A Family That Plays Together Pt. 16A Family That Plays Together Pt. 16



Chapter 16.

This is not a subtle story; it features SEX and not a lot else!!

This is a longer story, I got carried away.

The following story deals with incest, straight sex, gay sex, group sex, anal sex, bondage, medical scenes, hopefully romance and probably a lot more so if it’s not your thing please move on, if it is your thing then ENJOY!!

Authors note: – Some parts of this story do not feature the family fucking together….just so you know.

Uncle, niece and nephew join the family, which just means more family fucking.


So my brother had fucked me and I loved his cock, and of course my nephew had fucked me and I loved that as well and my son was always fucking me and I loved that as well. My husband knew all about what was going on and had no problem with it. Meanwhile my son and daughter were more than happy getting fucked by or fucking their uncle and cousins. So all in all we were all having fun.

I wasn’t sure how Aaron, my husband, and Andrew, my brother, would get on when it came to getting their cocks out and fucking the same holes. Andrew was older than Aaron and he liked to be in charge, I suppose that was his Army upbringing, but Aaron was used to being in charge, as he was the boss at work.

I needed to sort the situation out and had an idea to reset the pecking order but I had to plant the seed of the idea in my husbands head and let him think that the idea was all his.

A few days later I knew that the house would be empty when I got home from shopping, Aaron and Andrew were playing golf and would have dinner at the golf club, Jake was at the gym and would get a burger on the way home, my niece and nephew were working late and Jill was out with her girlfriends so as I couldn’t be bothered to cook for just me I got a fish and chip take away to eat when I got home.

I walked in through the backdoor into the kitchen and sitting at the work surface was Pete, Jill’s boyfriend, eating his take away.

“Hello Mrs. M. looks like we both had the same idea,” Pete said.

Pete was a nice lad and good for Jill. He was far more confident then he was when I first met him and he’d fucked me with his Father telling him what to do, he’d already been fucking his Mother and sister. So of course he fitted in well with our family fucking and had become one of our family now. What really helped was the size of his cock, ten inches long, thick and uncut, it was big and he’d certainly learnt how to use it and fill all the family holes that were available to him, but despite the size of his cock he wasn’t cocky with it, unlike Jake could be sometimes.

“I’d thought that you’d be out with all of them?” I asked him.

“It was a heavy day at work, so after this I’m going to shower and then probably meet them up for a drink later” Pete said.

Damm I thought, I was hoping that he’d stay in tonight, I might have got the chance to ride his cock, I knew that I could take it up my arsehole now, I had been well stretched.

“Why don’t you come out with me, won’t be going for about an hour” Pete said.

“Oh no, its fine, I’ll stay in, I don’t want to cramp your style” I replied, I had to put up a bit of a fight after all.

“Oh come on Mrs. M. you’ll enjoy it, I’ll see you here in an hour, not taking no for an answer” Pete said.

I showered and douched, well you have to be prepared just in case, and my fanny and arsehole had been freshly waxed earlier that day. I dressed in a tight top and short skirt, not too slutty but I wanted to show off what I had and maybe Pete would take the hint, I went downstairs.

Pete was waiting and as always for lads his age he was dressed in designer trainers and a designer trackie bottoms and a tight T-shirt. I saw him look me up and down and he said, “looking good Mrs. M.”

He can’t have been wearing any underwear under his trackie bottoms as I could see the outline of his big cock hanging there.

“Lift your skirt up Mrs. M.” Pete told me.

“Pardon” I replied.

“Come on Mrs. M. you heard me, lift your skirt up and show me your knickers” Pete laughed.

I stood there and did as I was told. I lifted my skirt up high and showed my daughter’s boyfriend my small white panties. I was a slut where sex was concerned, I could feel myself getting excited and starting to get wet.

“Very nice Mrs. M. now lets get those little panties off, they just get in the way,” said Pete and he dropped to his knees in front of me. Was I going to get fucked now?

Pete pulled my little knickers off; his face was in line with my fanny, I’m sure that he would be able to see that I was getting wet. I gasped as he ran his finger over my slit and pushed his finger in. He pulled it out and it was wet from my fanny juices and I watched as he licked his finger.

“I know what you need Mrs. M.” Pete smiled.

I wanted his cock and I wanted it now.

He stood up and said “come Çanakkale Escort on, we better get going.”

What? I needed fucking and he wanted to go out.

He walked out the backdoor still holding my little panties, I followed.

We got into his car and he lifted my skirt up and tucked it under the seatbelt so my fanny was on show and easy to get to. As he sat down in the driver’s seat he pulled his trackie bottoms down, I was right he wasn’t wearing any underpants, and his thick soft cock flopped out over his big shaved balls.

We drove off and his hand quickly found my fanny, he used his fingers to rub my fanny lips, probing his fingers inside to find my hole and rubbing my clit that soon got hard, the more he rubbed the wetter my cunt got. Every so often he’d pull his wet fingers out and lick them tasting my juice. His cock started to fill with blood and stand to attention so I thought that I better return the favor and slide my hand across into his lap and held his cock, pulling his foreskin right back off of the head of his cock that was already glistening with his precum. I was tempted to go down on his beautiful cock to suck and taste the precum but though better not, well not while he was driving. He cock was thick and hard, I could only just get my hand around the shaft.

If we got stopped by the police God knows what they’d think or say, a young lad with his hard cock being wanked off by an older lady who had her wet fanny on full show.

Pete stopped the car, I knew where I was, it was the cruising or dogging park, I’d been fucked here before when Jake had taken me there and some of the rugby club lads had fucked all my holes as a reward for them being at the top of the league so I guessed that we weren’t going on a quiet country twilight walk.

Pete jumped out of the car with his trackies still around his knees and his cock jutting out in front of him, he shuffled round and helped me out, my fanny was almost dripping in anticipation of what was going to happen tonight. He carried me around to the front of the car and pushed me against the bonnet and kicked my legs open, I held my skirt up and he pushed the head of his cock against my cunt opening and pushed. Luckily I was wet and open from his fingering on the drive here and as he pushed, I grunted and opened up to take the big thick head of his cock and he pushed it in up to his balls and started to fuck me slowly but hard.

“That’s what you wanted Mrs. M. you needed some cock,” he grunted, I just moaned back at him in agreement.

He held me tight, pushing me back onto the bonnet of the car and fucked me hard. I could feel my fuckhole being stretched open by his thick cock. I moved my hand to rub my clit but he slapped it away and said, “no, leave your clit alone.”

Perhaps I was getting fucked just for his pleasure and not mine, but after another two thrusts he pulled his thick cock all the way out, I tried to grip onto his cock to stop him pulling it out, I needed cock, I needed his big cock but he pulled out and held it in his hand wanking slowly. My cunt was open, juices dripping out.

“Come on, let’s go and find some more cock for your wet gash” Pete laughed.

He took my hand and we walked into the woods, I’m glad that he was with me as I was soon lost.

Pete stopped and said, “hold on, I need to piss” and he dropped his trackie bottoms, his cock was soft and was hanging there. “Come on Mrs. M. make yourself useful and hold my cock while I piss.”

He wanted me to help him piss, I hadn’t even done that for my husband but I was up for it.

I stood one side of him and held his cock in my hand; his cock was warm and soft, still a bit sticky as it had been up my fanny. “Pull my foreskin back, just a little bit,” he told me.

I pulled the skin back so his piss slit was exposed and he grunted and let go a stream of man piss, more of a jet of hot steaming piss that smelt salty. I’m sure that I could feel it pulsing through his soft cock. The stream of hot lad piss slowed and stopped and then I felt his cock pulse and flex as he pushed another three small squirts out.

“Shake my cock for me Mrs. M.” he told me so I did, shaking it hard and he said loudly “not that hard, you’ll pull the end off.”

He turned towards me and pushed me down onto my knees in front of him, “clean it Mrs. M. lick it clean” and pulled his foreskin right back, I could see drips of piss on the end of his cock that was starting to get hard. I opened my mouth and he grabbed hold of my head and pushed me onto his cock. I sucked and licked and could taste his salty piss, it tasted good though. I found my clit and starting touching it making me shudder.

As I licked I felt his cock stiffen and fill my mouth, I sucked and Pete started to fuck my mouth and throat. Perhaps I was going to get fed with his sperm. My throat was stretched by the sheer size of his cock. He thrust hard and then pulled out leaving my mouth empty.

“I want some cum” I almost pleaded.

“Oh Çanakkale Escort Bayan you’ll get some of that soon, come on let’s go,” Pete laughed.

“I need to wee,” I told him.

“Too late, you’ll have to save it, we’re late already” Pete said and pulled me up off of my knees and we walked further into the woods.

We reached a clearing in the woods, there was a full moon and the clearing was flooded with moonlight. I recognized it from when I was fucked by the rugby club on the bench that was there in the centre of the clearing. Standing there I could see four men, all in just their underpants, there was a pile of blankets on the table.

As we got closer I realized who they were, there was Jake, my son, Henry, my nephew and another lad I didn’t know and of course I was with my daughters boyfriend, four toned young men, four cocks for my holes.

“You got here eventually, we’ve been waiting, thought that I was going to have to suck or wank off these two after promising them my Mum’s holes, if you didn’t turn up” laughed Jake. “Oh and this is my mate Jamie, I’ve fucked his Mum and sister so thought that its only fair that I return the favor.

Jamie was a good-looking lad, muscled, tattooed and was rubbing his bulge through his pants. He walked across to me and kissed me hard, I responded and as we kissed he felt between my legs and said, “your Mums wet and open already.” Jamie looked across at the other three who were now all naked, Jake was in the centre between Pete and Henry and he had their huge cocks, one in each hand, and was wanking them slowly. None of them seemed bothered by it.

“Well Mrs. M. got me hard on the drive so I needed to do something with it, just opened her up a bit” Pete said to Jamie who by now had stripped my top off and was gently sucking and chewing my nipples while fingering my wet fuckhole.

The others walked across and pulled me away from Jamie and lay me on my back on the low bench, my legs were spread wide open.

“Guests first” said my son.

Jamie dropped to his knees and buried his head in my fanny, licking, eating, chewing, really making me wet. My hands were taken and wrapped around two huge cocks, one in each hand, obviously Pete’s and Henry’s large tools. My son stood by the side of my head and as I opened my mouth he fed me his cock. I felt my fanny lips pulled apart, two fingers in my fuckhole and then a cock replaced them. It was thick, certainly not as big as Pete’s but big enough. He pushed until it was all in; I shuddered as he fucked me, slowly at first then harder and harder, hitting all the right spots.

It didn’t last long though, suddenly my cunt was empty. Jake pulled out of my mouth and jumped up on the bench, grabbed hold of my legs and pulled them up towards my head; my arsehole was on show to Jamie. Jake positioned his arse over my face and lowered himself down, I had to do it and stuck my tongue out and it found his arsehole pucker and I started to lick it.

“That’s it Mum, now your arse” Jake said.

I felt some cold lube on my arsehole and a lubricated finger push its way in through my pucker, followed by another finger, opening up inside me to open my ring piece. As quick as Jamie pulled his fingers out he pushed his cock into my arse, he wasn’t rough but just kept up a constant pressure until my pucker relaxed and let his cock in. I held onto the two big cocks in my hands and Jake shouted out words of encouragement “take that cock Mum, fuck my Mums arse Jamie, get you tongue in my arsehole Mum.”

Jamie stayed still and I could feel his cock pulsing deep inside my arse, I relaxed and he pulled all the way out of my hole before pushing his cock back in and then started to fuck my arse. I was wanking the two big cocks in my hands and was eating out my son’s arsehole. I knew that the cock up my arse was just the beginning, it was just there to get me open for the big cocks that were going to go in there soon.

“You’re Mum’s arse is tight, tighter then my Mums hole” Jamie announced as he fucked my arsehole hard.

“If you’re going to spunk pull out and lets change cocks and holes,” demanded my son.

I felt Jamie’s hard cock pull out of my hole; I knew that my ring piece was gaping. I let go of the cocks in my hands and Jake pulled his wet arsehole off of my face.

I turned my head to one side and Jamie’s cock appeared so I opened my mouth and Jamie pushed his hard wet funky cockhead into my mouth for me to clean off his precum, the lube and my arse juices. It tasted good.

“I’m next,” Pete said and he positioned himself between my open legs. Jamie jumped onto the bench and pulled my legs back and open while Henry and Jake pushed their cocks into my hands, I knew what to do and started wanking them.

“I’ve had your fanny already Mrs. M. so this is going into your arse” Pete told me and I felt the thick head of his cock start to push against my partially open arse pucker. I started to groan as the pressure increased on Escort Çanakkale my ring piece.

“Come on Mrs. M. let me in” Pete told me and with that he pushed hard and his cockhead pushed through my pucker and carried on through, he stretched it wide open, I thought that he was going to rip it open and I let out a long low scream.

“Shut her up Jamie, we don’t want people finding us here” Jake told Jamie.

Jamie squatted down on my face so I was enveloped by his fit firm arse, my tongue automatically found his ring piece and I started eating away.

Pete’s cock was all the way in and he started to fuck me slowly, all the way out and then all the way back in, his thick cock stretched my arsehole wide open and I could feel the head of his cock rearranging my insides. He picked up the pace, slamming into my arsehole, I tried to scream but that just pushed my tongue deeper into Jamie’s open arsehole and I heard him say to Pete “that’s it mate, when you bottom out in her arsehole she really rims out my arsehole.”

It was all change time again, Pete’s cock came out of my arsehole and I cleaned it off before he sat on my face and pulled his arse cheeks open so I could get into his pucker. I had Jamie’s and my sons cock in my hand so that meant that my nephew’s cock was going to be next to fuck me.

“Fanny first Aunty” Henry laughed and plunged straight in. I took it easily and my nephew fucked my cunt hard pulling his big cock right out and then slamming back in right up to his balls. I was like a trained seal, taking cock, wanking cocks and eating arse.

My cunt was empty and Henry said “nice and wet Aunty, lets get it in your gapping arsehole, relax and her it comes.”

He wasn’t gentle and just pushed his big cock all the way in. I heard Jake and Jamie moan as I grabbed hold of their cocks too hard before my hole and I relaxed and I wiggled my arse a bit to get the last inch of cock right into my arse. Henry fucked me hard, very hard, slamming all of that huge cock into my arse, pulling out and before my ring piece had time to close up he’d slam his cock back into me again. If I hadn’t had a man’s arsehole in my face the whole dogging wood would have heard me screaming.

I couldn’t take anymore and Henry must have realized the way my arsehole was spasming, he pulled out, it seemed like at least eighteen inches of cock emerged and everybody changed places.

I cleaned off my nephews cock and my son stood between my open legs and looked at my arsehole. He was wanking his cock, my hands were empty and I didn’t have an arse in my face so I could see what was going on this time. Henry stood behind me and held my legs up and open.

“Bloody Hell Mum, they’ve wrecked your arsehole, its gapping and red, I can see right inside. You’ll never feel my little cock in there, it won’t touch the sides” Jake exclaimed.

Jake carried on wanking and I could see that he was close to spunking up and I was right as he grunted and said “I’m cumming” and pushed his hard leaking cock into my open arsehole and fired his load up there. I could feel six hard hot pulses of my son’s cum fill my arsehole and he said “keep it in there Mum.”

Jamie pushed Jake out of the way even though he was still coming and I watched the final spurt of my son’s spunk get wasted as he shot it on the grass. Jamie wanked away and pushed his cock into my arse that was already full of my son’s spunk and he spurted another hot load of lad spunk deep into my hole.

Jake swapped places with Henry keeping my legs in the air as Pete stood between my open legs. I felt the head of his big cock penetrate my slimy spunk coated open ring piece. His cock was long enough that he could get a couple of inches of cock in my arse and wank his shaft, he grunted and said “cumming Mrs. M.” and he shot his load deep inside me, I could feel the force of his shots firing up my arse.

“Lets give you some family sperm Aunty” Henry laughed as he pushed Pete out of the way and pushed his cock all the way into my arsehole, you could hear the squelching noises as he fucked his cock into my spunk filled arse. He only gave me a few thrusts before pulling nearly all the way out, I could see the shaft of his cock was covered in the other lads spunk, he gave a grunt and kept his cock head inside my hole as he let go of his load of cum into his Aunt. I could feel his cock head pulsing as he spunked up.

He pulled out and told me “keep it in, don’t let it go” and I watched as they all stood there, their cocks still dripping and going soft, typical lads, they carried on playing with their softening cocks without realizing what they were doing.

My arsehole felt full, stretched and warm, the hot lads spunk was still deep inside my guts but I couldn’t hold it in forever. I moaned but they didn’t hear me, they were deep in conversation and I heard Jake say “OK, why not, you can settle up with me later.”

I was still laying there playing with my clit and fingering my fuckhole, Pete said “leave your cunt alone Mr. M. lets get you emptied out” and I watched Jake throw a blanket on the ground and lay down on it as Henry and Jamie helped me off of the bench and stood me over my sons face. I realized what I had to do, they wanted me to push all of their spunk out of my arse all over my son’s face, I couldn’t could I?

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