A day of DaresA day of Dares


Please excuse the text-speak. I typically hate it’s use in stories, but so much of this story is communicated through text that I had no choice but to include it.I was home alone with my wife at work for the day and I was horny as hell when I decided to text a good female friend of mine and ask her for a dare. There was absolutely nothing more than friendship to our relationship but from time to time we would exchange sexy e-mails or texts but the dares were a recent addition to our innocent flirting.“I need a dirty dare!” was the first text that I sent to her.“Clothes pins on ur nipples!!” came the reply.Then my phone beeped again… “Send pic as proof”. This was new! We had never exchanged photos before but she was the boss in this little game so I did as I was told.It took me a little while to find my wife’s clothes pins but finally located them in the back door closet. I grabbed two out of the linen bag, pulled my shirt off and clipped them to my aching hard little nipples. My cock was throbbing in my jeans as I aimed the camera in my cell phone at my chest and got the perfect picture the first time. The frame showed my entire torso from the waistband of my jeans up to my Adams apple covered in a few days worth of stubbleMy muscular chest looked great with a red plastic clothes pin attached to each nipple I thought to myself as I sent the picture to Tina with the word “Completed” as the header.A few minutes passed before I got a reply. “Mmmm. Ur such a dirty boy. Looks good. Want another?”“Hell yes” was my immediate response.“How kinky U feelin’?”“Very”“A pink g-string and Kim’s little grey mini”It took me a while to root through my wife’s underwear drawer to find a pink g-string and even longer to find my favorite mini skirt of Kim’s. I slid on the g-string and then the skirt and took a picture and bursa escort sent it to Tina. The bulge of my rock hard cock was unmistakable under the tight fabric of the poly-cotton mini as it snaked its way up the left side of my torso.“Looks good… now a pic of the g-string to make sure ur doing as told!”I pulled the skirt up till my pink lace covered cock was exposed and took another picture. There was even a small wet spot where the head of my cock had leaked some pre-come. I quickly sent the picture to Tina and waited for a response.After a minute or two, my cell beeped again. “Mmmm. Even better! Want sum more?”“Yes ma’am” I replied, going into a submissive role that I hoped she would pick up on.“Drive down to boat launch”I jumped into my truck and drove the mile or so down to the end of my road where the boat launch and small beach were and let her know via text that I was there.“Proof?”Even though there was no-one around, I sat nervous for a minute before I screwed up the courage to get out of the truck and stood beside the sign for the beach, making sure to get a picture that showed both me in the skirt and the sign and sent it to Tina. As quick as I could, I ran back to the safety of my truck.“Very good! How’s your little cock doing? I can see that it is still hard and leaking. Any one around the area?”“No”“Take off the skirt and get in the water! Go for a swim.”In the comfort of the cab of my truck, I carefully slid the skirt down and off and then looked around me to make sure that there was still no-one in sight. Seeing not a soul, I quickly jumped out of the truck and ran to the waters edge and into the waist deep water. Quickly snapping a picture, I ran back out and back to the comfort of my truck. I sent the picture and again waited for a response.“Did the cold water reduce your boner?”“No”“Anyone bursa escort bayan around yet?”“No”“Take off g-string and put skirt back on.”I did as I was told and sent a text to Tina telling her so.“Proof?”I cautiously opened my door and stood outside and snapped a quick picture showing my obvious rock hard cock tenting the fabric of the skirt and sent it to her.“Need more proof!”I got out of the truck again and pulled up the skirt till my cock protruded from under the hem and took a picture.“Drive home naked.”I slid off the short skirt, started the truck and began to drive home. I had just turned onto my street when my cell beeped again.“Pic?”Before I had a chance to respond, she sent me another text. “Put on g-string.”I fumbled around for a minute or two looking for the discarded scrap of fabric before I finally found it between the seats. It didn’t take long for my cock to respond to the soft lace of the undergarment and was soon rock hard and throbbing in my lap. I took another picture and sent it to Tina.“Mmm. Very nice. U like the g-string. It makes your little cock hard.”“Yes ma’am.”“Ma’am? I like that. Want another dare?”“Yes”“Go home, take off panties and wrap urself in the smallest towel that will fit”By the time I pulled into my driveway and parked the truck, my cock was ready to explode as it pushed against the pink lace of my wife’s g-string. I found a towel that just barely fit around my waist and tied it to the side and sent a picture of myself to Tina.“Tie it to the front.” was her immediate reply.I quickly retied the soft pink towel to the front and sent Tina another picture.“No panties?”“Nope”“Need proof!”I parted the towel so that my hard cock stuck out the front, took a picture and hit the send button.“Very good. Ur little cock is all hard again.” She escort bursa replied. “Call ur neighbor and have her come over for a beer.”I scanned the numbers in my phone until I came up with the right one for Mandy, my closest neighbor. After a brief conversation about the heat and the weather, I got to the point and invited her over for a beer to which she readily agreed if only because I have a pool and she likes to keep in my good books so she is able to use it.“She’s on her way” I text to Tina“Good. How’s ur little cock?”I pulled the towel to the side and took a picture of my dripping wet dick and sent it to Tina.Soon I heard the sound of a four-wheeler coming up my gravel road. It is only about a half mile or so for Mandy to travel so I didn’t expect her to take very long to cover the ground.“She’s here!” I texted to Tina as Mandy stopped the engine and jumped off her machine.“What’s she wearing?”“Skirt and a bikini top”“Any undies?”“Can’t tell”“Where r u?”“Sitting in my chair on front porch”“Get off ur ass and get her a beer”I just came out of the house wrapped in my towel with a fresh beer for Mandy and one for me when my cell beeped again.“She see ur cock yet?”“Don’t think so”“How’s ur cock doing?”“Semi-hard”“Good. See if you can see if she is wearing panties.”Mandy and I shot the shit for a little while before I had to get up and refresh our drinks. As I tried to pass between her knees and the banister of my porch she pulled her legs up to let me get past and as she did, I caught a quick glimpse of white underneath her short skirt. I quickly grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and returned to the porch, but instead of turning my back to Mandy as I did last time, I faced her as I forced my way past her drawn up knees. Again I saw a quick glimpse of white as I made my way past her and back to my seat.“Well??” my cell beeped.“White panties” I replied, shielding the screen from my guest.“Have to see if we can get those from her!”“Agreed”Mandy and I tried to keep up a simple conversation but there was a definite sexual tension in the air.

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