A Favor Pt. 01A Favor Pt. 01


Another tale of the ongoing hot, sexual adventures between me and my sexy / older / BBW / cougar / girlfriend Beth.


Ever since that night, after the Christmas party, when I took Beth’s dare to wear her panties and thigh-hi’s, I got hooked on wearing them. Now whenever we meet up for one of our sexual romps I’ll wear them.

She and I now enjoy it so much that she’s bought me my own set of panties and thigh-hi’s to wear. She’s bought me enough lacy boy shorts I could wear a pair every day of the week. Needless to say, whenever she’s bought me a new pair I model them for her right away.

The sheer look of lust in her eyes as I’m standing in front of her, with my cock pulsing and pushing against the lacy panties drives us both wild and we end up fucking each other’s brains out. Now if Beth has some herbal (420) enhancement from our vaporizer she turns into a major sex nympho.

Recently, my company has had me traveling south of the border twice a month for a week at time. Beth isn’t thrilled about it. She feels that I might meet and fuck some older sexy Latina from one of our offices I visit. She’s telling not to pass up the chance fuck another woman. Beth tells me it would a fun experience for me not to mention the woman, since I have a great cock.

She said. “Nerds are the best. Since they are always reading up on how to fuck a woman’s brains out.”

I’ve told. “That’s not fair. You know I’m not into Latinas.”

“So you say.” she answers back. “but you won’t say no, if they are petite, have big tits, great legs and a round ass. I know you’ll first bury your big thick cock down her throat, then titty fuck her. once she’s begging for your cock, you’ll bury it way up her tight pussy and then take her ass virginity. Procced to fuck her silly all night or until she’s cummed out and squirted everywhere. Then leave her a pile of mush with a sore throat, jaw, pussy and ass. She won’t be able to walk or sit straight for a week!”

At this point I just laugh grab her ass and French kiss her.

However, Beth did ask me to look into something during one of my last trips down south.

We were both in bed taking a break in between our fuck-a-thons.

“I have a favor to ask you while you’re down there next week.”

“Sure. What is it?”

“You know Karen in my department?”

“Yes. I fixed her computer a few weeks ago.”

“Well, she knows you and I are good friends.” she said with that wicked smile of hers.

“She asked me, if I could ask you, to do a favor for her. She told me there was no way she could ask you directly since it could come across the wrong way.”

“Okay… what is it?” wondering what the favor could be. I just thought Karen wanted me to bring her back some booze or a souvenir.”

“Well she heard you can buy medicines, over the counter down there, that require a prescription here, right?”

“Yes. that’s right. So she wants me to get her some medicine?”

“Yup. here’s why she couldn’t ask you directly. She wants you to pick up some little blue pill helpers for her. Shell gladly pay you back for them. “

“Really?!?” I squealed out.

“Yeah. Since they changed our health plan they now cost more. Her husband takes them when they have sex. Now since they cost so much, they have sex maybe twice a week instead of five times.”

“Wow. She told you all this?”

“Well not a first. remember the other week our group had that dinner outing?”


“We got to talking. She was being overly talkative with me. We’ve never really talk much outside of work. But that night she got me alone… “

“hmmmm… alone?” I interrupted her and gave her my funny business look.

“No. not like that! Nothing lezbo. She’s straight.” Beth replied

“That’s what they all say. She did go to college you know. So she probably had at least one or two lesbian encounters while she was at school.”

The mental image of my Beth and Karen French kissing and feeling each other up popped into my head.

Karen is only a few years older than Beth. I’ve seen guys turn their heads to look at her when she walks by. She’s about 5″10 has fair skin. Brunette with shoulder length hair. I’m guessing, a 34c cup size, a very nice ass not to mention brown eyes But her sexiest part are her legs. They are long and very shapely. She’s always wearing dresses or skirts never slacks. Only reason I know that was I overheard a conversation one time she was having with another gal last winter.

“You are so lucky” Karen said. “You can wear slacks and I can’t because they don’t make them in my length. I freeze my legs off this time of year.” She told her coworker.

I instantly fantasized what it would be like to warm her up.

“Gawd, you’re bad! I know what you are isveçbahis thinking!” Beth replied.

“Sorry.” I replied.

“You’re a guy. That’s okay. The best part is that thought is getting something up.” as she looked down at the covers.

My cock was starting to get hard again.

“yumm” slithered out of her mouth.

Now she slid under the covers, I just laid back and relaxed knowing what was about to happen.

Ch. 2

Beth never uses her hands when she give me a blow job. The only time actually is to pull my foreskin over my head. After that it’s all mouth.

“I love it when you foreskin gets stuck behind your thick head. It makes you that much more sensitive. I love it.” Beth utters from under the covers.

Then she wraps her mouth on my cock head and gently starts to suck on it.

I let out a low groan of pleasure as my cock feels like it’s on fire. My cockhead feels like its being shocked with electricity.

Beth now starts to swirl her tongue around my head and put more pressure on it.

I grunt loudly as the sensation is incredible. I pulled the covers back and Beth looks up at me with her blue eyes full of wanton lust for me.

Then she starts to slowly take me in her mouth deeper and deeper. She grabs my wrists and holds them in place. She’s in control now. I arch my back trying to shove my cock down her throat.

She moved her head in sync so I can’t do it. She’s fully in control of my cock at this point. As she slowly takes me in her further into her mouth she slowly slides back up

“Nooooo… Don’t stop! please!!” I beg her.

She just chuckles with my cock still in her mouth.

She stops at my head again. She puts more pressure on it and swirls her tongue faster around it.

Suddenly, she pulls her mouth off my cock.

“Noooo!!” I moan out.

She crawls up over my body while still holding my wrists in her hands. As soon as she’s on top of me we start to French kiss each other. I can taste myself on her tongue and that makes me hornier.

To my surprise she takes my wrists and places them in the soft cuffs attached to the bed post.

“My turn.” she says “and where are my panties at?”

As I’m about to answer her she French kisses me again. Our tongues move slowly over each other and explore our mouths.

When she breaks off the kiss she gently puts her hand over my mouth.

She looks around the bed and finds what she’s looking for, her panties and mine.

Beth reaches over and grabs them. I start to realize what she’s about to do with them.

She pulls her hand off my mouth. Then I open my mouth like I was at the dentist.

“mmmmm. I love that you are so fucking kinky.” she says.

Then she balls them up and shoves them in my mouth. I can smell and taste our sex on them. Now my cock is throbbing against her round ample ass.

“Oooo someone wants some more attention. But they are going to have to wait.”

Beth reached over on the night stand and grabbed our blindfold.

“Now be a good little boy and close your eyes for me.”

I close my eyes and she puts the blindfold over my eyes.

“What a sexy young stud I’ve got me here all tied up, blindfolded and gagged. All ready for me to rape to my enjoyment.”

Then she sits up and places my cock in between her hot, wet pussy lips.

I try to move so I can shove my cock in her pussy. But she doesn’t let me.

“Not yet stud. I’m going to make you so fucking hard; your cock is going to feel like it’s going to explode.”

With that she gets off top of me and crawls off the bed.

All I hear are the sounds she makes as she goes to the bathroom. Then kitchen and opens the refrigerator. Then she comes back to our room. Then I hear her open our toy drawer and take some things out.

The whole time my cock is still hard but not throbbing any more. By now my mouth is full of the taste of our sex from our panties. My nose is full of our musky sex scent from not only the panties in my mouth but from our room.

Then I heard a familiar click. It’s from the vaporizer and I heard Beth take a long drag from it and hold it. I hear her slowly let it out. Then she takes another drag and holds it and lets it out. She does this two more times.

Now our room smells like sex and vaporizer.

Beth now very slowly says “I’m glad you bought this vape. It’s much better than how I smoked when I was in my 20s… ” Now I know she’s really relaxed and vaped.

“Now… what… to… do… with… my… sex… stud” Beth mutters out the herbal blend has started to kick in.

I heard her fumbling around with her bureau drawer and opened it. But I don’t hear her close it and I just laugh on the inside.

Now Beth climbed back isveçbahis giriş into bed.

“Now… stud… time… to… sex… you… up.” she stutters out. “But… first… have… a… drink.”

She pulled the panties out of my mouth. I felt her put her hand under my chin. Then she holds a glass up to my mouth and started to pour the wine into my mouth. It’s Riesling, my favor it.

“There… you… go… keep… going… stud.” Beth told me as she poured the wine down my throat without a break.

“mmmm… mmm… mm… ” was all I could say as she poured the wine.

“Keep. Going… all… most… done.” she replied.

All I could do was just keep swallowing. It felt like Beth was pouring the whole bottle down my throat. But it wasn’t the first time she had done this to me. So I knew it was only a big glass of wine.

Now, I felt light headed and was starting to feel buzzed especially since I had an empty stomach. This is just what Beth wanted.

I heard Beth then take a sip from the glass and slowly set it on the night stand. Then she started running her hand up and down my legs. once in a while she would brush her hand gently up my cock.

“Better… stud? How… do… you… feel?” She asked.

“I’m buzzed now.” I replied.

“Good… that’s… what… I… want… now… say… ahhh.” she said

I did as she asked me and said ahh. I hear her move around the bed for a few moments, and then she shoves the panties back in my mouth. But this time, the familiar taste of her pussy fills my mouth and her scent fills my nose.

“Taste… yummy… stud????” She asks.

“I… rubbed… them… all… over… my… soaking… pussy… so… you… can… taste… me… while… I… ride… you… now… to… finish… sexing… you… up.”

Then she grabs one of my ankles and pulls my leg straight up.

“It’s… my… turn” she stutters out.

She places my leg against her body and I hear a familiar sound.

“You… do… this… to… me… all… the… time… now… I… get… to… do… it… to… you” in her slurred voice.

She started to pull a thigh-hi down over my leg. She took her time slowly pulling the stocking down over my leg. I could imagen she was enjoying doing to me what I’ve done to her for some time now.

I feel and hear the snap of the elastic on the top of my thigh. She slowly slides her hands up and down my leg.

Then Beth grabs my other leg and starts putting on the other thigh-hi.

“Fuck… now… I… know… why… you… get… off… this… fuck… its… really… making… my… puzzy… throb… mmmnm… just… so… you… know… my… puzzy… juice… is… pouring… out… ” she slurs.

Again, In felt and heard the snapping of the elastic at the top of my thigh.

CH 3.

“Now… sex… stud… my… own… Latin… lover… I’ve… got. More… to… sex… you… up… with” Beth slurs.

Then she grabs both my ankles and pulls my legs up.

“fuck… what… a… sexy… sight.”

Now Beth rests both my legs against her body.

“Relax… stud… “

I feel her place my ankles in the soft cuffs and binds them together. She sets my legs against her body and I felt them pressing against her 42D rack.

She places her hand on my ass cheek and spreads it part. I shiver from excitement not knowing what she’s about to do. I suddenly feel a small plastic tube pressed against my exposed asshole.

“Relax… stud.” she says. As I do then she shoves the tube up my asshole.

Once it’s in I felt something cold come out. I clench my ass up.

“Relax… stud… Its only lube.”

I relax again and she shoves the rest of the lube up my ass. She slowly pulls the tube out and then smeared the rest of lube all over my asshole.

“now… stud… relax… youll… love… this… “

I completely relax my body.

“here… it… comes… stud.”

Beth then pressed something round against my asshole and shoved it in. Its round and I feel a string at the end. I realized they are anal beads. Not too large but a good size to fill me up.

“Another… now… ”

She shoves the next one up my ass. I moan with pleasure and my cock started to throb in agreement.

“You’re… a kinky… stud… but… there… are… three… more… to go… “

I just moan as Beth fills my ass up with the anal beads.

We had looked at some anal beads online and at the local sex shops. Beth wasn’t really excited by them or the thought of using them either. But she had managed to order or buy them without me noticing as a surprise.

Once she was done she let my legs down.

“now… latin… lover… for… the… last… part.”

Beth took isveçbahis yeni giriş my cock in her mouth again and started another slow blow job on me. This time she put her hands on my thigs for balance and support. She licked and sucked on my balls as well as my cock. Then she deep throated me.

All I could do was groan with pleasure at her exquisite oral art. but after a few moments she pulled off me.

I felt her finger put something cool and minty on my cock. she ran whatever it was down my shaft and around under the base of my head.

Suddenly I felt a plastic ring snap around the base of my cock. She then gently grabbed my balls, tugged on them and I felt another plastic ring snap securely around my balls.

“Gawd… ive… fantazized… doing… this… to… you.” beth slurred.

“Enjoy… my… stud… “

Then she flipped on the vibrators. The anal beads started thrashing in my ass, pressing against my prostate. my cock got harder than ever and it felt it was about to explode but couldn’t.

Now I realized she put some cum delay cream on my cock as it started feel a little numb.

Beth crawled off the bed and left me thrashing, moaning and groaning. I was needing and wanting to cum but I couldn’t. My cock was pulsing, throbbing wanting to explode a massive amount of cum.

Beth crawled back on the bed. I heard the click from the vaporizer again. She took a really long drag from it and held it. Then she turned on the vibrating eggs at the base of both my balls and cock and the top. It was a figure 8 cock and ball vibrator.

She took my cock in her mouth soaked it with her spit. She came back up and blew the vapor in my face.

“I… put… cum… delay… on… your… cock… now… Im… going… fuck… myself on it.”

with that she turned around so her back was to me. She straddled my legs, reached back, with her hand; she grabbed my cock and held it up against her asshole.

“I… love… how… your… cock… feels… and… fills… up… asssss.”

With that she impaled her ass on my cock started riding my cock up and down. She was giving her and me a hell of a fucking.

She started moaning and groaning… All I could was let her ride me at that point. As much as I wanted to cum so badly, the cum delay cream was doing its job.

After a few minutes Beth started to moan. I knew it was her I’m going to cum moan. Sure enough she started cumming from the ass fucking she was giving herself with my cock.

“fuck… your… cock… in… my… ass… going… to… cummmmm!!”beth started to yell. “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasss… cuuuuuuuuuummm mmmmmming!!”

All I could do was groan out thru my panty mouth gag. I so desperately wanted to cum.

I knew she wasn’t faking it as I could feel her pussy spasm with each of her orgasms. Not to mention I could feel her wetness thru the thigh-hi’s I was wearing.

She finally had enough ass fucking herself, with my cock as her ass toy. Beth just sat there breathing hard with my cock still buried deep in her ass, throbbing, unable to cum.

After a few moments she slowly pulled herself up and my cock slid out of her tight ass. Now Beth fell over next to me and started to run her hands up and down my nylon covered legs.

“Aww… my… poor… stud… couldnt… blow… his… cum… in… my… assss. look… his… cock… is… just… throbbing… ready… to… blow… “

CH 4

Again as best as I could, I asked her to please help me cum. My cock felt like it was going to explode at any moment. All the cum that had built up from her riding me was going to spray everywhere.

“Well… since… you… were… a… good… stud… im… going… to.”

Beth again slowly crawled out of bed and into the bathroom.

When she came back to bed, I nearly broke the headboard when she started to clean my cock with the baby wipes. Then she mercifully turned off all the vibrators.

By now I was almost ready to pass out the sensations or lack of were too much. Beth realized it and told me to just relax. The best was yet to cum. She took her sweet time cleaning my cock. I imagined just how much she enjoyed teasing and edging me while doing it.

She then wiped my cock down with a warm wet, towel. Now my cock was starting to have some feel back to it.

“Better. Stud?” at which point she pulled out the panties out of my mouth.

“Ah… thank you. its better, but I really, really, need to cum, please.”

“mmmm. Yes… your… cock… is… going… down. Let’s… give… it a… rest… we… still… have… much… more… fucking… to… do.” Beth answered. Then she turned the anal beads off in my ass but left them in.

She placed her head on my chest and fell asleep. All the while I was still blindfolded, cuffed to the bed and stuffed with the anal beads up my ass. As my cock finally went limp the figure 8 vibrating cock ring around my balls and cock fell off.

I ended up falling asleep.

… to be continued

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