A Familiar StrangerA Familiar Stranger

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His voice was alluring. A deep purr that drew you in when you heard it, but there was something else to it. Past the feelings of trust, security and warmth, there was something far more sinister, maybe even primal. It screamed predator. My fight or flight sense was kicking into overdrive as I craned my neck to look up at his wide striking hazel eyes. “Are you ready?” I was snapped back to reality with just those three words, and when I looked down, there was his outstretched hand.

Don’t do it. You’re only going to get hurt! No WAY! DO IT! You only live once, besides he’s smoking hot!

My mind was waging war, a war I was unsure whose side was going to win until I realized this stranger of a man was already pulling me by the hand, out of the semi-packed bar. When I looked back towards my friends, they were waving me off eagerly, one of them giving me the thumbs up. It was then I realized I had become his prey.

The first gulp of fresh air burned my lungs as we moved quickly, walking until we wound up in a dark back alley around the corner. He stopped. He turned around. He was looking right at me. His gaze was hypnotizing, piercing and I felt myself melt as I looked into them, my own reflection looking back at me from the beautiful orbs. My inner thighs were trembling, quivering with the need to be touched, kissed, and spread. He came towards me.

RUN he could be dangerous!

I didn’t run. The once opposing sides of my brain were now agreeing rapidly, but I was frozen to the spot.

A hand reached out, his thumb and forefinger taking my chin between them before he tilted my head back so he could really gaze into my deep chocolate brown eyes. “Mon cher, you are so beautiful.” His voice was thickened with a momentary French accent and I could feel the chill run down my vertebra. When his minted breath skimmed across my lips I found myself lured and captured in the trap he had set. His hands cupped my neck, and before I could think to say thank you to the compliment he had provided me, his mouth had taken me, hostage.

His tongue came forward, licking over the protrusion of my bottom lip, relenting only to lower his mouth and kiss at my collarbone. My bare shoulder became a kissable canvas for him to adore with soft licks and kisses, the occasional bites causing his mouth and tongue to become the brush that painted the soft purple marks on my pale skin. I had realized just how hungry I was for him until his hands slid up the back of my skirt, feeling for the lace thong that I had chosen to wear that night out. I could feel his fingers scrape against my skin, his thumbs digging into the waistband before he drug them slowly down my hips, over the plump cheeks of my ass and down my thighs. He pulled away from the marking of my skin just long enough to hold them so I could step out of them, his hand bringing up the soaked fabric for a deep inhale of my nectar.

A groan rumbled in his chest that sounded comparable to thunder as his tongue came out to lick through the creamy residue on the fabric and he smirked at me. He tucked the panties into his pocket, a souvenir to remember and reflect on later, and he came back to me.

He wrapped his arms around my waist, he lifted me in the air getting my legs to wrap around his hips and my arms around his neck. The cold, tough texture of the brick behind me, scraped against my shoulder and back. Again he captured me into a kiss, devouring me to my soul as his tongue slid over my lips, teeth, tongue, https://bursali.org just tasting me as if the kiss would let him taste just how ready I was for him.

The clink of metal echoed in my ear, followed by the soft scrape of a zipper being undone. Warm, hard, flesh pressed between my folds, a thick cock ready to sink inside me and I felt a trickle of my own excitement leave my already creamy hole and move down, just to drip onto his cockhead.

He smirked against my lips, heated breath skimming against me, and I knew it was time. As he pulled from the kiss, he looked down at me, so he could watch my face. His hips pressed forward, pushing the thickened tool with an eager pressure. Press after press caused the tiny hole of my slit to finally widen enough so that with a sharp – POP! – his cocks head pushed into my cunt. Slowly his hips pushed forward, stretching apart the velvet heat of my walls so that his engorged cock could sink in deeper and deeper.

He hit the gold mine – the hard yet pliable wall of my cervix. I purred for this, urged this contact and he growled at my response.

The moment his entire cock had settled inside of me was enough for my first orgasm to roll through my body, soaking his cock entirely with creamy juice. This made it even easier for his cock to penetrate me, his hips pulling back only to press back in with a heated rhythm. His heavy breaths turned into groans as he began to buck against me. Each thrust caused my back and shoulders to scrape along the brick wall, and I knew that I’d have marks there for days to remind me of this night.

His hands moved from my waist to my hips, grasping the wide handles of my body to allow his own to move faster, deeper, more! With my body suddenly pinned between him and the wall, my hips wriggled, squirmed, desperately trying to urge his body to continue taking me. My orgasms kept coming at a steady pace, my walls grasping around him tightly each one causing myself to only grow tighter around him.

I could feel his cock thicken, his mouth was salivating against my own, our drool smearing together on our faces, escaping our lips. Every time he pulled back, a thin strand would connect our lips to which he’d lick off. He dipped his mouth, forcing my head to tilt to the side as he bit me harder, the once small marks becoming bigger and more sensitive. My arms around his neck moved, my hands sliding to his broad muscular shoulders where my fingers curled, my nails pressed down biting through the cloth to his skin.

Mine! Mine! Be MINE!

One arm wrapped around my waist, his fingers gripping my left side as the other hand slammed against the brick wall. He was practically screaming in my ear at this point, his moans escalating into a primal snarl, “Fuck your cunt feels so good, milking my cock like this, I knew I picked a good one.” He laughed, he bit my shoulder and then I felt his cock snap straight inside me. It thickened as it filled, the cum vein on the underside becoming bloated, and his hips thrust even faster at a pace I didn’t even know was possible. SLAM! His last thrust pinned his entire body against my own, and my orgasm slammed into me faster than heroin hits a bloodstream – the effects practically the same. Shot after shot of his seed erupted in the depths of my cunt, pooling in my inner back walls being sucked into my womb with the steady pulse of my walls.

Blinding white light surged in my head, my mouth clamping down on his shoulder, bursa escort kız biting to suppress my screams as they rang out. We came down together, his body still pinned to mine and slowly he lowered his hand off the wall, and with a laugh, he pulled his body back to look down at me, his hand clasping around my throat. “I’m not done with you yet, you’re going to take another load inside this slutty little fuck-hole.”

I couldn’t help but groan, my eyes rolling back in my head at his words. Dirty talk made my entire being just melt, and I throbbed around him, milking his cock again. His hand around my throat squeezed for a moment, cutting off all breath from my lungs for just a few seconds before he released my throat, his arms wrapping around me to carry me – still impaled on his cock. “My dirty fuck-slut, I’m going to wreck you.”

A car was parked in the alleyway and he carried me over to it, dropping me onto it. My body jerked and I yelped, the metal was severely cold to the slight abrasions on my back and I squirmed whimpering my protest, but he would have none of it. A hand reached into his pocket, grabbing my panties and shoving them – crotch side down – into my mouth. “Shut the fuck up you little whore, I don’t want to hear another word out of you understand me?” His hazel eyes had turned brown, a deeper color and it was almost as if he had changed personalities.

Quickly I nodded, mumbling a ‘yes’ into the panties. He grinned, his palm coming up to tap against my cheek before – SMACK! His hand cracked against my skin, my head turning to the side and my cunt spasmed – fuck it was hot. He grabbed my face between his fingers, jerking my head to look up at him and he hissed, “You will behave little girl, and as long as you obey me tonight – I’ll fuck you till I take you higher than you’ve ever been before. Got it?” His smile was a snarl, and I nodded at him quickly.

My heart was pounding in my chest, adrenaline pouring through my veins and my mind cursed me.

You fuckin’ idiot! You should have ran! Look at you now! Face slapped, probably red, marks on your neck and panties in your mouth – he’s making you look like a cheap whore!

He was. It was true. But I wanted it, I craved it, I NEEDED it. I needed to have a man take control of my body, and god how lucky was I, that I found one in a bar like that? My back arched, my hands rose above my head as if they were bound to the car, and he knew I wouldn’t move. “What a good little slut you are.” With a bark of a laugh, he pulled back from my body, his hands sliding down my legs till be grasped my ankles. Up, up, up. He pulled them up until they rested on his left shoulder, one arm wrapping around just under my knees, the other around my upper thigh.


The metal of his belt buckle scraped against the car with his sudden, yet rapid thrusts into me. His fingers gripped into my skin as his short nails dug into my flesh, giving him something to lean and brace on so he could speed up even faster. My head tossed back onto the car, brown curls pooling under my head and my eyes were squeezed shut as I screamed into the panties in my mouth. Side to side my head thrashed, and my hips bucked back against him the best they could.

“Look at you, you little fucking slut. Trying to fuck my thick cock. Is it not deep enough?!” One the word deep, his hips pressed forward, his arms pulled back and he was balls deep inside my cunt, buried to the bursa anal yapan escort hilt. I tensed, my walls clamped down, and I came for him – a fresh layer of my cream coating his entire length. With his deep thrusts, his cock head thrust into the pools of cum in my back walls, pushing his seed down his length to mix with my cream, little bits of the juices frothing where our sexes met.

The hand at the top of my thighs moved down to the plump lips of my sex, fingers dragging so slowly against my skin as his nails created a little trail. One single finger slipped between my closed thighs, slipping easily between my soaked lips and landing on my sensitive, swollen pearl. My hips jumped immediately, raising my body off of the hood of the car and he grinned wickedly down at me. “Oh my, my little girl – this must feel good to you hmm? I can feel your clit throb under my fingertip baby, did I do this to you? Drive you this far?” He hissed as my cunt clenched tighter around him, “Oooh, a good slut knows how to milk a cock with her walls and baby, your cunts so tight. Good girl, my good, good girl. Now, let’s get these panties out of your mouth, I’m ready to cum, and I want you to scream for me.”

Slowly, he withdrew his fingers from between my lips, dragging the sticky digit along my skin, between my breasts, up my throat and jaw and hooking into my mouth – and the fabric. He tugged it away, leaving my mouth feeling raw and dry, but my screams of pleasure were bursting forward in a volume I couldn’t possibly have known I was capable of reaching. “FUCK! FUCK! Please, please fuck my tiny little cunt! God, your cock feels so good inside me, please fuck me harder!” No longer kept dry by the panties, my mouth began to drool once more, soft slurps from my lips echoing as I tried to keep the amount under control.

He was turning me into a cock addicted whore. HIS cock addicted whore.

He snarled at me, his fingers reaching into my mouth, onto my tongue before turning and hooking in my cheek. The pressure and pull down caused drool to spill over the side and down my face and I squeezed him once more with my walls. This was it, I knew it was coming. I could feel it as his swollen balls slapped at the underside of my ass. I panted heavily, whimpering for him, “Cum for me, please, I need to feel your cock pulsate inside me and spill your seed into me. Please!” I was begging him as if my life was depending on it as if this moment determined my value.

He snerked, pulling his hand from my mouth and once again, he grasped my legs tightly in a bear hug. THWACKTHWACKTHWACK. Rapid thrusts echoed in the air as he snarled and growled. His head tossed backward and a roar erupted from his chest as his balls tensed and his cock exploded inside of me. We came together, the world-shattering to pieces like fragile glass around us. He had leaned forward, pushing my legs back towards my head, one hand pressing itself to the car to hold him up even more. Stream after stream of cum released itself into a flooding mess. Frothy juices spilled from around his cock, my cunts tightness forcing it out even more.

Pat pat pat. His hips were slowing down, our minds were de-fogging and slowly, he released his tight grip on my legs allowing them to slide down to his sides, resting gently on his hips. His head landed on my chest as he fell forward listening to my heartbeat, and I tilted my head down to kiss his temple. “”I love pretending to not know you…But you’re mine, do you understand little girl?” His head tilted up, his eyes closed except for one that stared at me. I laughed, nodding as I leaned my head back on the car looking up at the sky. My hands had come down, unhindered from the invisible binding. “Yes. I deeply understand.” He nodded, “Good. I love you.” “I love you too.”

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