A Day by the Pool Pt. 03A Day by the Pool Pt. 03

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A Day by the Pool—Part Three

After the Greek Boy ran away, Daniella and I cuddled for a few minutes before we dragged ourselves out of the bed. Daniella headed for the shower while I searched around for our cloths. It took some work, but after digging through the heap of pillows, used towels, and other items that got dumped on the floor, I found my swimming trunks, her little red bikini, and a pair of white gym socks I was sure belonged to the Greek Boy.

Daniella popped out of the shower dripping wet, “may I have a towel.”

“Ah,” I quickly looked around the room for a clean towel, “I don’t think we have anything remotely clean.” I held up the Greek Boy’s missing socks, “although we do have our friend’s socks if you want to use them.”

Daniella snatched them out of my hands, “poor boy, maybe we should bring them to him at the restaurant tonight,” she said with an evil grin. Daniella rolled the socks together and placed them in her handbag. Still wet she slipped back into her red bikini. “Let’s go dry off next to the pool.”

We spent the rest of the afternoon in and out of the pool. I was lovely and quiet. Eventually towards four in the afternoon, the clouds blew in and it looked like it might rain, so we retired back to our room. The maids had been through the room and everything was restored back to its originally glory—including a fresh pipe of clean towels.

For the next couple hours, we both napped, snuck in a little work, and got caught up on some emails until it was time for dinner. For dinner, I changed into my best button up shirt with cargo shorts, whereas Daniella changed into a lovely, long flowing summer dress with thin shoulder straps. She wore her auburn hair up which showed off her lovely back, neck, and, from a certain angle, her lovely brown nipples too.

We made it to the restaurant where the Greek Boy worked around 8 pm and found the place nearly empty. Last night we got a great table on the balcony overlooking the ocean, but tonight with it threatening to rain, the gruff older Greek lady who ran the reception seated us inside.

“What would you like to drink?” the lady asked.

Daniella looked at me to decide.

This was one of Daniella’s tests. “Are you having fish tonight?” I asked her.

She gave a slight nodded of her head.

“A bottle of good white wine please.”

Daniella smiled.

The Lady shouted in Greek back to the kitchen. A second latter the Greek Boy, with the huge cock from earlier, burst through the door of the kitchen and shouted back, “Ti mama!” Then he saw us, and if he could have, he would have died right there on the spot.

Daniella tilted her head ever so slightly and her eyes twinkled a little bit more, but she gave nothing away about what happened earlier.

Dinner was good. Once the Greek Boy realised that we weren’t going to tell his mom on him, he relaxed a little. In the end he attempted to give us a free dessert, but his mom caught him, and yelled at him about it, so we happily paid for it, and left him a healthy tip—along with his missing socks.

By the time we left the restaurant, the wind had really picked up and there was definitely rain in the air.

“Do you still want to walk into town and get a drink?” I yelled into the wind at Daniella.

“No, lets just go to the bar at the hotel,” she yelled back.

We turned and headed back to the resort. When we were about a hundred feet from the bar when the heavens opened up, and we were hit with a wall of rain. Daniella screamed and ran for her life scared that she might get a little wet.

Like the restaurant, the bar was almost completely empty. Huddled under the small roof that covered the open-air bar, were only three people. The bartender, a local Greek lady in her late 20’s with jet black hair, with a full tribal tattoo down her right forearm, a dozen different piercings visible across her face and ears, and a small rainbow pin on her lapel. The other two people looked to be a German couple, a little older than me. The man was giant, well over six foot tall with short cropped blond hair and goatee, and a pudge pink nose. His wife was almost the opposite. She was very short, with shoulder length dark brown hair with natural streeks of silver in it. Also, she had very big boobs that I tried hard not to look at. Everyone smiled as we jumped under the awning to escape from the rain.

Poor Daniella was starting to shiver. “You stay here and get us some drinks. I will run to the room and get you something to cover your shoulders,” I said heroically before I jumped back into the storm.

A few minutes later I returned from our room with a sweater for Daniella. As I approached the bar, I could see Daniella at the end of the bar firming imbedded in conversation with the couple and the bar tender. As a natural introvert I find it absolutely amazing how she manages to make friends this easy. It would have taken me a month to start talking to three strangers.

Daniella saw me coming and turned Küçükköy escort to introduce me, “everyone, this is Theo. He is American from California.”

I handed her the sweater and give the group an awkward wave. “Hi.”

Daniella quickly tied it around her shoulders and then turned towards the couple, “This is Burkhard and his wife Nina.”

Burkhard, a giant of a man with a big beer belly, stood up, gave me a friendly smile and extended his huge paw of a hand. “Hallo.”

“Burkhard is a Computer Scientist like you,” Daniella quickly interjected before turning to his wife. “And this is Nina, she is a school teacher.”

Nina stood up and instead of shaking hands leaned in close for a double kiss on the cheek, and in the process rubbed her big breast across my chest. She smelled of good perfume and several bottle of red wine if I had to guess. “Hi Nina. It’s good to meet you.”

Then Daniella turned to the bar tender, “and this is Georgina, she is local.”

I raised my right hand and gave it a little wave, “Hey Georgina.”

Georgina smiled, waved back and asked, “what would you like to drink?” she asked in her heavy Greek accent.

“A rum and coke would be great,” I responded.

The four of us and the bar tender squeezed together down at the far end of the bar, more for warmth than anything. Within a few minutes Daniella had Burkhard and Nina’s life story out of them. They had been married for 15 years and had two children—a boy who was 13 and a girl who was almost 12. They live in a small town outside of Frankfurt, where Burkhard runs his own small IT business. Nina works in the local elementary school as a special education teacher. She finds the work tough but rewarding. And this was their first vacation without their children in more years than they could count.

Burkhard and I were just starting to get into a discussion about some seriously geeky computer stuff when Daniella turned her attention to Georgina, the bar tender. “What is it like being a lesbian here?” she asked while motioning to the darken resort.

Georgina snorted into her drink at the unexpected question, “do you mean, am I the only lesbian on the island?”

Burkhard and I stopped mid conversation and stared wide-eyed at the new conversation topic.

“Yes,” Daniella smiled.

“No, I’m not the only lesbian on the island,” Georgina answered in a matter-of-fact way. “There are more of us than people think. And when we get bored of each other, we always have the tourists,” she said with a shrug before taking a drink. “And how about you? Do you like women too?”

“I prefer men,” Daniella patted me on the lap, “but I’ve never said no to a beauty woman,” she grinned.

For the second time today, my head spun. Yeah, I knew she likes men, but I never thought to ask her about being with other women. I quickly made a mental note to ask more about the subject next time we had sex.

Around the table Burkhard’s face went red, while Nina actually gasped.

Daniella turned towards me a planted a wet kiss on my cheek, “please order us more drinks cucciollo, I must use the toilet.”

“I must go too. I will come with you,” said Nina as she jumped up and walked away with Daniella.

Burkhard and I just sat there for a moment, confused while Georgina smirked to herself.

Eventually Burkhard broke the silence, “Daniella is a very interesting woman.”

“She is,” I responded.

“How long have you and her been together?” asked Georgina.

“Oh, ah, we aren’t together,” I stammered, suddenly a little embarrassed to have both Burkhard and Georgina starting at me. “I…we…she is my neighbor. I moved to Milan a few months ago and I don’t really know anyone else outside of work.”

“Ja, but you two are on holiday together?” Burkhard inquired.

“Well yeah.”

“Are you having sex?” Georgina demanded.

“Well yeah.”

Burkhard leaned sharply forward and whispered, “Is it good sex?”

“Of course, it is.” I replied.

Georgina also leaned forward and whispered, “but she likes women too?”

“No, she said first that she likes men more,” Burkhard countered Nina.

They both looked to me for answers, but I didn’t know what to say.

“Wait, are you two swingers?” asked Georgina in a hushed voice.

“Me no…her…shit…its complicated.” I choked out.

“Do you guys go to sex parties?” Burkhard whispered again, as if he was a kid again and his mother would hear him. “Nina and I, recently watched a documentary on RTL about sex parties for couples in Spain. They seemed very exciting, and we had great sex afterwards, but I was too afraid to ask Nina if we could go,” offered Burkhard while Georgina nodded her head in sympathy.

The rain had stopped a some time ago, and from across the courtyard we could hear Daniella and Nina approaching. The two of the them were giggling and Daniella had her phone out.

“Here, you must see this photo.” Daniella offered her phone to Nina.

In Mecidiyeköy escort bayan the darkness, the blue light of phone lit up Nina’s face as she gasped at whatever Daniella just showed her. Nina instantly turned Daniella’s phone towards Burkhard, the image of the Greek Boy’s huge cock showed through the darkness and lit up the bar. “Burkhard, Burkhard, look how big!” she giggled.

Even Georgina the lesbian nodded in agreement.

Things happened fast from there.

Ten minutes later Burkhard and I stood at the foot of my bed while we watched Nina and Daniella passionately kissing on top of it.

Burkhard had a big grinned on his face and looked like all of his Christmases had come at once. He half-cocked his head to address me while refusing to take his eyes off of the action, “what do we do now?”

“Let’s watch. I’ll get us a drink while you grab us those chairs,” I offered.

Burkhard pulled the two armchairs from the corners of the room to the foot of their bed, while I poured us a fresh drink from the bottle of rum and cokes we stole from Georgina’s bar. I handed Burkhard his drink. “Cheers.” I said as we clinked our glasses together before sitting down to watch the show.

Nina and Daniella were kneeling on the bed kissing passionately, slipping their tongues in and out of each other’s mouths. Daniella made a big show of grabbing Nina’s huge boobs which I suspected was for mine and Burkhard’s pleasure more than hers.

Daniella reached down, grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it off over the top of her head exposing her bronze skin and lovely small breast. Nina reached down and gently fondled Daniella breast.

“Pinch my nipples,” Daniella whispered between kisses, “pinch them hard. Nina did what she was told and pinched and twisted Daniella brown nipples until she moaned with pleasure. In return Daniella slipped her hand up Nina’s dress and began to rub Nina’s pussy over the top of her white cotton panties.

“Knock, knock,” a soft knock came from the door.

I took a drink, handed my glass to Burkhard, and then stood up and walked to the door. I peeked through the keyhole to see Georgina looking a little nervous standing in the hallway of the hotel. I carefully open the door. “Hi Georgina, come in, come in,” I said before I pulled her into the room.

“Did I miss anything?” she asked while stopping to watch the action on the bed.

“No, not much. Daniella and Nina were just finger banging each other,” I offered.

“Okay good.” Georgina pulled her shirt off over her head and then turned her back to me and hunched forward, “a little help.”

I unlatched the big strap on her bra and her big healthy tits were suddenly free dancing around the room. She had several tattoos across her back and breast, but the most spectacular part were two large silver hoops, nipple rings, each bigger than a two Euro coin.

Georgina stopped for a second looking for a place to put her cloths.

“Here, give them to me.” I offered an outstretched hand and took her top and bra.

Georgina quickly kicked off her shoes and dropped her trousers and panties in one quick go, exposing a virtual forest of dark, black, curry public hair the likes of which haven’t been seen since the 1970s. Georgina, reached down and picked up her trousers and panties. She pulled the panties from her trousers and carefully folded her trousers in order to stop her keys and other items from falling out of the pockets. She then carefully placed them into my arms. Then she threw her rather wet panties at my face, “I want those back,” she smiled before diving on to the bed with Daniella and Nina.

I carefully placed Georgina’s cloths on a free spot near the TV, and quickly plopped back down in my armchair at the end of the bed.

Burkhard passed me back my drink, “here you go.”

“Thanks,” I muttered as I watch in awe as Georgina climbed in between Daniella and Nina, and start tearing at Nina’s cloths. Georgina went high and unbuttoned Nina’s dress and began to pull it over her head before starting on removing her enormous bra. While Daniella began to pull off Nina’s large white cotton panties.

Nina was quickly stripped bare by the other two naked and hungry women. Nina was round and plump in all the best ways with big full breast and big nipples that drooped down to her belly. Her hips were big and soft giving her a wonderful ass and big thighs. And between her thighs she was shaved completely bare making it easy to see her already swollen lips.

Burkhard elbowed me, proud of his naked wife and offered me his glass to clank. We clanked glasses and I offered him an approving nod.

The women wasted no time. Daniella pulled Nina up on her knees and began to French kiss her full on the mouth while she groped hard Nina’s breast. Georgina threw herself down on the bed in front of us and climbed in between Nina’s legs and began to eat her pussy—giving Burkhard and I an amazing view of her Escort Merter hairy pussy she frantically pawed at while we watched.

Georgina hit Nina’s clit with her tongue in just the right way, causing her whole body to spasm, and jerk way from Daniella’s open mouth.

“Che bella,” Daniella cooed to herself when she saw Georgina’s hairy pussy. Daniella quickly slipped a hand down into Georgina’s thick bush and began to rub her pierced clit. “I love your piercing.”

There came a muffled ‘thank you’ from Georgina who had her face firmly planted in Nina’s pussy.

Nina began to rock back and forth faster and faster on Georgina’s face as her breathing became more noticeable. She threw an arm around Daniella for support. Nina’s giant breast began to slap into Daniella.

Daniella pulled her left hand away from Georgina’s wet pussy and slipped two fingers into Nina’s eager mouth. Then with her right hand, Daniella began to rub Nina’s big ass lower and lower until she found her way towards her ass hole. Daniel began to work Nina’s dirty hole with her index finger, drawing big full circles across her clinched, tight sphincter.

Nina loved it and with each revolution of Georgina’s tongue and Daniella’s finger she gasped in pleasure until she couldn’t take it anymore, and orgasmed on Georgina’s face with a big, wet splash.

When Nina opened her big brown eyes once more, she was a little embarrassed to see Burkhard and I both sitting there, mouth agape and erections in our pants. Burkhard encouraged her on in German and I nodded enthusiastically.

Nina climbed down off of Georgina’s face, giving Georgina a chance to catch her breath and to touch the mess Nina left down her front.

“Look at this mess,” said Daniella sternly as she knelt by Georgina’s side with her hands on her hips, “I will have to punish you for this.”

Georgina grinned as she slid back on the bed and propped her head up on the headboard, “Oh no, please don’t.” She whimpered as she opened her legs even wider. With her hands she pulled her hair pussy lips open, exposing her bright pink pussy and pierced clitoris.

Daniella reached down and slipped a finger through the large hoop of Georgina’s right nipple ring and gave it a hard pull until Georgina began to whimper and squirm in place. “Do you like that?” Daniella questioned her.

“Yes,” said Georgina as she began slowly caressing her clit with her hand.

Daniella motioned to Nina who was watching the action wide eyed from the other side of the bed, to join her and grab Georgina’s other nipple ring. Eagerly Nina climbed back up to her knees on Georgina’s left side. With her right hand she reached over and looped her finger through Georgina’s left nipple ring and began to stretch Georgina’s nipples as far as they would go. With her free hand, Nina slipped it between her legs and began frantically working towards her second orgasm of the night.

Georgina moaned as the two women tugged at her nipples.

With her right-hand Daniella kept tension on Georgina’s right nipple, while with her left hand she made for Georgina hairy pussy. Without ceremony, Daniella pushed her index and middle fingers as deep as they would go, into Georgina’s hot and surprisingly tight pussy, causing Georgina to moan. Daniella pulled them out and pushed them back in several times until she added a third and then a fourth finger. Each time Georgina’s grunts got deeper and her strumming motion on her clitoris got more frantic. Daniella fucked Georgina’s hair pussy like this until mid-stroke Daniella decided to go all in, and balled up her fist and began to push it all in.

Georgina’s eyes shot open and gasped as Daniella began to push her fist up Georgina’s pussy. For a few seconds it tried resisting, but Daniella was too strong for her, and a second later Daniella’s arm slipped, nearly elbow deep, into Georgina. Georgina instantly stopped breathing, stiffened and orgasmed hard.

Nina quickly did the same and came again.

To my right Burkhard began to grunt. I looked over to see that his pants were down, he was furiously pumping his cock, and about to come. From years of marital sex, Nina instantly recognized his grunt, let go of poor Georgina’s nipple, pivoted off the bed and landed on her knees in from Burkhard. He frantically stood up, knocking over our drinks and toppling me out of my chair.

In the second it took me to get back to my feet, Nina—the mild manner special education teacher who just had hot lesbian sex with my girlfriend and the Greek lady from the bar—was on her knees sucking Burkhard’s cock like mad. A second later he pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot a huge load of hot sticky cum all over her face and open mouth.

“Oh god,” I grunted. I was about to cum too. I frantically pulled down my pants, fearful of cumming in my shorts in front of everyone. My brain went into overdrive as I attempt to work out how to get my legs to work enough to get me to Daniella on the bed. But in that split second Burkhard slipped his big bear like arm around me and pulled me towards Nina’s open, cum covered mouth.

Nina swallowed my cock with her hot, wet mouth and looked up at me with her big brown eyes. I instantly began to cum in her mouth. The room spun as Burkhard held me tight as I came in his wife’s mouth.

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