A Fun Little ChatA Fun Little Chat


Note: A short, autobiographical story/chatlog about an encounter I had in a lesbian chat room, some of the dialogue changed and edited, and got permission from the other party. Some spelling and punctuation errors are left to keep it feeling authentic. Let me know if you enjoy, I have others! ; )


Kristen: Hey there sweet stuff!! 🙂 My names Kristen, what are you up to?

Stranger: Just trying to meet ppl, maybe a little more 😉

Kristen: So, what do you like?

Stranger: Well im watching two blondes nail each other right now, its one of my fav vids 😉

You: *starts to lick your ear* You wish that was us? Writhing around on your bed, getting hot and bothered?

Stranger: Fuck yes Kristen.

Stranger: *kisses you passionately*

Kristen: *Kisses you back, my hand feeling up your thigh* Describe what youre watching

Stranger: Well one blonde has the other pinned against a wall, and is eating her out. I can send you the link if you wanted to watch too…

Kristen: Mmm, nah thats ok, rather concentrate on you. Are you touching yourself yet?

Stranger: Maybe ;P So now they moved to the bed and are 69ing, I’m getting a close up bursa escort of the first one tongue fucking the second

Kristen: That sounds nice, bet it feels super good.

Stranger: Mmhmm, would love it if somebody smacked my pussy and ass like that

Kristen: *Lick my lips as i slap your wet pussy. I smile and bite my lip* “Enough watching, I’m getting wet. You down for some fun?”

Stranger: “Mmmmmm, Slap that pussy baby, its all yours!”

Kristen: “This making you hot?” *slaps*

Stranger: “Fuck yes, kiss me sweetie!”

Kristen: *Frenches you savagely, and begins to toy with your clit*

Stranger: *I get a dildo and slide it slowly into your pussy, then start working it in and out while I softly tease your clit with my tongue*

Kristen: *I grit my teeth as i feel the dildo fill my pussy, stretching it to its limits*

Stranger: *My pussy is pulsing, I can feel it reacting to what I’m seeing, your pussy getting rammed by my dildo. My hand creeps down to my panties*

Kristen: *I shudder violently as you begin to work my pussy with the dildo, my breath escaping through my grit teeth*

Stranger: Oh babe I lick bursa escort bayan your pussy as the dildo pounds you…do you feel it?

Kristen: “I CAN FEEL IT, YES, YES, YES!” *I scream, my bed banging against the wall as I fuck your mouth and dildo*

Stranger: ((FUCK youre getting me going!!))

Kristen: *The force of our fucking bangs the headboard against the wall, and my cries turn to wails as you abuse my cunt*

Kristen: (( <3 )) Stranger: “I rub my clit in circles as i service your pussy, licking the dildo as it slides in and out* Kristen: *I scream your name as we fuck, my hands gripping the sheets so hard they are turning white* Stranger: ((Holy shit!! I’m Amy btw)) Kristen: *You kiss me savagely as I rock against your hand and vibrator, sweat pouring off both us as we fuck* Amy: “I’m gonna fuck you til you collapse!” I whisper harshly in your ear, giving it a good bite. Amy: ((trying to type and fuck myself at the same time, fuck this is hot)) Kristen: “GIVE IT TO ME AMY YOU HOT BITCH” I scream, grabbing the hand guiding the vibrator “MAKE ME CUM AMY!!” Kristen: bursa sınırsız escort *I whimper as my pussy is ravaged, my hand going down to guide the one holding the vibrator*

Kristen: *My pussy muscles begin to contract, squeezing the vibrator with all my might*

Amy: *I crank up the vibrator to max, and stuff your left tit in my mouth as i fuck you hard*

Kristen: “ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” *I scream one last time as my pussy finally reaches climax, covering the vibrator and your hand with my slick cum*

Amy: (( O M G!!))

Kristen: *I gasp for breath, my hands relaxing as i ride out my orgasm, my eyes locked to yours as you continue to gently rub me*

Amy: *I give you the deepest soul kiss of your life*

Kristen: “I… I think I’m in love!” *I gasp, chuckling as i continue to stare into your eyes*

Amy: “Glad to be of service sweetheart.” I stuff the vibrator into my mouth and remove it again with a loud pop.

Kristen: *We both chuckle, and you bring up your fingers for me to taste myself. Without hesitation I suck them into my mouth, deepthroating them*

Amy: ((You dont happen to live near ____________ do you??))

Kristen: ((UGH I wish, im nowhere near you, otherwise you’d have me knocking down your door 😉 ))

Amy: ((I’d be greeting you with open legs, thats fer sure!! 😀 ))

Amy: (( Unf, i’m gonna be thinking about this one for awhile…”))

Kristen: ((Let me know when you’re ready for round 2 😉 ))

Amy: (( You horny bitch!!

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