

I finish my breakfast and head to the beach. There is almost nobody in the road, everyone is working. I play some music and smile thinking about the fact that the only aggressive drivers I will cross in my way to the beach are fewer than the ones I can find going to the office.

I arrive quite fast; in two more turns I will be in the parking lot… The rest will be sun, sand, water and niter. Just before the last turn which gives access to the beach, I see the traffic lights in amber… I’m not in a hurry and I wait to the green light; I follow the music hitting the wheel with my thumbs and look at the parking. Comparing it with peak season it seems people have disappeared from this planet. Maybe there is an evacuation I don’t know about after we ruined it completely. In my thoughts I realized also that with so few people and at this time in the morning I can go on driving another fifteen minutes and reach the next beach, much more clean and much more small; also less windy and less crowded in general. I think today is the perfect day to go there. Even when I know a lot of people I don’t think I will meet someone today. No sooner said than done. After fifteen minutes of sharp curves, narrow lanes, slopes, and some rocks in the road caused by rain and a last descent I reach the parking. This one is not as good as the other one, but it’s the only disadvantage (in addition to the rocks in the road). I’m not going to bother about it, I don’t believe a big rock is going to fall and destroy my car.

When I arrive to the sand there’s no one on the beach. The tide is ebbing so, already barefoot I choose the spot I want. I lay down my towel and I take off my shirt and swimming short (in this beach is unnecessary). After wearing my sun-cream I start listening to some music with the volume low enough to hear the sea as background. After a long trance receiving the sunlight and the breeze from the sea, I lay on my elbows and look to the water. It seems more people arrived to the beach. I hear someone using sun-cream a few meters after me to the left and a couple laying out their towels in the floor quite far to the right, looking for their own privacy. I think it’s time to swim for a while.

I stand up and walk towards the shore. My skin is humid because of the sweat caused by the warm sunlight. The water feels terribly cold. It is somewhat difficult for me to get into the water, but I’ll get through it diving headfirst; the water is at knee level as I walk into the sea… One step, two, three, middle of the thigh… Now! Dive! It’s so cold. Each one of my muscles stretch and I start swimming. The cold water will not harm me, especially after yesterday zapping before I went to bed and after watching the international news. During twenty minutes I watched a film in a channel I didn’t know my TV had. Apparently broadcasts adult films beginning at the witching hour. I kept watching the channel out of curiosity and I was mesmerized for twenty minutes with the bodies and scenes shown in my TV. The touch of a woman was evident compared to what I had seen sporadically until this time. In the scene I saw there was a tall women, about 5.9 feet, wearing high stretch boots, a red mini skirt and white shirt. She seemed very self confident and she used and dominated the boy in the scene only with her gaze. After a moment there were ropes and at that very moment I stopped watching the film because I realized what time it was. I was going to get out of the water, but I prefer to keep swimming for a while because my mind tricked me thinking about those minutes of the movie and I need to relax a part of my body before going back to the sand and my towel. The cold water helps me and the exercise too, so I get closer to the shore between the waves which started when I was inside and I get out of there with care to not finish with myself falling to the floor.

After the walk from the sea mardin escort to my towel I take a look around. There are still few people in the beach. The couple is playing in the water at some distance from a body boarder guy.

In the entrance of the beach there are three topless girls, one of them smoking. The rest, a few empty towels, one of them close to mine and another one between mine and the topless girls. I suppose they are owned by two people who are buying something in the bar at the entrance to the beach (if you can consider a bar is a metal hut/oven about four meters long). After the quick look I shake my towel and put it back in the sand, get the book I bring here, in English to keep practicing. Right now after the temperature changes from the water to this sun again I feel so dumb I don’t realize I’m wetting the book (idiot, this is paper and you are soaked) so I lay in my back and I put off the reading until I get dry closing my eyes and starting to feel this sensation of getting back to be warm thanks to the sun and my own blood that starts flowing where it is needed. In the middle of the warm sensation and the sound of the sea I sink into a cloud, lightly asleep and dizzy because of the temperature changes. My mind recovers the same thought I had when I was in the water and I see that woman again, I see her stilettos thigh high boots, but her red skirt and white shirt have disappeared giving away to black underwear, hiding the minimum possible; a thong with only a string in the back and with little fabric in the front and “V” shaped. Above, a bra with a very subtle fabric which pretends to hide very bad the pink nipple that escapes popping out above, as an intuition. It enhances, if that is possible, curves that deserve to be worshiped with kneeling down.

A crunch gets me out of my dreaming, of my foggy mind, and I return to be absolutely conscious about where I am, the hot and wetness around my body and I also realize that the dream woke up a part of my anatomy again which seems to be stretching without asking for permission and not realizing that the dream is finished and it can rest again. It will be better to turn around, lay face down and read for a while. Although it’s something natural it’s not the time to get attention in that way. While I start turning I hear again the crunch which made me abandon my hedonist and oniric moment. Now I know what was the source of the crunch and that makes me accommodate as quick as possible and faster than I would like, trying to dissimulate a little bit my state. It’s a woman with clear eyes and black, straight and neck long hair. She is eating a green apple and it seem to be terribly hard, or at least such is my impression because I wasn’t expecting it. At least she didn’t noticed I lost control for a moment while I was sleeping delegating control to other part of my body very different from my brain. The sea water covering my skin is dry now and there’s only the niter left, which means I can get my book again. I want to finish some chapters before I go home; it’s still early. When I get my book I raise my eyes towards the woman in the towel. She is finishing the apple and putting the heart inside a plastic bag. She looks me in the eye and smiles. I smile back, but feeling a little uncomfortable with my lips tight. I look down again and open the book where the page maker is. I suppose the apple crunch is because it’s very fresh, after all it can’t be so hard as I thought and in her smile it’s obvious her teeth are natural, not made of steel; not so sure about her eyes thou. No wonder she eats fruit because after seeing her body looks like a woman who cares for her body. Some nice curves, nothing overdone but the exercise chisel is noticeable… After a minute being blank minded I return to the pages and focus on the Shakespeare language.

I’ve been reading for 25 minutes now so focused that I stopped hearing the noises surrounding me; the book is making me an addict to the point I’ll be lost when I finish it. A cell phone ringing push me out of my reading moment but I ignore it and go on reading. Seconds later I feel that in my back, hot because of the sun, falls some frozen water drops which finally push me out of my reading. I look up and I realize the ringing cellphone is property of my towel neighbor and when she heard it ringing she started running to attend the call and as a collateral damage from her return from the sea she sprinkled me quite a bit. I see her kneeling quickly in her towel in a hurry to attend the call. The splendor of her shape full of small salty pearls brings new images to my mind and new reactions to my body. She searches inside his purse and pulls out her cell phone; then she answers and the only thing she does is cursing, mumbling, while she leaves the phone where she got it. She’s a foreigner, which fits to her white skin and clear eyes. She lies in the towel while I leave the book and start looking at the sea to let her at my back. I renew the sunscreen in my skin and replace her clear eyes with the blue sea. When I finish, I go on reading for 20 minutes more.

Chapter finished. It’s time to have another dip in the sea. Now there are more waves nevşehir escort than earlier. I stand up, head to the shore and gets in the sea bit by bit until the sea splash reaches my waist. I calculate the waves cadence and when I have the opportunity I jump inside and go below the next wave. It’s cold for me but a little less than the last time, and I start swimming to get used to it. The sea starts to feel more aggressive; nothing unusual neither dangerous if you are not pushed by a wave at the shore. Looks like the body boarder guy is seeing possibilities of enjoying a little more.

I look from the sea to the shore and see how the waves are breaking on it and I also the foreign girl getting closer to the part where the water splash her. I hope she knows what’s she doing, because now, looking at her, she seems short and if she inexperienced with the waves she can end up with a very ugly souvenir in her skin. I ignore her and continue swimming for a while.

After a minute I look to the shore again leaving the waves at my back to see if my towel neighbor is still trying to go into the sea. I’m floating in a deep point so the only thing that will happen to me is that the waves will lift me up and down without any other consequence. She isn’t there -she thought twice, regretted it and came back to her towel- I think. Looking to my belongings in the sand to check if all is OK, I don’t see her. Suddenly and when I’m floating in the sea a shadow pass through below me, quite white. Surprise! She knows how to swim perfectly, maybe better than me… She emerges about five meters from my back. Awesome! She takes breath, looks at me and swim towards me slowly and starts talking:

-Hello, I don’t mean to bother you but I saw your book and I didn’t wanted to interrupt your reading. It’s in English, am I right?

-Ehhh-. I think for a moment. By her accent she must be English.

-Do you speak English?- she continues talking.

-Yes, I do.- I think I look stupid.

-OK, good. For a moment a thought you were another idiot who doesn’t even know how to pronounce a few words.- I don’t blame her, I also think that at this moment.

-No, I can speak well, I think.

-You looks a little embarrassed, am I making you feel uncomfortable?- She says smiling and looking me in the eye.

-No, no.

-I hope you know words with more than one syllable- after saying that she chuckles.

-Sorry, I’m not uncomfortable just a little bit surprised. What can I do for you?- finally I’m successfully saying something which indicates I’m more than five years old.

-Where are you from?-I think I should be asking this one.

-I’m from here.

-Do you live in the sea?-It seems that mocking for her is a habit.

-No, I mean, I’m Spanish, I live a few kilometers away from here.

-Oh! Really! Looking at you I thought you could easily be one of my neighbors; I’m from Bristol- chuckling again.

-No, sorry, I’ve never been there.

-It’s ok. I came here a week ago and I’ll stay for two more weeks. I want to visit some places around and if you are local maybe you can recommend me some good ones.

For the next three minutes I tell her about some typical places and not so typical ones, but which are, indeed, even better than the ones everyone visit. During the our talk she got a little closer.

-Thanks. Can I ask you another question?- she asks me.

-Yes of course.

-I suppose this is a nude beach because you are not wearing anything. Are there more of them or this is the only one?

-There are a few more.

-Great. It seems to be more quiet than the rest of beaches. I’ll ask you where are they later but for the moment it’s enough water for me; it’s fucking cold.

-Yes, but you can get used to it.

-I don’t know. You seems to like it and also your body, because you look more relaxed here than in the sand.


-I’m talking about “your brain”, sorry, I mean “your friend”- she says pointing down with her finger.


-At least it looks like you “were” more relaxed when I passed below you swimming, your friend seemed smaller.

After saying that, she touches one of her fangs with her tongue and dives underwater below me again but this time I see how she takes a look up to me. I’m speechless and the only thing I can do is swim because my blood is again where it shouldn’t be. When I look at the sand I see the Bristol woman is now out of the sea, walking in the sand, but she carries her bikini in her left hand, which to me means I will need more time swimming.

Ten minutes later I’m getting out the water and walking to my towel. I lay face down trying to get warm from the sun at my back. My neighbor asks me where are these beaches and I kindly answer to her. A while later she tells me she has to go. She stands up and put her clothes on, a mini skirt and a slim sleeveless cotton shirt, loose and short, that allows me to see about two fingers up from her navel. Before she leaves, she asks me:

-Do you have a plastic bag where I can put my bikini in? It’s all wet and I don’t want to wet the car seat, it’s niğde escort from a rent.

-Yes, I think I have one.

I search for it in my backpack and give it to her.

-Bye, local boy- she tells me putting her bikini inside the plastic bag.

-Bye. I will leave after I end the next chapter- I tell her patting my book.

I get my book again and go on reading. This chapter is short, so I will finish it before I leave, about twenty minutes should be enough; but after five minutes I see somebody stopping at my right side:

-Sorry but I have a problem with the great car I rented. I doesn’t turns on. I have called to the customer service and they are asking me where I am. Could you please?- again the English woman.

-Yep, give me the phone and I will tell them where you are.

-No, just tell me. They speak English, so let them make his fucking job and suffer. The car doesn’t turns on and if I suffer, they will also.

-OK- I answer and tell her where she is.

-Repeat- she asks me – I didn’t understand you – while she squats to hear me better.

When she crouches, her knees are at my head level, offering me a perfect vision because her bikini is wet in the bag I gave her. Blushing lightly because of the hot wave which suddenly crossed my body, I repeat the directions to get to this place.

-OK, I’m at – she tells to the person at the other side of the phone line.- Oh shit! Wait a minute. – It seems something is going wrong. – The girl at the other side told me I have two options: wait for about one hour and a half or go home and they will provide another car tomorrow at the door of my apartment- she tells me.

-Bad news. You are going to get burn in the sun if you stay here- I tell her.

-I know. But you told me you were leaving in a while. Could you take me home? It’s near. About 20 or 25 minutes.

-OK, no problem.

-I’m going to get all my stuff from the car. See you there.- She tells me as she stands up and leaves.

I close my book after I finish the paragraph and put my clothes on. The advantage of not using my swimming shorts is it’s not wet, which means I will be comfortable and fresh while I’m going back home. I stand up and head towards my car. In the way back I meet her. She is standing against a black Audi without any imperfection except for the fact the engine doesn’t start.

-Follow me. My car is over there- I tell her while I help carrying some of her bags.

-Right behind you- she answers while I can hear her chuckles.

We reach the car, I put her bags into the car trunk and we head to her apartment.

-What’s your name?

-I’m Jane.

-And what’s your name, driver?

-Call me John, it will be easier for you.

-If you say so, John- she replies.

I go on driving, turning at her indications and we get to a quite luxurious neighborhood.

-It’s here- she tells me. When I stop the car she continues. – I hope you can accept a launch invitation. After all your help it’s the least I can do to thank you.

-It’s not necessary. But thanks.

-I insist. And I need some help to carry all this things to the apartment.

-OK, I will give you a hand.

We enter the building. All is very new but it seem there are some things to finish and there’s some dust, I suppose caused by the last fixes. We take the right elevator from the three the building has. She enters first and pushes the button to go up, to the level 20; there are 25 levels. The elevator arrives and we go out. I was thinking there will be about six apartments in each level, but here there are only two.

-OK, here we are. Welcome to my holiday apartment- she tells me after opening the door while she waits for me to enter.

-It’s very big

-Really?- she laughs.

-More than I was expecting.

-Leave the bags here, in this room- she tells me while pointing to a room to the left of the entrance- and follow me to the kitchen. I’m hungry.

I leave the bags and we go to the kitchen. I’ve never seen an apartment so big and bright. When I reach the kitchen it’s evident they have not spared any expense. It’s a modern kitchen that looks like the one of the posh restaurants: metal surfaces, a tap with a hosepipe, a huge fridge with a freezer about the same size at its side, a big glass table and a bar… Seconds later she has all working and she moves from one side to the other looking for the ingredients she needs. There’s a balcony by the kitchen that is the same length of it.

-Do you like the balcony. Take a look while I finish, don’t be shy. I will spend just about 5 more minutes.

-Perfect! It must be a great view.

-Yes it is.

I go from the kitchen to the balcony and stay for a while. I can feel the fresh air, there’s no noise and you can see at a long distance from here. It’s the tallest building you can see around. After a few minutes looking to the distance, I turn over myself to see if she needs some help. It seems she has all under control. She walks toward the fridge, opens it and start looking for something. I can see how she bends over, looking for something in the lower shelves while her skirts is going up and her shirt hanging down. I have such a view that I stare surprised. Then she ends her search and turns around. I look the other way and pretend to be still looking into the distance. Suddenly I hear something falling to the floor:

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