A Girl and her FatherA Girl and her Father


A Girl and her Father Mf, teen, incest, love, romance Julie was just finishing her shower when she remembered she did not have, by plan, a clean towel in the bathroom with her. She had done the laundry that day and had not put the clean towels away they were still on the folding table in the laundry room. She had planned this as she knew her dad was home so she yelled out to him asking him to bring her a towel as she had forgot them in the laundry room. Bill, her dad, got up and as he was walking to get the towel shook his head saying to himself that she would forget her head if it was not attached. Julie was a very smart young woman at 17 but she had a tendency to forget things at times. (I should probably stop and introduce Bill and Julie to you dear readers. Bill is a single father at 40 and Julie was his daughter from a failed marriage. His wife took off and she made contact about a year ago but that is the only time in the last 7 years. Bill could not care any less if she contacted them again. Julie repeatedly told him through the years how much she loved him and would never leave him as her mother had.) Bill went to the laundry room to get the towel and walked down the hall to the bathroom to give it to Julie. He knocked on the door and she told him to come in as she was behind the shower curtain. Bill was nervous, as he had not seen Julie in any less than her bikini during the summer since she started to develop. He hoped that she was really behind the shower curtain as she said. He even had a close woman friend of his talk to her when she started her periods and growing breasts. It was not that Bill was scared of seeing his daughter but he thought it proper to make sure she had her privacy when it came to showers and changing clothes. Bill opened the door and sure enough, Julie was holding the shower curtain in front of herself trying to cover up. When Bill handed her the towel she reached out for it and the shower curtain fell away revealing her nudity to Bill. She acted as though it was accidental and Bill quickly turned his eyes away apologizing to her. Julie told him it was okay, after all, they were father and daughter and it was not as if he saw her on purpose. Bill told her to hurry and be done, as he wanted to take them out for pizza that night since he did not feel like cooking. He walked out closing the door behind him and Julie smiled to herself thinking her plan was working. Julie had started getting feelings, she did not know, every time she looked at her dad recently and finally figured out that she was attracted to him. She did not know how far she would or wanted to go with them but she had to see. After Bill left the room, Julie got a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach and she felt a twitch between her legs in her pussy. When she dried herself, she felt a different kind of wetness on her leg so she took her fingers and wiped it putting it to her nose smelling it. It had a different odor to it, not bad but different. She could not help but stick her finger in her mouth and taste it too. The taste was new and she liked it a lot. She decided she better hurry so her dad did not come back and yell at her. He did not yell at her in anger just the normal, “Would you hurry up” as she was usually running late. This time she did not want to keep him waiting. In the meantime, Bill was sitting in the living room trying to figure out what had just happened in the bathroom. He saw a beautiful nude woman standing in front of him and not the little girl he wanted in his mind. Julie had matured in what seemed like over night to him. He knew she was developed but did not know to what extent; even her bikini hid some of her features from view. şişli escort bayan He realized his dick had become hard in his pants from his thoughts and he did not want to go there. Julie was his little girl not some woman he looked at to think of sexually. He sat there trying to figure out why he was thinking the way he was and could not come to any other conclusion except she was a beautiful woman who he had just seen nude for the first time in many years. He dated off and on, more off than on, through the years since her mother had left but there was nobody serious or even as a regular he wanted to spend time with let alone have sex with. He had resigned to porn and using his hand most nights, it was just easier and no heartache. Julie dressed and came out to the living room. She jumped into her dad’s lap before he even realized she was there. Julie quickly settled in and put arms around his neck bending in for a kiss just like she had forever, only this time it was different. When she kissed Bill this time he felt a stirring, he had not felt before when she sat on his lap. Bill knew he was getting a hard on and hoped Julie did not feel it too. Julie squirmed around on his lap making sure he was getting hard, as that was her plan. She felt him getting hard and smiled to herself as she kissed him. The kiss they shared was not the kind of kiss normally shared between father and daughter because Julie opened her mouth some and licked her dad’s lips. She felt herself becoming aroused while doing this. Bill took her by the shoulders and pushed her away to look at her face. When he looked in her eyes, he saw something he had not seen since the time he had met and fell in love with her mother. He saw the look of love and lust all rolled into one. It scared him to think about the possibilities; they were father and daughter not lovers. Bill pushed her off his lap and told her they needed to get going if they wanted a table since it was the dinner hour and the place normally got full at that time. They went out to the car and drove to the pizza joint. Neither one of them spoke much other than small talk about being hungry and they hoped there was not a huge crowd waiting to be seated. They got to the restaurant and were able to be seated quickly since it was only the two of them, everybody else had larger parties. When they got to the booth, Julie thought about sitting on the same side as her dad but decided she had better not try to push him to hard. Julie knew that before the night was over she was going to get her father to fuck her and knew he would do it willingly from the feel of his dick when she sat on his lap at home. Bill ordered a beer and Julie ordered an iced tea. They ordered Julies favorite pizza, pepperoni and black olives with extra cheese. Bill did not really care for it but knew Julie did so he would eat it without complaining. They sat there barely speaking while they were waiting for their pizza to show up each of them in their own thoughts. Bill could not believe he had such bad thoughts about his daughter. How could he get a hard dick while she sat on his lap? She had sat on his lap many times since she started developing and growing into a woman. He had never felt this way before tonight. Julie was lost in her own thoughts too. She smiled to herself knowing that she had set up her father with the towel incident. It was not until she was folding the towels that she knew she really did want to have sex with her dad. She came up with the idea of not having any towels in the bathroom. She had felt the stirrings earlier and by the time she headed to take a shower she wanted to see how far she could actually get her mecidiyeköy escort bayan father to go. The towel problem just happened to be the perfect excuse to show him her nude body. The pizza arrived and they both reached for the same piece. When they touched hands, there was like a spark of electricity the flowed through them. Julie’s hand was on top of Bill’s and she left it there, in fact even gave it a small squeeze. Bill noticed this and quickly pulled his hand away and let Julie pick up the piece of pizza they both had started to take. He took another piece and put it on his plate all the while looking at Julie’s face. She turned her eyes to her father and he again saw the look of love and lust rolled into one. He thought to himself, what was she doing? Julie saw the questioning look on her father’s face and just smiled at him before she told him how hungry she was. She thanked him for bringing them to their favorite pizza joint. They always enjoyed the pizza and the atmosphere of the place and the staff was wonderful. While she was eating, she was trying to plan the rest of the evening after they got home. Bill and Julie ate as much as they could and each had several refills of their drinks, Bill had switched to iced tea after one beer, as he knew he had to drive home. They always ordered a large pizza as they enjoyed cold pizza for breakfast the next morning. They asked for the bill and a to-go box. Bill paid the bill, leaving a larger than normal tip for some reason and they went out to the car. Bill did something unusual and opened the door for Julie she thanked him and got in. He closed the door and went around to the other side got in and started to drive. Bill noticed he was driving in the direction of the movie theater instead of home and asked Julie if she would like to go see a movie, it was still early. The idea of being alone with him in a dark theater excited Julie. They got to the theater and decided on the newest Twilight as they both enjoyed the series so far. They bought soft drinks only as popcorn or any other food was out of the question they were still so full from the pizza. They went into the theater and found seats. As they were waiting for the movie to start Julie told her dad she wanted to hold his hand and took his in hers. Bill did not object or pull away but thought to himself Julie was being very strange since the shower incident. Julie was thinking how nice it was to be holding his hand without him pulling away. They sat through the movie holding hands the entire time and when the movie was over, they walked out still holding them. Bill again held the car door for her and then got in himself. This time he headed for home since it was near 10 pm and they had both had an exciting and interesting day and he was tired. When they arrived home, Julie went into the house while Bill parked the car in the garage and shut the garage door. Bill went into the living room to relax a bit before bed and found Julie sitting in his chair. He asked her why she was in his chair to which she replied she wanted to sit on his lap again and talk. Bill shook his head but told her okay. She got up, Bill sat down, and she sat down on his lap for the second time that day. She again wiggled her butt around pretending to get comfortable and his dick took notice and started getting hard right away. Bill asked her what she wanted to talk about and Julie replied “SEX”. His jaw dropped and he asked her “What?” and she repeated herself telling him she had learned a lot in school and from her friends but she was still confused about a few things. She told him how she had hoped he could answer her questions for her. He escort şişli was still in state of shock from her statement but told her he would try, and what did she have questions about. Julie looked him straight in the eye and told him she wondered what it was going to be like fucking her father that night. Bill choked and told her they could not do that. They were father and daughter and besides it was illegal. She told him she did not care about any of that she only knew she wanted to have sex with her “Daddy” she had not called him that in almost 6-7 years. Bill asked her why she would want to have sex with an old man and especially her father. Julie told him how she knew how hurt he was when her mom had left and how he never went out with women. She also told him how she had found his stash of porn and had heard him pleasing himself. She continued telling him how much she loved him and wanted to stay with him as his wife forever and she would never leave as her mother did. Bill just sat there listening and still could not believe his ears. He tried to wrap his mind around the whole thought before he said another word. He did not want to say the wrong thing and drive his daughter away. He was finally able speak and took her in his arms hugging her before he said a word. He cleared his throat and told her he was still unsure if she would stay with him forever but if she was completely sure, he would be pleased to make love to her. He told her fucking was not what they were going to do. They were going to “Make Love”. With that, he kissed Julie for the first time as a lover and not as his daughter. Julie got off his lap and before she could take a step, he picked her up in his arms and carried her to the master bedroom. When they got into the room Bill told her he would like to undress her to which she agreed. Bill very gently and carefully unwrapped the precious package of his daughter revealing her womanhood bit by bit. When she was completely nude, he held her at arms length and looked her over as though she was the most beautiful gem he had ever seen. In fact, she was in a different sort of way. She was his gem of a daughter, his flesh and blood and she had grown into the most beautiful woman regardless of the fact she was only 17. Julie lay back on the bed as Bill quickly tore his clothes off his body to join her. Bill asked her how much she actually knew and had she ever had sex before. He secretly hoped she would tell him she knew only what she had learned in school and not with some boy. She told him she only knew school stuff and had never even touched herself prior to today in the shower. Bill told her he would take it slow and easy since it was her first time, he wanted her to enjoy it and not get scared. He held her in his arms and kissed her. He broke off the kiss and started nibbling her neck, to which she told him it tickled. He told her to relax and enjoy and he went back to nibbling. He worked his way down her neck to her chest. He purposely went around her breasts, he did notice her nipples were so hard they looked like they could cut glass. He continued down further kissing her naval and since she had an innie he stuck the tip of his tongue in, tickling her once again. He went down further avoiding her pussy and started on her legs all the way down to her toes and back. When he got back up to the tops of her legs he went to her breasts and suck the nipple of one into his mouth and played with the other with his hand. This just about drove Julie nuts she was so turned on. She had never had her nipples touched by another person and could not believe how good it was. She finally could wait no longer and pushed her dad’s head down to her pussy. She had a light covering of hair because she had never shaved it and with being so young, it had not come in thick yet. Bill smelled the odor from her teen pussy and stuck his tongue out licking her from the bottom to her clit. The second his tongue touched her flesh Julie…

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