A Family Betrayal Chapter 34A Family Betrayal Chapter 34


Jasmine’s POV:

Heath took Michelle away for the weekend to help her become a mother. Us wives didn’t mind as she wanted to experience what we have. It’s around 9 o’clock that I make my way to Allison’s room. She has been acting odd the past few months making my wives and I curious as to why. So I volunteered to find out. At her bedroom door I knocked a few times to get no response. I placed my ear to the door and only heard what sounded like a low moan. I turned the doorknob quietly opening the door. I enter her bedroom slowly making sure to close the door without a sound. I turn to get a shock at the scene in front of me. With the night stand lamp on I see Allison nude for the first time with her legs up in the air. She has a big fat dildo going in and out of her beautiful swollen pussy. I feel my lips form a smile as I start shedding my clothes off my body. Her eyes are closed as I hear her moan so sexy. I notice her finger in her ass which I smirk about. Making my way to the left side of the bed I hear her moan out loud something I never thought my ears would hear.

“ YESS THAT’S IT….FUCK ME BABY…..MAKE ME YOUR SLUT HEATH BABY!” I hear Allison say loudly getting a shocking grin from me

I slowly and quietly make my way to join Allison on the bed as I crawl so I am by her chest. Her breast as swaying side to side while bringing herself to orgasm. I feel myself getting wet as I watch this beautiful woman pleasure herself. I lick my lips seeing how erect her nipples are. Once I am hovering over her I take in a deep breath before letting it out to lean down taking her left nipple in my mouth. I hear her gasp as I take her right breast in my left hand massaging it. Her nipple tastes so good in my mouth. I look to see her eyes on mine.

“ Jasmine what…what are you doing? Why are you in my bed? And why are you oh shit….sucking my nipple?” Allison asks with a moan as her body shakes

I stop my advances to sit up. I keep my hand on her right breast placing my right on her belly.

“ Sorry I came in, but I was just checking on you sweetie as you have been acting oddly. Now I see why.” I answer seeing her blush trying to hide her pussy

“ Sorry Jasmine. I never meant for my feelings to show.” Allison tells me with a sadness on her face

“ Allison why hide your feelings? You know Heath doesn’t like secrets.” I ask stating a point

“ Because Heath has all of you, and I know he doesn’t.” She tells me as my hand covers both hers that are between her legs

“ Allison do you love Heath?” I ask slowly trying to move her hands away so I can have a bit of fun

“ Jasmine please don’t let me tell you as it hurts?” She asks in a pleading way

“ Allison it’s ok to tell me I won’t get mad.” I say easing my hand between hers
“ Jasmine I…I do love him. I have fallen so hard that I fantasize about him making love to me.” She confesses seeing my smile

“ Awww honey I understand completely. Now what do you want to do about those feelings?” I ask finally slowly massaging her clit

“ I…I want to be with him at least once in my life.” She tells me slowly spreading her legs apart giving me access to her kitty

“ What if I told you that you could every night and day? What would you say?” I ask feeling the heat off her cunt

“ I would ask how as he has you all and Renee….oh that feels so good.” She says answering with a moan

“ Baby it’s called being with us. Being one of us that love him, and gave our lives to him. Have you ever been with a woman before?” I answer telling her sliding a finger between her slit

“ Mmmm….no I have never batted for the same team.” She tells me as I lay next to her on my side while playing with her pussy

“ Well would you like to be with me and the others? We would show you new things to spice up your life.” I say feeling her body warmth against my belly

“ As in loving me as you love each other?” She asks while I place my palm on her clit rubbing it

“ Yes Alli baby. I already love you. I have wanted you like this for the past few months.” I say seeing her eyes look in mine

“ You…you have Jasmine? I thought you didn’t because Heath was helping me.” She says shocking me getting a shook head

“ I always liked you baby. I love you just as I love Heath, our wives, and Renee.” I exclaim seeing her smile up at me

“ Oh Jasmine I love you too…but I never been with a woman so I don’t know what to do.” She says to me as I lean down a little to look in her brown sparkling eyes

“ Yes you do baby as I am doing what comes to me on you.” With that I placed my lips on hers

She hesitated for a split second before returning the kiss. I felt her hand on the back of my head pulling me into a deep passionate one. I slide two fingers into her making my new lover moan. I break the kiss giving her a smile.

“ Spread you legs for me baby. I want to show you how much I love you. I want to taste how sweet you are.” I say seeing a worried look

“ Um Jazzy I haven’t washed down there yet. I been playing with myself for two hours.” She explains as I shake my head

“ Allison hun I have ate out all my wives after hours of love making. I am sure you are still nice down there.” I say moving over between her legs

Allison pulls her legs back to the sides. I position myself on all fours smiling up at her.

“ Your pussy is so beautiful and juicy baby. Tiffany will love tribbing with you.” I say seeing her smile at me as I dive in with my tongue tasting her fresh cum

Oh god she taste so good. I lap up her juices before sliding my tongue in her love hole. I hear her moan as I place my hands up on her thighs bracing myself with my ass up. My belly touches the bed as I try not to put pressure on the baby. Allison moans to my advances to her meaty pussy. I feel myself getting wet from all that I am doing to her. I make it a point to be her first after I am done. I have found her so loving and caring. I want her to know that with all I am doing to her. Allison places her hands on my head showing me that I am getting her close. I move my right hand to her ass. With my index finger I start massaging her puckered hole.

“ OH BABYYYYY!” Allison says loudly with a moan

I smile as I move to her clit licking and sucking it in my mouth.

“ OH GOD…..JASMINE….I AM….GONNA…” She starts to say moaning before I feel the first splash of her girl cum hit my mouth

I swallow all I can as she squirts again, but this time down my throat. After I know she is done I raise up to slowly rub her clit.

“ So how was that darling?” I ask seeing her breast heave up and down

“ That was so amazing baby I never thought having a woman would feel so good.” She tells me motioning me to lay next to her

“ Oh wait until I give birth. I will show you after what I can do to you.” I say before we share a passionate kiss

Our tongues explore the other’s mouth with a new feeling. I place my right hand up to her left breast caressing it so lovingly. After she breaks the kiss Allison looks up at me.

“ Jasmine will….will you sleep with me tonight? Will you hold me tonight?” She asks making me concerned why

“ Allison what’s wrong darling?” I ask to see her eyes water up

“ I…I don’t want to be alone any more. I want to be loved by you and the others plus Heath I love you all.” She says with tears as I hold her
“ Shhh baby I am right here. I got a idea baby can I borrow your robe for a bit?” I say getting a nod

I give her a kiss plus her pussy a spank as she squeaks with a giggle.

“ You can spank me all you want baby.” She tells me as I put her robe on

“ You better believe I will baby as that pussy is mine tonight.” I say blowing her a kiss before continuing “ Be right back baby just going to tell my wives where I will be. I love you Allicat.”

“ I love you Jazzy darling hurry back please.” She tells me with tears

I make my way out of the room. I hurry up to the bedroom that my wives are in. Once in I see them talking as Diamond notices me.

“ Um Jazzy honey where are your clothes?” She asks with a raised right eyebrow

“ That’s a long story, but I need to talk to you five about something.” I say getting worried looks

“ What about darling?” Tiffany asks being concerned

“ Remember when Heath came to us about Jessie?” I ask getting nods from Diamond, Hannah, and Tiffany

“ Yes, but what is going on this time?” Hannah asks as I look at all five of my loves

“ Well we have another that wants to be part of us. She is deep in love with Heath.” I say seeing very shocked expressions

“ Um Jazzy don’t you think there is enough of us as there is. Shoot Renee just got with us a few weeks ago.” Diamond asks with deep concern

“ I know baby, but what’s wrong with just one more to make seven a lucky number?” I ask seeing them all think

“ Well who ever it is may help with the load between Renee and I. Plus she must of seen Heath as we all do.” Jessie says getting a few looks

“ I guess that’s true. I remember how it was for me with falling for Heath.” Diamond says while Hannah and Tiffany can relate

“ Ok so who is this woman?” Hannah asks getting a grin from me

“ Allison. She has fallen for Heath. I just found her playing with her pussy moaning for him to fuck her. So I confronted her and she confessed. That is why she has been acting oddly.” I explain seeing wide eyes

“ So that’s why she has been acting odd the past few months? She is in love with Heath?” Tiffany asks getting a nod

“ Yes and now she wants to be with us also. I just tasted her and I loved what I drank afterward.” I tell them before Diamond comes over waddling to sniff my face

“ Damn she does smell good. So what does her pussy look like?” Diamond asks taking a lick of my lips

“ Yeah is he labia juicy?” Tiffany asks getting giggles

“ You pussy whore.” Hannah says as I see Tiffany look at her

“ And like your not you cunt fucker.” Tiffany says with a giggle

“ Just wait until we have our babies I will show you cunt fucker.” Hannah says leaning over to kiss Tiffany on the lips

“ So what do you all think? Would you all accept Allison to be one of us? She wants me to sleep with her as she doesn’t want to be alone any more.” I ask exclaiming to them

They all look at me before I feel Diamond place her left arm around my waist.

“ Baby if you feel this strongly for her, and want to be with her to I say we all stay the night with her. So she will never be alone.” Diamond says while I see nods even Hannah and Tiffany nodded still kissing

I smiled at that moment knowing Allison had been loved without knowing it. They grabbed a pillow each as Diamond took my hand in hers. We made our way down to Allison’s room. Once in I noticed she remained nude laying on her side. She notices us all and starts to hide her body. I make myself over seeing her worried expression.

“ Jasmine what’s going on?” She asks as I lay behind her spooning to her

“ Well honey we want to bring you into our embrace and love the right way.” I say as Diamond and the others strip down to nothing

Diamond is the first to come over to lay facing Allison. I watch as my first girlfriend gives Allison a tender kiss before breaking it to speak.

“ Allison I want you to not be scared of what is going to happen. This is our way of bring in a new lover. I think your a beautiful woman with a loving heart.” Diamond says caressing Allison’s face

“ She’s right Allison. We all have watched you from afar you may say. We each want to love you in every way we can if you will let us.” Hannah states coming over to join

“ Honey we share Heath as one. When you drink from his fountain that is his heart you will never want another.” Tiffany says joining us behind me as I scoot over

“ Allison, Heath is so loving as you know. We all fell in love with him as you know. We love you just the same, but waited to see how you felt before bringing you in with us.” Jessie says crawling up between Diamond and Allison giving her a kiss

“ Allison I was just like you seeing Heath from afar. It took what happened to him for my heart to speak. Allison I love these woman that are here just as I love Heath. We are close as sisters, but that much closer as lovers.” Renee says joining us all on the bed

“ I never thought you all loved me, and I believe you all about Heath. His voice soothed me when we talked. Him coming to save Lindsey and I showed me so much. I think that day at Disney was when I started to love him because Lindsey trusted him and he treated her as his own without thinking twice. So what happens now?” Allison exclaims asking getting giggles

“ Well baby right now you and I make love as everyone joins us. Like I said your pussy is mine, but I am going to share after tonight.” I say seeing her turn to look up in my eyes

“ Damn she does have a juicy cunt.” Tiffany states getting giggles

“ What?” Allison asks as Tiffany smiles

“ Sorry honey I love puffy pussy. I love what I see between your legs.” Tiffany says as Allison look to see my hand massaging her

“ OH Jasmine….when did you?” She tries to say as I kiss her lips

At that moment each of my loves pick a lover. Renee and Jessie take Hannah as Tiffany takes Diamond. Hannah gets helped to the floor while Diamond scoots to the right side of the bed. I make my way returning to between Allison’s legs to show her I love her again. This night us wives and lover take in another by unaminious vote that our Heath doesn’t get a say in. This night I take Allison as our lover to make her know she will never ever be alone again in her life.


After the weekend with Michelle I find us that much closer. Finding out the true reason for her hurt and pain. I understood clearly why she hurt both mom and myself, but more towards our mother for sending me away to private school. Sunday night was the same as always when we returned although I found Allison clinging to Jasmine and my wives plus Renee. I didn’t know what was going on, but I figured they came closer as sisters.

Karen’s birthday was Wednesday so we had two days to finish getting stuff for her birthday. I had a few ideas as to what else to get her, but she couldn’t be around. A week ago Jessie and Renee helped me with part of her gift that just seemed cool to me. We hid her other gifts in the attic since it would be easier to get too. I thought of something Tiffany did back when she asked me out the first time. I smiled knowing that would be perfect for it will show my daughter she will always have her father. It was Monday that I made a trip to my favorite jewelry store to look for a key to ones heart. Everyone went out shopping, but we kept Karen in the dark as to what was coming up as this would be the first birthday I would spend with her. I wanted it to be a memorable one for her know the whole family was together to spend her day with her.


Diamond’s POV: Wednesday morning

After weeks of planning and shopping. It was our daughter’s birthday finally. All us mommies Jasmine, Hannah, Allison, Renee, Jessie, Tiffany, and I made our way into the kids room to wake up the birthday girl. She was sleeping at the foot of the bed holding Lindsey. Tiffany went up to the bed tickling Karen’s nose. The rest of us giggled to see Karen wake up. She turned letting Lindsey go to see all of us standing around the bed.

“ Good morning my little angel. Time to wake up baby girl.” Tiffany says looking down to our daughter

“ Good morning mommy, but what is going on?” Our daughter asks seeing smiles

“ Happy Birthday Karen.” We all say seeing her eyes go wide

“ Oh gosh it is my birthday.” She says getting up to hug her mother then the rest of us

The next thing we see is her waking up her brothers, sister, and Lil Heath.

“ Wake up sleepy heads it’s my birthday.” Karen says very excited

Lindsey wakes up rubbing her eyes.

“ What’s going on sissy?” Lindsey asks as Karen scoots over to her sister

“ It’s my birthday I am going to be 5 sissy.” Karen says with a wide smile

“ Oh sissy I am so happy for you.” Lindsey says getting up on her knees hugging her older sister

“ Awww sibling love.” Allison says with a smile as Jasmine holds her from behind

“ Mommy why is Allison in here?” Karen asks with a curious tone

“ Well honey she is your mommy too baby girl as I am Lindsey’s along with your other mommies here.” Tiffany explains seeing a smile from Karen

Karen jumps up going to Allison placing her arms around our new loves neck.

“ I love you mommy Alli.” Karen says making us all smile

“ I love you too baby girl as I love your sister and brothers.” Allison says making Lil Heath speak up

“ What about me?” He asks as Karen breaks the hug

We watch Allison look at him seeing some hurt in his eyes. I see her smile before she jumps on the bed grabbing him to hold him close.

“ I love you too my little munchkin.” She says as all the kids gather around her with hugs

At that moment there comes a knock on the doorframe. We turn and look to see it’s Heath with a smile.

“ It’s time to head down for someone’s birthday breakfast.” He says as Karen gets off the bed running to her father

“ Up please daddy.” She says having Heath lean over to pick her up

“ So what’s my little girl wanting?” He asks with a straight face

“ My daddy to take me down to eat.” She says getting Heath to smile

“ What about me daddy?” Lindsey asks with a sad expression

We mothers watch Heath step to the bed grabbing up Lindsey who goes weeee. Renee and Jessie gather up the boys. Dakota and Lil Greg are on either side of Jessie while Renee has Lil Heath. We all make our way down to the kitchen around 8:25 a.m. in the morning. Karen’s grandmothers, god grandmothers, god grandfathers, uncles and aunts have been busy with cooking and decorating. Once down in the living room they all stand seeing Karen look on with wide eyes.

“ HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN!” They all say in unison which makes escorts in london Karen start crying

The moms and godmoms rush over to comfort her as Maggie takes her from Heath. Karen places her head on momma Maggie’s shoulder while still crying.

“ What’s wrong baby girl?” Momma Maggie asks while the moms massage Karen’s back

“ I am just so happy. All my family are here except grandpa Nick’s family, Uncle’s Ron and William, Auntie’s Debra, Gina, and Tracey, and Serena.” Karen says answering with tears

“ Honey your grandpa Nick and them want to be here, but have business. The others will be here later baby girl.” Momma Tessa says winking at us

I see Karen shake her head before raising it up to wipe her eyes and tears away.

“ Ok Grammie Tessa.” Karen says with a small smile
“ You hungry baby?” Momma Faye asks getting a nod from her granddaughter

We all sat in our chairs except Karen wanted to sit in her father’s lap. I could see my loves eyes sparkle helping his daughter up into his lap. We started breakfast with talk and laughter. The other kids sat in their mother’s laps enjoying the great food. Half the family went to sit in the living room to eat. I told my baby I hoped the house in Oklahoma would be ready as I didn’t want our family to eat apart. He agreed saying family should eat with family. Karen loved her birthday breakfast meal very much as she had seconds. Lindsey made it a point to join her big sister to getting seconds. I knew they were inseparable, but having the same appetite seemed inherited even if they were not related by blood. We had a nice breakfast that ended when Karen burped loudly followed by Lindsey, Dakota, and Lil Greg who ate seconds after seeing Karen and Lindsey getting extra helpings. We all laughed to their thank yous that sounded around the kitchen. Karen wants down to only go around giving all of us a hug in the kitchen. After she gets us all. Karen runs into the living room to give her uncles and aunts hugs as well.

Heath announced it was gift time in which made our daughter scream so loud being excited. The kids run chasing Karen into the living room to join her. I giggle as all us grown up follow. Heath, Jack, Adam, and Chris go get her presents while the rest of us gather around around 9:25 a.m. Karen is in the middle of the couch waiting as Lindsey gets on her right as the boys get on her left. Karen is all smiles as the guys come down carrying all her presents. I notice Karen’s eyes go wide seeing so many gifts of various sizes. The guys place the gifts on the table in front of her.

“ All these are mine?” Karen asks with a very curious expression

“ Yes baby girl all yours. Now go ahead and dive in.” Papa Mike says as Karen does just that

She starts at the top in which Heath helps her get it down. I am so happy for her. This is the first time that we get to share in her day. Karen sits back down unwrapping the average looking box. Once all the wrapping is off and the top open her eyes go wide again.

“ Oh gosh so pretty.” Karen says pulling out a pair of converse shoes

“ Oh my they are pretty Snow White on the sides and top.” Momma Maggie says with a smile

“ Thank you Uncle Chris and Auntie Selena I love them.” Karen says putting the shoes on before modeling them swaying her hips

“ Now walking down the runway is Karen aka Snow White strutting her stuff. She is wearing the latest fashion in kids shoes.” Chris says getting us all to laugh

Karen goes back to get a slimmer gift. Returning to her seat on the couch. Karen tears off the wrapping to see a white box lid. We watch as she takes the lid off to only smile.

“ Oh thank you Auntie Michelle and Uncle Adam I love my dress.” Karen says with a few tears

“ Keep looking honey.” Michelle states seeing Karen do just that
“ Oh wow outfits sweet thank you, thank you. Mommy Diamond can I try them on?” Karen asks me before I answer

“ Wait until later baby girl.” I say getting a nod with a smile

Karen unwraps gift after gift. The godmoms Ellie, Verna, and Kiko got Karen a gift card to get her hair done, toenails, and fingernails done. Us moms giggle at the thought. Karen opens another gift that looks familiar. I turn to look at Tiffany then at Momma Maggie.

“ This looks just like mommy’s and grammies outfit.” Karen says looking at both of them

“ That’s because it is sweetie. Do you like it honey?” Momma Maggie asks getting a smile

“ Yes I do grammie Maggie.” Karen states placing it to the side

“ Grammie even got your daddy a matching outfit.” Momma Maggie says looking at her son

Heath looks at Karen’s outfit then at Momma Maggie’s and Tiffany’s. He shakes his head smiling.

“ Mom I am sorry, but I politely decline as purple just isn’t my color.” He exclaims getting chuckles from all the guys

“ Oh it’s ok baby boy as Jack can wear it.” She says looking at Jack

“ Um momma Maggie I don’t.” Jack tries to say until Sierra and Mandy smack him before he continues “ I shall wear it with pride.”

We all laugh until we hear Adam.

“ I love you, you love me.” Adam starts to say until the kids smile and join in

“ We are a perfect family.” The kids say in unison getting laughs

“ I am going to kill you Abs.” Jack says with a grin

“ You know you love me picking on you bro now suck it up.” Adam says with a heart felt smile

Jack shakes his head to Adams words. Mean while Karen screams as I turn to see her holding a necklace with matching earrings.

“ Oh thank you grammie Faye.” Karen says getting a smile

“ Your welcome baby girl. We will get your ears done later.” Momma Faye says getting a bright smile from her oldest granddaughter

Karen comes to a gift that I notice gives her a hard time.
“ This gift is hard to open.” She states looking at Jack

“ What?” He asks getting a hurt expression

“ Uncle Jack I can’t open your gift.” She says lowering her head holding it in her hands

I watch Nicky go over to take a knee pulling something out of his pocket.

“ Give it here Karen honey Uncle Nicky will help you.” He states as Karen hands it to him

He stands up making his way to the arm of the couch. I watch as Nicky works to open the gift with his knife. I smile as he is so thoughtful to the kids. After a few minutes he finally has the wrapping paper off, but finds another box. He looks over at Jack before continuing on. After box after box he comes to a small one.

“ Jack really? Really? one small box after 26 being open to find nothing at all?” Nicky asks looking pissed as he points his knife at Jack

“ I’m sorry I could of swore I put something in there.” Jack says as Karen starts to cry

“ Jack what the hell son?” Momma Tessa says asking as Sierra and Mandy smack Jack in the head with all of us glaring at him as a hole is burned through his chest

Jack gets off the floor running down the hallway of the first floor. He comes back a few minutes later handing Karen a Snow White purse, backpack, and a watch. She looks up at him through tear filled eyes with a smile. She accepts the gifts to only put them down in the pile before giving him a hug.

“ Thank you Uncle Jack. I love you so much.” She says as he returns the hug

“ I love you too honey and sorry again.” He says getting awws and smiles

After Karen gets the rest of her gifts open she looks over at Heath with a sad look.

“ Daddy there was no presents from you.” Karen says with head lowered with her feet swinging forward and backward

Heath gets up taking the few steps to his daughter. I watch as he moves the coffee table away from them before squatting down to look in her eyes.

“ Karen my beautiful daughter. My gift to you is two things as a father tries to out do everyone else.” He says reaching into his pocket looking over at Tiffany before turning back to Karen continuing “ This here is a key, but not no ordinary key. You want to know what it’s for?”

Heath asks Karen as I notice Tiffany have tears.

“ Yes daddy what is it for?” Karen asks with pure curiosity
“ Well baby girl this key brought back those daddy loved. Your mother, grammies, grampies, aunts, uncles…….and you. I love you Karen so much. The day you came in my life helped heal my heart. So honey this key is priceless as it’s the key to my heart.” Heath says placing the Key with a heart attached into Karen’s hands as it’s connected to a chain

Karen look’s at it for a second with tears in her eyes. I notice everyone else either crying or holding back tears. Karen jumps into her father’s arms placing her arms around his neck.

“ I love you daddy so very much. The day you came in my life made me so very happy. Please never leave me.” Karen says with happy tears as Heath holds her tight before continuing “ What’s…what’s my other gift?”

“ Wait right here honey.” Heath says placing her back on the couch

Heath stands up looking at Chris for help. They make their way down the hallway to only come back with Heath telling Karen to close her eyes. I look over to see she has as I tell my love it’s ok to come in. It’s at that moment that the room erupts in awws. Heath and Chris place the 4 foot gift in front of the entertainment center. He tells Karen to open her eyes. Once open her mouth drops as she runs around the table to the big snow globe. Karen hugs it before letting go looking up at her father.

“ Daddy how did you get this?” She asks placing a hand on the large Snow White snow globe

“ Well honey I talked to the owner of Disney before we left. I asked him I would pay any price to have a 4 ft snow globe made for my daughter. So he told me just love you with all my heart and it was mine to give to you.” He tells her but the truth was the owner asked Heath to donate to the CMN in which my baby did out of the bottom of his heart

At that moment we watched Karen break down crying. She ran to her father with both arms up above her. Heath leaned over picking her up to only raise up. Karen put her arms around his neck crying on his shoulder.

“ I love you so much daddy. Thank you for making today so amazing for me.” She says with joyous tears that Heath held her tight

“ Your so very welcome baby girl as a father always wants his kids very happy.” Was all he said to her during their father and daughter moment

“ Jack bro your still a idiot for your gift prank.” Nicky says getting our attention

“ Yeah, yeah I know so sue me.” Jack says with a grin

“ I would, but my nieces or nephews need the money more then I do.” Nicky says coming back with a grin

After Karen stops crying in her father’s arms he let’s her down as we watch her go back returning to her seat looking at all her gifts, but the two gifts she keeps looking at are the key with a heart and the snow globe. It’s at that moment our sons Dakota and Lil Greg get up making their way to the stairs.

“ Where are you two going?” Karen asks getting both their attentions

“ Be right back sissy. We forgot something for you.” Dakota says as him and Lil Greg run up the stairs the best their little legs would take them

After just a few minutes they come back down with something behind Lil Greg’s back. Both go up to Karen with smiles.

“ Sissy we couldn’t get you anything like we wanted to.” Lil Greg says before looking at his brother

“ So we made something for you sissy.” Dakota states as Lil Greg handed her what looked like a picture

She took it looking at it with a big smile.

“ What is it baby girl?” Jasmine asks seeing Karen turn it around

I looked to notice it say ‘ Happy Birthday Sissy’, but the two S’s were backward. I looked closer to see it was Karen holding Lindsey, Dakota’s, Lil Greg’s, and Lil Heath’s hand’s. I just smiled knowing they loved their big sister so much. She placed it down on the table to only grab Lindsey and Lil Heath’s hands before hugging them all. It was a most touching moment for the kids.

“ WE LOVE YOU SISSY!” The kids say in unison loudly

“ I love all my brothers and sister.” Karen says with a big smile


Tiffany’s POV:

After a nice enjoyable day with the family. I feel my heart warm up knowing my daughter finally got to spend her birthday with her father. I have for the past 5 years prayed this day would come. It’s finally dinner time which was made by the godmoms and moms just as breakfast was. Momma Verna knew Karen’s favorite food after all the dinners she has cooked while she was growing up into a beautiful young girl. Dinner was different as to Karen and Lindsey wanted to sit in their daddy’s lap. It was a big feast in which my brothers, father, godfathers, and the boys had seconds. Our daughters were cute as they started feeding their daddy who in turn fed them. It was a very nice dinner with love all around. Once everyone was done and they adjourned to the living room. Once I made my way past the kitchen doorway to the living room I noticed my love headed out the back sliding door. I looked at my wives who shrugged. Michelle noticed also getting off Adam’s lap making her way to follow him. My wives look at each other then at Renee and Allison before motioning me to follow.

“ Mommy where are you going?” My daughter asks with concerned eyes

“ Just to check on your daddy sweetie. We will be right back before you blow out your candles.” I say getting a nod watching her push the button on her snow globe

“ Oh my it’s so pretty.” She says with a giggle admiring her gift

I shake my head giggling, but get serious following my wives out the door. We get out to see Heath and Michelle talking.

“ Heath anything wrong baby brother?” Michelle asks being concerned

He turns from looking at the ocean with a smile looking at her.

“ Yes I am fine just something’s on my mind Shellie.” Heath states getting our attention

“ Like what baby?” I ask seeing his eyes look over at us

“ Well today was very enjoyable. I felt so alive seeing my daughter so happy.” He says with a smile

“ Awww Heathie I am so glad, but is there anything wrong though?” Michelle says asking her brother

He stood there for a moment before turning back around looking at the ocean. He moved his hand up to his neck rubbing the necklaces around his neck. The one of him and May, the one of us wives, and the one of all the family. I really couldn’t see his eyes which would always tell me what he was thinking every time. While looking out upon the waves he spoke up.

“ These past 7 years I never thought I would see you again. I never thought I would see mom, Travis, or my family from out west. Above all I never thought I had a daughter. Shellie I have forgave you with all my heart and soul. I just want to thank you as I would of never changed a thing that happened since the day I came home to a empty house.” He says getting tears from all of us

“ Heath my baby boy if I knew what happened I would of never married Tyrone.” We heard Momma Maggie says from behind us

Heath turned to see his mother standing behind Shellie. Her eyes were filled with tears as she ran to him. It was a very emotion moment as mother and son came together once again.

“ Mom if you didn’t I wouldn’t of grew up to be who I am. I know now all things happen for a reason.” He exclaims holding our beautiful momma Maggie in his arms

“ I know my bright blue eyed baby boy, but I lost you so many times that the way your talking is scaring me. Please don’t leave me again.” She says with tears as I get her meaning
“ Heath my love your not going to do something stupid are you baby?” I ask seeing him shake his head

“ No Tiffany I am not for those days are behind. I have so much to live for now. I have six women that love me, a family that strengthens me, five kids that make me smile.” He says with a smile

“ Actually seven baby. Seven women that love you my love.” Diamond says with a giggle as we see Heath show a look of confusion

“ You will find out later sexy man.” Jasmine says pulling Allison closer to her

He looks at them intently shaking his head with a chuckle. Shellie goes to her mother and brother to join in on the embrace. I just smile seeing that the man I fell in love with at 16 show he is fully healed. At that moment he breaks the hug giving his mother and sister a kiss on the lips before he tells them to get Karen’s birthday cake ready. They giggle slapping his ass before going inside. Us seven women make our way to our man surrounding him with our arms around him.

“ Heath my love did you really mean what you said about not changing a thing?” I ask feeling a little hurt

He looks down at me intently in my eyes.

“ Tiffany the only thing I might of changed was taking you sooner before Chris had you. I wanted you and I to come out east together. I wanted only you Tiffany, but my heart was meant to love more then one person. I love you all as you, Jasmine, and Diamond gave me three beautiful kids.” He says with a smile that warms my heart

“ We love you so much baby, and know the babies we carry shall love you too my love.” I say moving my right hand up to his left cheek before continuing “ Now kiss me baby as I need those loving lips on mine.”

He smiles before leaning down to place his lips on mine. I give out a soft moan as I feel a spark as I did all those years ago with our first kiss at his 16th birthday when I gave him that necklace that he left behind that I have kept all this time. He breaks the kiss going to Jasmine, then to Diamond, then to the others until he gets to Allison. Allison I think has been waiting for this moment. Heath looks down in her eyes to see a few tears slide down her face, but she looks up in his eyes with a smile. The wives, Renee, and I watch as Heath nods before leaning down to kiss our new lover. I guess she was not expecting it as she let out a moan. Their mouths opened with tongues finding the other before she placed her hands on his chest. I looked down between her legs to see her white shorts show some wetness. I motioned to the others as they looked. They smiled knowing tonight she will be ready for what Escort in dubai we had in mind. It’s always been Heath bringing in one of us into our style of living, but tonight he would be surprised for what Jasmine had in mind. He broke the kiss with Allison with a look of concern before letting her go.

“ Um sorry Allison I didn’t mean to.” He starts to say before seeing her smile

“ No Heath it’s ok honey. I…I loved it please don’t think any different handsome.” She states seeing him nod

“ Cake’s ready daddy we waiting on you and the mommies.” We hear a little voice to only turn to see Lindsey standing there

“ We’re coming back in honey.” I say seeing her smile before running back inside

We all went back in, but one thing caught my eyes. Besides holding my left hand in his right Heath had Allison right in his left. I smiled knowing that tonight was going to be easy as pie getting our new lover to be one of us wives. Diamond already had a back up plan ready just in case our love said no. Once inside making it to the kitchen Karen wanted to sit in Heath’s lap. He let go of Allison and my hand making his way to his chair. He helped Karen up into his lap before Justin lit the candles. We sung Happy Birthday to her in which she smiled. She always had the most beautiful smile that melted my heart. After we finished singing Momma Maggie asked her to make a wish. She looked at all of us then turned to look up at him.

“ I already have what I want grandma……..my daddy in my life.” My precious daughter says before turning to blow out the five candles that were on the cake

I felt so warm inside holding my belly. I knew next month my precious daughters, and sons were going to have more siblings. I just hoped that none of them would be jealous of the other. Although since we have been here none of the kids have been jealous of the other. Karen’s cake was cut up for everyone to get a piece. My mother handed me a piece just after giving me a hug.

“ Tiffany baby I can’t think you enough for giving me a beautiful granddaughter.” Mom says as she always do

“ Awww mom your very welcome, but it was my husband that gave me Karen also that….that day before he left me.” I say feeling that sadness I did all those years ago

“ I know baby just still thank you my precious little girl.” Mom says to me before going to her son in law

I have to say I agree with Heath. I would not change one thing either as if he didn’t catch us and I might say take what was his in the first place I would of never had Karen. She was what kept me close to the only man I loved besides my brother and fathers. I started eating on the cake that the moms pitched in to make. It was strawberry which was my daughter’s favorite with white icing. It was a wonderful evening after that as the whole family kept celebrating Karen’s day with all of us together. She spent most of the evening with Heath, momma Maggie, Michelle, and Travis as it should of been long ago. I just hoped they all cherished this day and all the other birthdays to come.

It was around 10 o’clock at night that Heath and my brothers took the kids up to bed. After a tiring day the poor dears were exhausted. I told my loving husband to tuck them in. He nod carrying our daughter to her bed. The precious girl was already asleep mumbling to him ‘ I love you daddy’. She said while snuggling up in his chest. I heard him reply while walking up the stairs ‘ I love you to my beautiful little angel’. I felt a warm feeling hit my heart knowing if anything ever happened to me Karen would be taken care of by the most loving man in the world. The wives and I followed along with Renee and Allison telling our family we were going to bed. The mothers gave us each a hug along with our sisters. Selena although would kiss me on the lips as we always did. She was my lover for years before Jasmine, Diamond, and Hannah. Now I had Jessie Lee, Renee, and Allison. I thought how I only loved a nice hard cock to now loving a nice juicy plump pussy to eat. I giggled inside knowing now I had Selena still plus my wives and girlfriends. Stepping into our bedroom Jasmine tells Allison to go wait in the master bathroom and strip down and get ready. Allison smiles starting to strip on the way.

“ You don’t think she is eager do you?” Renee says getting giggles

“ Just a bit I would say. Can’t wait to see our man’s face when he takes that beautiful cunt of her’s. Damn if I was a guy I would fuck her non stop.” Hannah says getting laughs

“ YOU HAVE FUCKED ME NON STOP BABY!” Allison says loudly from the bathroom getting laughs

“ OH YEAH I HAVE DARLING AND YOU LIKED IT!” Hannah says back getting a giggle

“ So we still doing plan B if our love doesn’t want her to join?” I ask having second doubts at that moment

“ Yep and we all agreed to it so no backing out Tiffy baby.” Jasmine says while Diamond nods

We all stripped out of our clothes taking a partner. I have fancied Jessie for a few reasons I loved her as I did the others, she loved my body being pregnant, and last she loved placing her pussy against mine in doggie style especially after a double ended dildo was inside us oh and I love fisting her as she had a tight little pussy. Once I was naked Jessie smiled seeing me start fondling my breast.

“ You see something you want my darling love?” I asked her as Jessie walk over to me nude

“ Yes my chocolate love your beauty and love. I always want you my brown sugar.” She tells me getting me to blush

Once to me we embrace holding one another. My hands go to her back as Jessie’s go to my ass. I moan feeling her lips on my neck.

“ Jessie baby…oh yesss…take me my darling love.” I say as I start to her my wives moan

Jessie stopped kissing my neck to only look into my eyes.

“ Tell me how you want me to take you my African goddess? What does my beautiful love desire?” She asks me as I look into her eyes

“ Take my ass baby as I haven’t been made love to back there in awhile.” I say as we giggle before she takes my hand leading me to one of two chairs in the room

“ Sit down baby with that sexy ass on the edge. I will go get our strap on and make love to that ass.” Jessie tells me as I do what my sultry biker chick asks of me

As I sit in the chair moving my puckered hole to the end I spread my legs placing my hands under my thighs to spread my ass cheeks, but with my right index finger I start massaging the hole that is about to be made love too. I watch Jessie pull the strap on up her sexy legs. I see Renee lead Hannah to the chair next to me. I smile seeing Hannah get like me.

“ Your ass baby?” I ask seeing her turn to look at me

“ Yep I wanted Renee to make love to it. So I take it Jessie doing the same to that sexy ass my love?” She says asking getting a nod

We watch both our lovers walk over to us grinning. Renee walks to me while Jessie goes to Hannah. Hannah and I look at them confused until Renee places the dildo to my mouth. I turn to see Jessie doing the same to Hannah.

“ Suck my cock baby. Get it wet for Tiffany’s ass.” Jessie says to Hannah as I get the hint now

I turn to Renee opening my mouth. She places the head in my mouth before reaching down to play with my asshole. I feel something wet on her fingers. As I start sucking the plastic dick Renee works the wet lube into my ass. I give out a moan keeping my ass cheeks apart. I work the 7 inch cock into my throat to get it really wet. I love sucking our man’s cock as I cum when I do. Once it’s wet Renee pulls it out of my mouth to take a few steps over in front of Hannah. Jessie does the same to me. Both stroke the dildos rubbing the saliva up and down. It’s at that moment Jessie gets on her knees. I look in her eyes to see deep love feeling her line the dildo to my asshole. As Jessie slowly pushes the head inside my ass she leans forward a little to look into my eyes.

“ Tiffany I love you with all that I am. I love our wives with all I am. I want to ask you something?” She tells me with such sincerity that I nod before hearing her continue “ I know we are married to Heath and each other, but will you be my goddess, my special lover that has a hold of my heart and soul?” She asks with some tears

“ Yes Jessie baby I will be all of that. Give me your love my love.” I answer feeling the dildo go up my ass

“ Same question to you Hannah my love.” Renee says as I turn to see her thrusting into Hannah

“ Yes baby now fuck me. You know I love it rough my beautiful biker bitch.” Hannah say pulling her legs up giving Renee total control

I turn to see Jessie smiling as she reaches down with her right hand. She starts playing with my clit that is throbbing from her thrusting in and out of my ass. I let out a moan moving my legs back giving her the same control as Renee is getting. I look to see Jasmine and Diamond on the bed both spread eagled playing with their selves waiting for our husband. It’s female on female until the door opens. I look to see my love walk in shutting the door. He turns to look at us getting ass fucked then over at the bed.

“ Wow couldn’t wait for me?” He asks getting giggles and moans

“ No baby now get those clothes off and give Diamond and I that cock to suck on.” Jasmine says demanding as I look to see a smile on his face

He does as asked, but after he quickly gets nude. Heath comes over to me passing the bathroom. I see Allison standing in the bathroom rubbing her hairy pussy. He steps to me looking down in my eyes. I smile up at him as Jessie starts getting me to climax. I let go of my left leg before wrapping my left hand around his shaft. I start licking the head in which I get a moan from my man. I slide my mouth over the head twirling my tongue.

“ Oh Tiffany.” He says with love in his eyes

He loves the way I give him head. I stroke him slowly getting him ready for his surprise. I take my mouth off letting him go as my orgasm starts to sneak up on me. Heath goes to Jessie as she fucks my ass. He goes to each of us before going to the bed. He never looked in the bathroom which was a good thing. I see Allison has her panties in her mouth stifling her moans. Once on the bed Heath is laid on his back as Jasmine and Diamond move down to tag team on his beautiful love meat. They get him very much ready before Diamond looks up at him while Jasmine sucks on his balls stroking him while Diamond starts to speak.

“ Baby we have a surprise for you. You know I told you outside that you had seven women that loved you?” She states asking our love

“ Yes, but I only have six Diamond.” He says getting Jazzy to stop

“ Actually you have a seventh baby.” Jazzy says scooting over to the edge with Diamond following her lead

Heath watches in confusion as I reach for Jessie’s arms as my orgasm comes.

“ OH JESSIE….FUCK ME BABY!” I say loudly as Hannah joins me

I squirt my cum on Jessie as she pounds my ass. I love the way she fucks me as I look over to see Allison take Jasmine and Diamond’s hands. They lead her out to the bedroom to show Heath the seventh woman we have accepted. I look over to see our baby with his eyes wide.

“ Allison what…what is going on?” He asks seeing Allison led over to the bed

All three crawl on the bed as both my Latina and milf wife have Allison straddle Heath. He is confused by this new turn of events before Allison speaks up.

“ Well Heath ever since I met you my thoughts have well been a wreck. You showed me that you loved kids by winning Lindsey that stuff kitty. The times we talked on the phone your voice soothed my heart and soul. Heath I never looked at you as a brother, but as a man that could own my heart, body, and soul.” She pauses to let her words sink in before continuing placing her hands on his chest” I love you Heath so much and want to give myself to you as these ladies have. I know it’s crazy, but I can’t help who my heart loves.”

Heath looks up at Allison with a look of conflict. He looks between Jasmine and Diamond who nod as saying “ Accept her baby’. He looks over at us seeing both Renee and Jessie way up in Hannah and I. I give him a nod before baring my ass down on the dildo holding onto Jessie’s arms as she fucks me faster and harder. I am so far in my orgasm that I squirt again on Jessie and the floor. After my orgasm subsides I look over at my love seeing him look intently at Allison.

“ Allison you sure about this?” He asks getting a sincere nod

“ Heath it’s either accept her or you have a cold bed as us wives will divorce you.” Diamond says shocking Heath with plan B

“ Diamond what are you saying?” Heath looks at her with worried eyes as I have Jessie stop

“ You heard me Heath. We took Allison already while you were with Michelle. All of us have made love to her. We have wanted her in our bed and lives as one of us. She doesn’t want any other man to be Lindsey’s father only you. If she brought another man in Lindsey’s life it would only confuse her.” Diamond says laying out the other part of plan B

Jessie has taken the strap on off and was between my legs lapping up my juices as I listened.

“ Heath please make me one of your women. Take me tonight and take what has been yours.” Allison says with a few tears on her face

I watched while cupping my breast to Jessie sucking my clit. Hannah was moaning softly as Renee was tongue fucking her. Heath looked up at Allison before raising up. He wrapped his arms around her only to switch places. She was flat on her back while he was on top. He looked down into her eyes to only lean down to kiss her lips. I watched as Jasmine and Diamond gave a high five to one another before moving to the other side of them. Jasmine laid down on her back while Diamond moved up to straddle Jasmine’s head. Heath kept kissing Allison who reached between them to stroke his sexy cock. I guess she lined him up before he slid into her. Allison arched her back holding on to him. It was at that moment that I witnessed a woman being loved by a man she loved just as we all did. She let out a moan that filled the room while our man gave her his love. I watch as Allison meets his thrust by making love to his cock with her hairy pussy. This night is full of love as each of us make love to the other. I love my our man so much as if it was not for him Karen wouldn’t of been born or the little ones I carry in my belly. As I reach my 3rd orgasm of the night I pull Jessie’s face closer grinding my pussy on her tongue while she looks up at me with loving eyes.

It was at that moment I notice someone come into the room. My heart stooped for a moment as I saw the moms, my mother, and the godmoms standing there in robes. Each one looked at the orgy that was in front of them. They all smiled before slipping their robes off. My eyes went wide as I looked upon my mother’s body. I have seen her a few times, but for some reason gazing upon it right now seemed so erotic.

“ Well ladies who are the lucky ones tonight for us to love up on?” I heard momma Ellie ask before hearing moans from the bed

“ Well Ellie baby I see something I wouldn’t mind nibbling on.” My mother says looking at Hannah, Renee, Jessie, and I

“ Oh my Verna you thinking of crossing that line?” Momma Maggie says as I let out a moan tweaking my nipples

“ Hey you have so what makes the difference, and besides I have been thinking of what my mother did to me one night while Ricky was away on work.” My mother says out loud looking at me

“ Oh what did she do Verna hun?” Momma Tessa asks while eyeing Jasmine and Diamond who was grinding on Jasmine’s face

“ She helped me to bed while I was pregnant to Tiffany. Before I knew what was going on she was naked crawling in bed with me. She….she made love to me saying how much she was proud of me giving her a grand baby. She wanted to express it that night crossing a line that was so loving.” Mom says with a few tears

“ What happened after that honey?” Momma Tessa asks while caressing her right breast

“ My mother helped me until I gave birth, but we never made love again as she wanted just one night with me in a way that she could only express her love in a intimate loving way.” Mom answered rubbing her clit slowly while looking at me

“ Well Verna baby I say you spend the night between your daughter’s legs. Make love to her like your mom did you.” Momma Kiko says making her way to Hannah and Renee before speaking again “ Renee baby spread your ass cheeks I want to play.”

“ Momma Kiko I never.” Renee tries to say before feeling momma Kiko’s hands on her ass

“ Mmmm nice and firm just how I like a sexy ass.” Momma Kiko says before diving her tongue into Renee’s puckered hole

“ Oh god….yesss.” Renee says before going back to munch on Hannah

“ Well Kiko picked her girls for the night. I have those on the bed.” Momma Ellie says before stepping to the foot

“ I’ll join you Ellie hun.” Momma Tessa says going to Jasmine before continuing “ If this little Latina pussy taste anything like her momma I will be in heaven.”

“ Oh I bet it’s just like mine darling, but I want to see if my newest daughter can eat cunt.” Momma Faye says making her way to Allison who is in erotic carnage with Heath

“ Well guess I will take my daughter. Maggie baby care to join me?” My mother says looking between us all

“ Sure baby I have always loved your cunt so might as well. Let’s see if her’s is just as delicious.” Momma Maggie says as the two walk over to Jessie and I

Once over my mother gets on her knees asking Jessie to let her have a moment with me. Jessie smiles nodding before seeing Momma Maggie shove Jessie on the floor. Jessie looks up at Maggie with confusion as Momma Maggie turns to squat down on Jessie face. I see Maggie smile as I look at my mother who has her hands on my thighs.

“ Tiffany I love you baby girl. You have made me so proud of you. Tonight I want to show you how proud. I hope you won’t think badly of me.” My beautiful mother says getting a shake of my head

“ No mom I won’t just give me a second as I have already came 3 times.” I say seeing a look of shock

“ Oh my baby are you too sensitive for mommy?” She asks getting a no

“ No momma just suck on my nipples until my pussy calms down.” I say Dubai Escorts seeing her smile

“ Mmmm are you lactating baby?” She asks as I nod my head

It’s at that moment mother and daughter stay outside the door as two lovers are born. I feel my lovers mouth latch onto my right nipple getting me to moan.

“ Oh mother….make me cum…” I say placing my arms around her with my legs locked around her pulling her closer

She stops sucking on my nipple to only bring her lips up to mine. Like two lovers this kiss is deep and passionate. I open my mouth giving her access. I feel her smile sticking her tongue in my mouth. At that moment I don’t hear no one else just my beautiful mother pleasuring me. She puts her arms around me getting me to raise up in the chair. The kiss is so warm as I reach placing my hands on her ass. She breaks the kiss to move her lips to the left side of my neck.

“ Oh momma….yesss….make love to me….make me your woman.” I say shocking myself

“ Baby you sure as I am new to being with you like this?’ She asks stopping her kisses

I place my hands on each side of her shoulders looking deep in her eyes.
“ Momma you have been with Heath. Maggie has been with him a few times. I know it’s incest when crossing that line, but this family isn’t all that normal. I want to be closer to you as a mother and daughter, but your…your love is like Heath’s I want more, but I will not sleep with dad as Heath is the only man to have me.” I say with a few tears

“ Aww baby I know I have slept with your man, and I don’t want you sleeping with your father as he is mine.” She says looking up in my eyes with a smile as she finishes “ I will make you one of my lovers where is your strap-on’s at.”

“ Mom the baby?” I say making her look down

“ Ok baby I will fuck you later after the baby is born, but right now I want your pussy and lick that asshole.” Mom says to me as I giggle

“ I guess I know where I got my ass fetish at.” I say feeling her hand between my legs

“ Oh you like a woman’s sexy asshole?” She asks getting a moan as I place my head on her left shoulder feeling her gently rub my clit

“ Yesss…” I say before she has me get on the floor on my side

“ Baby I want you to raise your left leg while I eat that sweet pussy. I want you to eat Jessie’s while she eats Maggie’s.” My mother says placing her head between my legs after I raised my leg

This moment was something special as my mother started licking my slit tasting my juices that were flowing out. Jessie was so wet that when my tongue entered her honey canal she came on my face. I lapped up her juices just to start making love to her loving flower. The room was filled with moans and groans. I would ever so often look around. Heath was getting cleaned by momma Ellie as she played with herself. Allison was in a 69 with Faye. Jasmine and Diamond both were between Tessa’s legs. Kiko was 69ing with Hannah as Renee was fucking momma Kiko from behind her. I took another look at the bed to see Momma Ellie straddling Heath while he was sitting on the side of the bed. I watched as she rode Heath seeing her inner lips grasp his shaft. I came hard watching as my mother fingered me fast and hard. I went back to Jessie giving her love that came from my heart.

The rest of the night was just a big orgy with all us women moaning loudly. It was good that the bedroom was soundproof or everyone else would of woke up in the house. By the time it was all said and done Heath had made love or fucked the moms and godmoms. He did my mother while she was eating me out as her tongue was pushed further in as I came harder. I kept him hard as I witnessed his beautiful cock go in and out of her. I smiled while feeling her tongue fuck me. He finished the night with Renee and Jessie. At 5 a.m. I put my robe on as my mother did. I gave my love and wives a passionate kiss before they went to bed. Heath asked me where I was going in a concerned voice. I told him to go spend some time with our mother Verna. He smiled knowing how I felt as he knew i wanted that closeness with my mother that was lost years ago. Walking to my mother I took her right in my left. She looked into my eyes.

“ I love you so much Tiffany.” My loving mother tells me

“ I love you to momma. Now let’s go spend some time on the beach before everyone wakes up.” I exclaim seeing her smile

We made our way out of the bedroom giving my man and wives a chance to sleep. The other mothers were already in their rooms. Mom made us some tea when we reached the kitchen. We held hands as she helped me down to the beach. It was just getting light out. Even in robes we sat on the beach with my mom sitting behind me. We sipped on our tea before she spoke up.

“ Tiffany are…are you sure you want to take our relationship a step further?” She asks as I turn my head looking in her eyes

“ Momma I love you so much. You have given me so much as a little girl and you were there when Karen was born. I want that closeness I lost years ago when I messed up.” I say with tears in my eyes

“ Awww Tiffy have I been that distant all these years?” She asks with a look of worry

“ No momma, well maybe some. I know being with you like we were last night isn’t the way to get that closeness, but I…I want it. Mom you made sweet love to me when I never thought you would. I know things will be different and I don’t care. I want you in this way now.” I say seeing her tears in the fading moonlight

“ Honey I wouldn’t want anything more. I think what your grandmother did to me before you were born was her way of asking me, but I never got to be with her again like that. I so miss her Tiffy she loved me and you with all her heart.” My mother says with tears showing more

“ Momma I am sure she knew how much you loved her. I am sure grandma always will.” I say turning to hold her

“ She did baby as I was the only one she deeply loved in that way. She loved you so much too.” Momma says to me as her arms wrap around me tight

“ You think if she was still alive that maybe.” I say trailing off as she giggles

“ That maybe you, her, and I would be lovers?” She asks getting a nod before continuing “ Well maybe she did have a wicked tongue licking my pussy. So did you like how I made you orgasm?”

“ Oh god mom did I. Damn I am still very wet down in my pussy.” I answer as we both laugh

“ Well baby once you give birth I will teach you a few things. We will have a daughter and mother night at a hotel and make love all day and night.” Momma says as I feel myself get aroused

“ Mmmm I would love that momma. So do you like my trimmed pussy?” I ask getting a giggle

“ Actually baby I hope you let it grow a bit more as I love hairy pussy. Why do you think I let mine grow and your godmoms let theirs.” She answers as I smile

“ Mmm ok momma I will let it grow. I think Heath likes it hairy anyway. Only reason I had Diamond trim is was because my belly is big, and I didn’t like it smelling when one of the girls or Heath went down on me.” I exclaim getting a smile

“ Well baby If we wouldn’t get caught I would tribb with you right her and now, but I don’t want the kids or the family to know of us.” Momma says getting a nod

“ Yeah that would be hard to explain especially to daddy.” I say getting a giggle before I continue “ What is so funny mom?”

“ Honey your father knows about what your grandmother did to me as I don’t hide anything from him. He knows about Heath also, and….and that I have had this deep wanting for you. He said don’t push you into anything of a loving nature. You father knows I have wanted you like this, but he said to never let him catch us in the act. He is ok with it though as his words were and I quote ‘ If I walk in on you both I will not know if I should run or join in’.” She tells me as I go wide eyed

“ Oh my yeah lets not get caught by dad. I don’t want him to think of me in that way.” I say as we cuddle

“ Tiffy I love very few people like this your godmoms, mothers, Heath, and now you. I don’t think it will ever change. Now lets sip on our tea and watch the sunrise later I will come to you if the others don’t mind and we can sleep together like when you were my little girl.” Mom say before we look into each other’s eyes then kiss passionately

After that kiss we watched the sun rise as my mother held me. It was a beautiful thing as my heart felt so warm. I couldn’t help smiling as I can to spread my legs to get some air since I was so wet down there. My beautiful mother and I watched the sun come up. We didn’t care who saw us as they would see a mother and daughter watching a sunrise for the first time together. This beach held a magic that no one knew as it brought a family together once again to a man that was worth all the wait. After my mother helped me up she wrapped her arms around me once more. Looking into each other’s eyes she spoke with a cracking voice with tears slowly going down her beautiful face.

“ I love you baby with all my heart.” She says while I place my head on her breast

“ I love you just as much momma never leave me.” I say with my own tears falling

“ Never baby girl I will always be here for you and our family.” She says before we kiss one more time

Later that day we did fall asleep around one in the afternoon. We slept nude with a sheet covering us. She spooned up behind me rubbing my belly. I slept that day knowing my mother would always love me with her loving embrace.

Mike’s POV:

It’s four days before April Fools’s day being Friday as I sit in the chair that is not far from the front door. Ellie is in my lap cuddling up to me. She has always been a loving woman. Ever since she has been showing our godson love our sex life has gone to a different most intense level. I smile knowing she only sleeps with Heath and no one else except my sisters. I take it as a compliment that a young man like Heath can see Ellie as a beautiful woman. While holding her I look over to see Heath holding Allison. It was a touchy situation for a few days between Adam and Heath, but Allison stood up for Heath telling Adam that she deeply loved our godson. Adam listened to her intently before accepting that his big brother was with his twin. I always smiled now seeing them talk. Michelle even accepted Allison with her brother saying that he was a loving man to be with. I didn’t understand why she said those words, but accepted that she meant because he had a big heart.

It was around 11 o’clock in the morning when there came a knock at the front door. Heath looked at us all while I had Ellie stand up so I could see who it was. Ellie gave me a kiss before I did getting awws from everyone.

“ Get a room papa Mike and Momma Ellie.” Jack stated before I heard two smacks

Breaking the kiss Ellie and I see Jack rubbing the back of his head.

“ We do have a room honey.” Ellie says as I spank her sexy ass going for the door

I hear laughter as I look out the peephole. I go wide eyed as it’s a old face I have not seen for almost a year. I open the door before addressing the man.

“ Trevor what are you doing here?” I ask seeing his eyes go wide

“ Mike what….what are you? Wait is this Heath Thompson’s residence?” He asks getting a nod before he continues “ Thank god I need his help.”

“ Wait what’s going on Trevor?” I ask seeing such worry in his eyes

“ It’s the company Mike. We need help getting it back to the way it was before it was bought out.” He tells me as I shake my head

“ That bad my old friend?” I ask seeing him nod

“ Yes Mike we’re close to going under in a month or two.” He says as I feel goosbumps up my back

“ Come in we will see what we can do to change that.” I say welcoming my ex VP inside

Once I shut the door I lead Trevor into the living room. I introduce everyone to Trevor Stanson. He is 50, 6‘1, 212 lbs built for his age, short blonde hair and blue eyes. Ricky and Nate notice him coming over to shake his hand before asking their old friend what’s wrong. Trevor looks at everyone then back at us three. He turns to Heath who is now looking at him curiously.

“ Heath may we talk in private. It’s about your father’s and godfather’s old company.” Trevor asks before Heath looks at everyone

“ Adam. Michelle, Chris, and Selena can you take the kids out for about a hour?” He asks getting nods

“ Sure bro no problem.” Adam says as I see my son nod

“ Come on you little varmits we’ll go to the park.” Chris says with a smile

“ Awww we never get to know adult business.” My grandson says with a frown

“ I am sure you will find out later baby boy, but for now let’s go.” Selena says as all the kids get up from the floor running to the door

Heath has Trevor take a seat while Ellie and the ladies go get drinks. Allison doesn’t really move except trades sides so Heath can look at Trevor who sits where Adam did on the end of the couch. As drinks are brought which are water, soda, or coffee. Trevor accepts a water taking a drink before Heath starts to speak as Adam and them step out shutting the front door.

“ So what is going on with my father’s old company?” Heath asks very concerned before Trevor starts in

Trevor starts feeling us in to what is going on. He says since the owner hasn’t been around the company has gone down hill. Employees have dwindled only leaving a handful in certain areas in the company. The board of directors are debating on shutting down. I look to see Heath taking in Trevor’s words slowly sipping on his coffee. Once Trevor is done Heath looks over at me.

“ So what do you think papa Mike?” He asks while I think for a moment

“ Well son the only thing I can say is if you want your father’s dream to survive then buy it back. Ricky, Nate, and I could go get things back on path.” I say getting eyes from my daughters

“ But the babies papa Mike. They are going to be born next month.” Tiffany tells me with a sad tone

“ Oh honey we will be back for that don’t worry.” Ricky speaks up going to his daughter

“ You better be back for our daughters are giving birth in the middle of April.” Verna says getting nods

“ They will be Momma Verna as I have a idea.” Heath says with a grin

“ So…so your going to help Heath?” Trevor asks getting a smile

“ Yes as I don’t want what my father started to be destroyed. My godfathers are the best and know more about the company then anyone besides you. Yes Trevor I know who you are. You started in the mail room and worked up to sales then after my father died you took Mike’s spot as V.P. when he went to CEO. I read up on those that were trustworthy employees. I will set aside around 40 million for the company to get back on track. I will also buy a private plane for the company, but also for my family. That way my godfathers can have their own way back and forth.” Heath says getting smiles from all the women

“ Oh Heath that sounds like a wonderful idea my lad.” Trevor says with some relief

We talk a little longer before Heath invites Trevor to stay the night saying he would have everything set up for in the morning. I notice Ricky and Nate smiling. Truth be told we were getting antsy not having something to do as work was our lives. Our wives look at us with some worry until I whisper my thoughts in Ellie’s ear which makes her look from me to Heath then back to me asking if I was sure. I tell her some more of my thoughts as my beautiful wife unnoticiable moves her hand into the crotch of my jeans feeling my manhood unnoticed. She smiles knowing that I find her being with Heath while I am gone arousing.

That day we start packing, making calls to a few board members in Heath favor. They are on board to make Greg’s dream come back to life. I call the lawyers Greg had as they start with paper work that I will be signing. Heath kept up with his side buying a private jet, and setting aside the funds to buy back his father’s company. Heath called Ricky, Nate, Trevor, and I for a meeting outside. He stated what he wanted done. He said whatever the company name was he wanted it gone from the building and whatever stationary it was printed upon. Trevor took some notes which was his habit.

“ What do you want the company called then?” Trevor asks while we each saw Heath thinking on the matter

As he thought Heath turned to look passed the open gate at the ocean. I felt a warm feeling at that moment then a hand on my shoulder. I turned and with wide eyes I saw a faded old friend. It was Greg with a smile as he made his way to Heath. I looked to see if Ricky and Nate saw Greg, but they didn’t. He stepped up next to Heath to whisper something up in his son’s ear. It was when he faded that was when Heath turned with a smile to us.

“ Thompson Family LLC. all employees that are devoted get a 5% raise. Have a place that families can drop their kids off for the day.” He says getting smiles

I looked past Heath to see Greg on the beach waving before he walked to the ocean fading away. I felt a single tear fall seeing my best friend again helping his youngest son. Ricky and Nate told Heath that was a great name and idea. We made our way back in to spend the rest of the day with family as my brothers and I had a lot to do in the next several weeks. During dinner Travis and Michelle announced they were coming with us as they wanted to get all their stuff, and Maggie’s from the old house. Adam was going along with Travis and Michelle to help. Heath said that was fine that by the time they got to San Francisco they would have a rental to drive as Ricky, Nate, and I would have one also. That night Ellie and I made love for three hours straight. She wanted me to remember why we got married and for me to know what will be waiting for me when I got home. Before we went to sleep holding one another Ellie looks into my eyes.

“ Mike you be safe while your gone, and don’t put this nice cock in anyone’s pussy.” She tells me with a giggle

“ I will be just fine darlin, and you know my manhood is only for you.” I say with a chuckle

“ I love you baby so very much.” She tells me snuggling up to me

“ I love you my Ellie love.” I say pulling her closer to me

My eyes close for the night hoping the next few weeks go by smoothly.

To Be Continued……A company get’s saved, A April Fools joke doesn’t go as planned

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