A Deviant Desire Ch. 02A Deviant Desire Ch. 02


All I really wanted was to fuck my nineteen year old son. Once that decision was made in my mind, and Tommy proved a more than willing partner, it was a quick transition to hardly being able to keep our hands off each other. At forty-one, it was incredibly satisfying to have a young, athletic man find me attractive enough to have sex whenever and wherever we could.

The day I so rudely interrupted Tommy’s encounter with my best friend Bridgett in her barn would have been a stumbling block under ordinary circumstances. But luckily for Bridgett, I found the thirty-nine year old woman almost as good-looking as Tommy did. The ensuing threesome opened the door to experiences none of us could have imagined.

I suppose all three of us came away from the barn incident more than a little bewildered. Tommy had obviously already been having some type of an affair with Bridgett and God only knows what they had done prior to my finding her giving him a blowjob. Now he found himself having me AND my beautiful best friend available to him.

Bridgett had to be dazed when she heard that Tommy and I routinely had sex. I’m thinking Tommy hadn’t bothered to tell her.

As for me, I felt betrayed by my son a little, but came to understand that a good looking nineteen year old kid is going to find sex whenever he can. I wished it had been somebody besides Bridgett. As it ended up, even that was a good thing.

It was a good thing because Bridgett had an eighteen year old daughter named Kate. She wasn’t involved in the original tryst, thank God. It was difficult enough for Bridgett without dragging her luscious little blonde daughter into the picture. At least, not at that early stage.

Everybody thought Tommy and Kate would hook up at some point since we were all friends and neighbors and stuff, but just their one year age difference meant they hung out with different people at school and went different places. When their paths did cross, they seemed to enjoy each other but it never went beyond that.

Then the barn thing happened. That was followed by a second rendezvous a couple weeks later at my house in which Tommy ended up fucking both of us and Bridgett and I having a prolonged session ending with Tommy masturbating and cumming one final time onto our tits.

By the third meeting, Bridgett was beyond being surprised and was ready for anything.

Enter Katie.

It was mid-summer and uncommonly hot. Bridgett’s property was several acres in size and had a well-wooded corner that concealed a lake hardly anybody outside of Bridgett’s group of friends knew about. Her husband, an IBM executive, was in Europe more than the US and he was gone the week Bridgett invited Tommy and I down for an afternoon swim.

I had Tommy as hard as a rock in the car long before we pulled into Bridgett’s driveway. I laughed when he had to hesitate before getting out, knowing what the tent in front of his swimming trunks would look like. Even then, he held his towel strategically in front of him as we walked around to the back door.

“Have you seen her in a swimsuit?” I asked him, referring to Bridgett.

He shook his head. “Not yet.”

“Will you ever look at me again after you do?”

He smiled. “Of course. You look awesome yourself.”

He nodded towards the two piece suit I had on under my sheer covering. He had stared long and hard at my cleavage while I fondled his cock in the car and I knew the suit highlighted my ass just right. Hopefully, the suit wouldn’t be on long enough to worry about.

Bridgett answered the knock on her door and let us in with an unusually wide grin. She wore a robe-like cover that hung open the entire length and revealed a simple black bikini that looked stunning on her ample breasts and teen-like hips. Bridgett was small in stature, but possessed a body with that perfect blend of adult and child that drives men crazy.

She led us into the family room and it was there that we got the first of many surprises that day. Katie was stretched out on the couch in a tight tank top and even tighter shorts. When she turned onto her side to say ‘Hi’ I thought Tommy would have to use his towel again. Katie seemed to ooze sensuality in every movement and in every word she spoke.

“Get up, or move over,” Bridgett said to her daughter in her best motherly voice.

I took a seat next to Katie, thus allowing Tommy to sink into a large chair by himself. As much as the kids tried to hide it, they spent a considerable amount of time looking each other over.

“I hope you don’t mind if Katie comes along,” Bridgett announced matter-of-factly.

I was shocked. There couldn’t have been any misunderstanding on Bridgett’s part about what would likely happen at the lake. This put a constraint on the day that neither Tommy nor I expected.

“Well, um, not at all,” I stammered. “Of course she can come. It’ll be great.”

I couldn’t tell from the look on Tommy’s face how he took the news. It was both good and bad news for him. Katie just smiled at me and looked erotik hikayeler gorgeous.

“Thanks,” she said. “It’s, like, way too hot to be in here.”

“So I bet you have some sexy little suit to wear,” I said to her.

She shrugged. “I swim naked in the lake.”

I stifled a chuckle and replied, “Oh, well, don’t let us stop you, then.”

“I won’t,” she said with self-assurance.

Bridgett stood up. “Let me get the drinks and snacks and we’ll head for the lake, OK?”

Tommy and I agreed and in a matter of minutes the four of us were going down the dirt path towards the woods. I walked with Bridgett a little behind the kids.

“Did you know Kate was coming?” I asked her Mom.

Bridgett smiled. “Of course. I wanted her to.”

We walked a few seconds before I said, “Why? I thought you wanted it to be just us again?”

It was another several seconds before Bridgett replied, “It’s your fault, you know.”


“Sure. When I found out what you and Tommy were doing, and then you taught me what it was like being with another woman, I wondered what Kate would think if maybe, you know,….”

I laughed out loud. “Bridgett! You mean you and Kate have….”

“Not yet,” Bridgett quickly responded. “I was with her the other evening in the house and was just holding her and, you know, we started playing around. Nothing sexual, of course. We were just…playing…and one thing led to another, kind of, and, well, she asked me if I thought she was pretty. I said ‘Yes’ and she said ‘You are, too’ and, um, we kissed. But not like before. It was…special. I think we were both thinking the same thing. Then the next day Katie said, uh, not in these exact words, but she said something like, ‘I’d like to try it’ and I figured today might be a good time.”

I said, “Does she know about me and Tommy?”

Bridgett winced and replied, “Well, um, yeah. I thought maybe it would help her if she knew.”

I giggled and told her, “Hell, Bridgett, you expect an eighteen year old girl to experiment with her Mom for the first time in front of two friends, including a nineteen year old guy she’s known forever?”

Bridgett motioned to the kids well ahead of us. “She’s coming with us, isn’t she?”

I mumbled ‘Jesus’ to myself in disbelief…and delight.

We got to the lake without much further discussion. Maybe I was too stunned to talk. Tommy and Kate had thrown down their towels and Tommy was already diving into the water when I looked over at Kate. As promised, she was pulling her top over her head. Almost before it hit the ground she was stepping out of her shorts and standing on the edge of the lake naked. She immediately dove in, but my brief view of her confirmed my belief that she had a near-perfect body.

I wondered what Bridgett had to be thinking. Would she even go through with it in front of me and Tommy? I decided it was up to me to help make this happen. I put my stuff on the grass and, wearing only my swim suit, stepped into the warm water. Bridgett was only a few steps behind me.

Tommy and Kate were treading neck deep in water next to each other when I dove in and swam towards them. When I stopped, Bridgett had caught up. The water was probably a foot deeper than what I could stand in and realized that Tommy could probably stand in place if we moved just a few feet over. I took him by the hand and found such a spot while Bridgett and Kate drifted in the opposite direction.

I put my head next to his and whispered, “Just do what I say, please, and don’t be surprised at anything that happens. OK?”

He nodded.

“Hold me. Closer.”

Tommy put his arms around me and we hugged. I could feel the beginning of his erection already. I leaned up and began to kiss him. When I normally would have stopped, I intentionally increased the intensity of the kiss and rubbed my body against his.

“Put your hand on my tit,” I said softly during a short break.

I could see Kate and Bridgett, standing very close together, watching with interest. I knew that they saw Tommy’s hand touch my tit just below water level. He instinctively clutched at my top and caressed my tit with ever-increasing vigor. Kate and Bridgett were close enough together now to feel their bodies touch under the water. I watched Bridgett turn her daughter around until they faced each other.

After a short pause, they kissed. I told Tommy to look and my hand went to his cock. Instantly, he was hard even though I was holding him through his trunks.

Bridgett appeared to be using both hands to explore her daughter’s body as they kissed. Kate showed no signs of balking. This might work after all, I thought.

“Take off my top,” I whispered.

Tommy eagerly untied the top. I let out a very realistic sounding squeal of surprise to get the other women’s attention. Tommy spun the top over his head and tossed it aside so that it floated a few feet away. When I threatened to get it, he pulled me to him, bent me backwards a little, and leaned down to suck on one of my tits.

The first chance I had to look over at Kate and Bridgett made my heart pound. Bridgett was also leaning over Kate, sucking on one of her nice, firm tits. Finally, I decided, they would figure things out on their own and Tommy and I could do our own thing.

But as soon as Tommy saw what was going on with Kate and Bridgett, I couldn’t get his attention back. So I moved behind him, put my hand inside his trunks, and we watched together.

Kate certainly appeared to be enjoying the interest her mother was showing in her tits. She let Bridgett lick and suck each one as they stood in waist deep water. Tommy’s cock was huge and I relieved him a little by pushing down his trunks. He finished by taking them off and holding them while I continued to stroke his cock under the water.

We saw Kate reach behind her Mom and untie the tiny top that concealed Bridgett’s tits. Soon, it was discarded and Kate returned the favor of sending chills through Bridgett’s body with each light gnawing of the nipples. Tommy and I both wished we could see Bridgett’s hands. Her arms were extended straight towards Kate’s pussy and ass, but were out of sight, unfortunately.

“How far do you think they’ll go?” Tommy asked quietly.

“I have reason to believe it won’t stop soon.”

He nodded in understanding. I was glad he didn’t force me to disclose what I already knew from Bridgett.

I said, “If you don’t want to do anything in front of them I’ll….”

“Hell, no. I’m going to have to fuck somebody soon if they keep this up,” he insisted.

I smiled and squeezed him just a little tighter.

Then Bridgett and Kate were walking toward the grassy shore of the small lake. We laughed as Kate ripped off her mother’s bikini bottom before getting out of the water. There was little doubt, now, what they had in mind.

They sat down together but it was Kate that promptly took control. She forced Bridgett onto her back and flung her arm across her mother’s stomach. Kate leaned down and placed her lips lightly onto Bridgett’s. As the kiss wore on, Kate’s arm rose higher and higher until her hand was cupping Bridgett’s tit.

That breaking of the ice, so to speak, could only lead to bigger and better things, I thought to myself while fondling Tommy. We didn’t have to wait long. Kate moved down and she licked and kissed all around her Mom’s other breast. It may have taken her a moment to get up the courage, but finally she put the nipple in her mouth and began a more spirited assault on the tit.

Bridgett reached for one of Kate’s tits and massaged it while her daughter switched from side to side, sucking on each breast until we heard her moan even as far away as we were.

“Damn, I can’t do this much longer,” Tommy warned me. Indeed, his cock was like a log in my palm.

“OK, we better slow down,” I told him. “Get behind me for a minute before we go onto the shore.”

Once he was in place and I felt his cock against my ass, I asked him to play with my tits and pussy. I wanted to be as horny as he was when we finally got out of the water.

Just then, Kate was moving between her mother’s outstretched legs.

“I can’t believe it,” Tommy sighed.

“Don’t you dare stop rubbing my clit.”

“Don’t worry.”

Kate’s face was buried in Bridgett’s pussy and her hands were reaching up for her tits. That’s when Tommy and I had to begin our walk out of the lake and into our own encounter.

As we passed by Bridgett and Kate, we saw Kate’s tongue working feverishly on her mother’s clit. Bridgett was clutching at the grass, her body squirming from the delight of the teenage girl’s mouth. From time to time, Kate’s tongue slid deep inside Bridgett’s pussy before re-emerging and resuming its attack on the clit. Then Kate’s entire mouth enveloped the clit and Bridgett cried out.

“Oh, Kate! Yes! Yes! Right there!”

Kate was pulling on Bridgett’s nipples and then seizing the tits in her hands from her mounting lust. All I could think of was that for a girl that wanted to ‘Try it’, she seemed awfully good at it. I would have been very jealous if I hadn’t had Tommy ready to fill any need I had.

So I turned to him and said, “Get behind me again. This way we can both watch.”

I got on my hands and knees. Tommy didn’t need any further instructions. I spread my legs and he put his cock at the entrance to my pussy.

Kate was lifting her Mom by the ass and sucking on the clit like never before. Bridgett was begging, “Yes, Kate. Harder. Harder! I’m close! Oh God, don’t stop!”

I nearly screamed myself when Tommy thrust his cock deep inside me. I steadied myself with my hands and let him fuck me with a force I’d never felt before.

Bridgett cried, “Now! Now! I’m cumming. Oh, Kate…ahhhhh!”

We watched Bridgett’s body writhe in every conceivable direction as she came. Kate did a great job keeping in contact with the clit and drove her mother into what seemed like an endless series of orgasms. I wondered what Tommy was watching the most: Bridgett’s nude body in the throes of an orgasm, or Kate’s fantastic tits and ass while she ate Bridgett like a veteran. Based on the energy of his fucking, it might have been both.

When Bridgett begged Kate to stop, we watched as the daughter rose to her feet, turned to face us, and then straddled Bridgett’s face. Bridgett eagerly took her daughter by the waist and led her down onto her mouth. The smile on Kate’s face was priceless and she looked like the cutest, sexiest woman I’d ever seen. I dreamed of the day I could have her to myself.

The smile turned to expressions of pure lust as her mother’s tongue and lips brought her closer to a climax. Meanwhile, Tommy’s cock in my pussy and his fingers on my clit did the same for me.

I warned him of my pending orgasm and I heard him mumble something about his own. I tilted my head back, groaned loudly, and began to cum. Immediately, I felt his warm juices filling my pussy. Together we came in noisy exclamations of pleasure with Kate looking on in delight.

Only after Tommy had pulled out his semi-erect cock did Kate allow herself to climax. Her shrill voice echoed in the trees when she came and Bridgett fucked her with her tongue long after it seemed Kate was done, only to have another orgasm rush over her.

In the end, four very spent bodies were stretched out in the grass recovering.

“What’s the verdict?” I asked Kate.

She had her head on her mother’s chest. “I’m not sure. I think maybe I’ll need to do it some more to figure out if I like it.”

“Yes, I’m sure you will,” I said sarcastically. “If your mother allows you to.”

“I won’t stop her,” Bridgett added quickly. “Tommy, what did you think of it?”

My son was lying next to me. “I wasn’t sure I’d make it out of the water in time. Mom just about made me cum in the lake. I thought you both looked great. I’m just disappointed you’ll never want me again.”

“Don’t worry,” Bridgett assured him.

At the same time, Kate crawled over to him and said, “I noticed you were still kinda hard when you were done. Do you need more?”

Her hand slid over his stomach on down into his crotch. She playfully circled his cock and balls with her fingers without ever touching them directly. The cock began to grow harder.

“I might be able to,” Tommy told her.

“With some assistance,” Kate said. “I think your Mom should help me.”

Kate put her face next to the ever-thickening cock. Then she looked up at me and tilted her head in an obvious signal for me to join her. I leaned down with my lips on the opposite side of the cock from hers. Simultaneously, we began to lick it.

Within seconds, the proximity of Kate’s beautiful face and luscious lips so close to mine became secondary to the task of getting Tommy hard. Luckily, he took care of that on his own and I could concentrate on Kate. Our tongues met several times and our lips met more than once on top of his shaft. Soon, we were kissing each other as much as we were giving Tommy a joint blowjob. But he benefited greatly by having his cock compete for equal time and attention.

With both of us half lying on top of Tommy, it was easy for me to suck on Kate’s tits when she had his cock in her mouth. Likewise, I got the same treatment when I had him. Bridgett looked on with a smile that never left her face.

“This won’t take long,” I advised Kate. “And be prepared for a lot of cum.”

She grinned and took him so far into her mouth that her lips touched his balls. I recognized the signs of Tommy’s impending orgasm. I joined Kate in licking him from his balls to the tip of his cock. I saw the precum.

“Now,” I said to Kate.

She took the cock, put it to her lips, and waited. Then a long, white stream of cum poured onto her face. The second shot flowed over her cheeks. A third and fourth fell onto her tits as she lowered the cock onto her chest and pumped it harder. Nearly thirty seconds passed with Tommy cumming all over his teenage friend for the first time.

Kate was quite a sight by the time Tommy was done and she headed back out into the lake to clean up.


“Have you been with Kate again?” I asked Bridgett a couple days later when we were sitting at her kitchen table.

“Haven’t had a chance,” she replied. “It’s been killing me.”

“She’s just the cutest little thing,” I told her. “And you’ll never convince me that was your first time together.”

“Swear to God. It was way better than I dreamed of, too.”

“So when’s the next time?”

Bridgett sighed and lifted her hands in a sign of frustration. “Don’t know.”

I said, “Aren’t you taking her to her freshman orientation at State this week?”

“Yep,” Bridgett confirmed.

“Well, that’s it. That’s going to be the next time. Won’t you be checking out her dorm and classes and basically having every campus building to go into?”

“I guess,” Bridgett said. “But isn’t that kind of, you know, in public?”

“My God, Bridgett. You had sex with her in the middle of a lake in front of me and Tommy. You’re worried about being seen? You must be kidding.”

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