A Day At The FairA Day At The Fair


“Sarah, come on. It’ll be fun,” Jenny pleaded.

“Fun? Two weeks in the boonies? Pigs and cows and shit everywhere? I know you Jenny… that’s not your idea of fun,” Sarah retorted.

Sarah knew there was a history from Jenny’s last visit to her cousins’ farm and it was very unlike Jenny not to share every detail, especially if there was guys and sex involved. And with Jenny, anything that involved one always seemed to involve the other (at least until the night where the girls went wild, but that’s another story).

“So, are you going to tell me what the attraction is that your want to go to a farm two summers in a row?” Sarah asked.

“Well, there’s these cousins of mine, cousin Bobby and cousin Billy, twins who graduated from high school the year before. Nice boys. Real sweet. Anyway one day the three of us were throwing hay from a truck to the animals out in a field when a storm came up wicked fast. We pushed the rest of the hay off the truck just as the rain started, then sprinted for the barn as it started coming down. You’ve never seen such rain. We didn’t get to the edge of the field before we were just soaked. And you know it doesn’t take much wet for me to get turned on.”

“It doesn’t take much of anything to get you turned on, you’re such a slut,” Sarah laughed and patted her best friend’s butt.

“Yeah, well if you had been there and seen these guys, all wet down like that, it might have been enough to get even you to do something besides watch and play with yourself, ” Jenny replied with an matching laugh. “So anyway, the white shirt and tight shorts I was wearing just didn’t leave much to the imagination, and… and…”

“And what?” Sarah asked, already having a pretty good idea what the answer would be.

“Well, we were running along this path and cousin Billy… or was it cousin Bobby… I can never tell when they’re dressed! Anyway, one of the boys cut me off on the path, so I, well, I kinda tripped him. And as I ran by, well, he kinda tripped me, and I kinda fell on him, on purpose, and we kinda wrestled there in the grass laughing in the pouring rain. And then cousin Bobby, or maybe it was Billy, anyway the other one heard the laughter and they ganged up and started tickling me. And you know how hot I get when I get tickled?”

“Right. Wait, you get off on tickle, too? Never mind, go on!” Sarah really wanted to keep the story going.

“Well, they were tickling me, and I got cousin… never mind… I got one of my cousins in a leg lock and as I tried to tickle the other back he got me into a bear hug. And, well, before I could figure out how it happened my legs slipped up around my one cousin’s head and the other cousin’s bear hug kinda slipped so it was just his hands, and… and…”

“No, don’t t tell me that!” Sarah babbled, holding her easy in mock disgust, but getting wet herself just listening. “You didn’t! Well… did you? Don’t you dare stop now!”

“Well!” Jenny exclaimed with a quizzical high pitch before continuing, “we all looked at each other for a minute. And then I just leaned back and innocently kissed the cousin that had me in the bear hug, but he had his mouth open and I just… well… my tongue kinda… slipped out, but I kinda lost track because… well my other cousin started lapping the crotch of my shorts. Well shoot, I don’t even remember them undressing me, but before you knew it the clothes were kinda gone. And, well… WOW!”

“Jenny, you’re such a slut. You did it with your cousins? With both cousins? At the same time no less!”

“Yeah, I see your point. This is way worse than with, say my daddy… or my sister…. or my step mom… or a buddy in a bar full of guys!”, Jenny rejoined with a knowing smile while she twisted a strand of Sarah’s long, red hair around her finger.

“Hey, those were different. I was helping out… and, and my mom asked me to do daddy… and, and my sister, well she really did need teaching… and that wasn’t my stepmother, at least not yet when we… and the bar, well, I mean… you know…” Sarah realized there were some holes in her defense so she settled back on the bed with a sigh. “Pretty good, were they?”

“They aren’t going to discuss Chaucer or Thoreau with you, but they aren’t hard on the eyes and there’s some little farm girl out here who taught these boys how to share a girl that I’ve got to find and thank.”

Now Jenny’s criteria for good male company were, if nothing else, consistent so Sarah knew certain ‘criteria’ had indeed been met. Sarah was initially surprised that Chaucer and Thoreau rated even a mention in Jenny’s the criteria until Jenny explained that she was referring to Joe Chaucer and Fred Thoreau on the football team who had been Jenny’s first two-fer back in high school, but that’s another story.


That first evening at the farm was hot, with crickets chirping. The air had an unusual stillness to it, an energy that would normally precede a thunderstorm, but the sky was crystal clear.

Dinner isveçbahis was enjoyable, even if the conversation wasn’t the deepest that Sarah had experienced. One thing was certain; Jenny hadn’t missed when she said her cousins were lookers. Bobby and Billy were built, with physical characteristics that more than made up for their lack of conversational fortitude. And were they ever twins. Even after several differing characteristics were pointed out Sarah couldn’t tell them apart moments later.

“Jenny,” Sarah whispered on the way to the table, “I don’t want to call them by the wrong names. How do you tell those two apart?”

“Only one way I could tell. Billy hangs to the left and Bobby hangs to the right… or is it the other way around,” Jenny responded with a wry a smile.

Sarah whacked her on the arm. “Great. Thanks. Before I talk to one I’ll make sure and ask him to drop their pants so I know who I’m talking to.”

“Hey, not a bad ice, breaker. Wish I’d thought of that,” Jenny laughed.

After dinner the group decided to head to the county fair. Sarah and Jenny couldn’t have agreed faster, expecting that the most exciting evening activity would center around watching or talking about wheat growing. A fair had to be the better option and surely would offer a chance to cuddle with one of these hunks!

Bobby and Billy dressed up in their fair best for the occasion; new, tight jeans that highlighted their firm asses and muscular legs, and matching white shirts with horses and lassoes and other cowboy stitching that perfectly complemented their matching white cowboy hats.

When they went downstairs both girls got a good looking over, Jenny’s short white summer dress sans bra gave Auntie anxious premonitions that there might be a repeat of last year’s visit… until she caught sight of Sarah with her rich red hair all in pigtails, bright blue eyes, tight Daisy Duke’s, a tied white oxford and calf-high white cowgirl boots that she borrowed from Jenny. It wasn’t as obvious as Jenny, but Sarah had also decided that, just in case, underwear would not be needed tonight!

Auntie and Uncle looked at each other with a similar glance. “Well, y’all look so country,” Auntie said as she shifted her glance to Sarah. “Now y’all behave yurselves tonight, hear me!” And with that the four piled into Billy’s cub cab pickup and head off to the county fair, where they joined up with several other local couples that were friends of the cousins.

For such a small fair there were plenty of killer rides and wanky booth with lots of cuddly dolls and stuffed animals for the guys to win for the darlin’ girls. Sarah and Jenny drew a lot of the attention from the guys in the group, which also got them an increasing amount of adverse attention from the girls.

After a couple of hours of midway excitement Jenny & Sarah decided they needed a break from the clandestine but enjoyable groping the farmer boys had been doing when they thought their cute little girlie’s weren’t noticing. After wandering around the sideshows for a while they headed around toward the back of the fairgrounds. At far corner, pretty much away from the midway was a solitary booth with a few blinking lights. In the booth sat an old shriveled woman with a deck of cards in her hand, just staring out into the lights of the fair. The sign above her read, Madame Laseau Sayer and Charmer

Jenny pulled on Sarah’s sleeve, insisting that they go see if the woman could say who they would get lucky with tonight. “You aren’t going to get me to do that! Those Gypsies are nothing but a bunch of fakes. Besides, when have you ever needed a Gypsy to figure out if you’re going to score?” Sarah responded with a wry smile. Neither girl noticed as the old mystic glanced knowingly in their direction, shaking her head at another pair of doubters.

Jenny smiled back, “Oh don’t be such spoiler. Besides, I want to hear it from someone else. Will it be another romp with family or will they dump me for you and I have to fend for myself,” Jenny pined as she mockingly raised the back of her hand to her forehead. “Besides, it’ll give me a challenge, a goal to beat out!” With that Jenny grabbed Sarah by the wrist and dragged her, protesting, to the booth.

When they got to the doorway, the soothsayer looked up, “What’s this? One little pretty doesn’t want to talk to Madame?”

“Oh, spare me, pulleaseee!” Sarah exclaimed in disgust. “This is such a crock. You’re not getting a penny out of us you old fake.”

“Humm. If you don’t believe then I am bound to fail, don’t you think, my little doubter?”

“See, just like I thought,” Sarah exclaimed in victory. “She just cleared the path to sell you a bunch of the same crap she sells everyone else and it’ll be our fault if it doesn’t come true. See Jenny, she wins no matter what!”

“Oh stop it Sarah. It’s just for fun.” Turning to the old gypsy Jenny tilted her head down and asked in a subdued voice, “Hey Madame, how much to tell me if I’m going to get lucky tonight and which one of these farmer isveçbahis giriş boys will ring my cowbell?”

“Jenny! That is so stupid!” Sarah exclaimed in disgust. “With a body like yours dressed like that, the question isn’t if you’ll get lucky, but rather which poor sodbuster gets lucky, right Madame?” Sarah sarcastically dumped the end of her sentence with emphasis toward the old woman. “OK, let me help you here, Jenny and it won’t cost a thing.” She held her fingertips to her upturned forehead, eyes closed, in a mock pensive state, and continued, “Yes. Yes. I’m beginning to see. Yes. Oh my! Oh you poor girl. I’m afraid I have bad news for you.”

“What ARE you talking about, Sarah. Will you stop making fun? I want a serious fortune teller here!”

“Oh yes, I can see it,” Sarah continued. “Your beautiful outfit. Such a shame. It’s just falling away from you body… hundreds of people watching and you can do nothing to stop it. And… and… oh my. Oh, poor girl. You DON’T have your choice of anyone at the fair tonight. They all have their choice of you!” And Sarah dropped out of her mock trance, “Oh. Where am I?”

“Very funny, Sarah. When I want your opinion I’ll pay for it. You’re so funny I’m in stitches.”

“No, it’s all true,” Sarah added. “And it’s so hilarious you’re beyond stitches. In fact, you’re all the way OUTTA stitches, right Madame?” Sarah added with a forced laugh.

The Madame spoke sternly to Sarah, “My little pretty, be careful what you wish for.”

Turning away from her friend’s sarcasm, Jenny looked back to Madame and asked, “Seriously, can you tell me who’ll get lucky tonight?”

Madame Laseau looked at Jenny, “Your friend seems very wise. You don’t need me tonight, my deary. And now,” she spoke in a soft, slow, distinct voice, looking back and forth between the suddenly subdued girls, “It might just be better for you both to be safely tucked away in your beds tonight, my dearies,” ending the sentence by staring back at Sarah.

“Oh, gee!” Jenny turned to Sarah with a disgusted look, “Now you’ve done it. She’s telling us to go home. Now I’ll never know if the lucky sodbuster was ordained to fuck me tonight or if he was just in the right place when I got horny enough.” And with a complete and instantaneous change of focus, Jenny grabbed Sarah’s hand and started pulling her back toward the rides. As she was dragged away, Sarah looked back at the woman, planning to deliver her a final scowl, but at the last second, just as Jenny dragged her around a corner she noticed a peaceful glance and a knowing nod the woman mouthed the words, “Go home.”

Around the corner and the booth was gone from sight, and soon from memory. Sarah and Jenny went on the ‘Monster Trak’, probably the biggest and meanest ride in the fair. It seemed to Sarah to rival rides she’d been on a bigger parks. The riders screamed as they strained to keep their dangling legs from whipping from side to side and their loose clothing from flying off into the night.

The ride did a generous 6 loops around the track. Jenny and Sarah went on while the cousins decided to enjoy the view from below. The girls were enjoying themselves thoroughly through the first loop. Their muscles strained and they screamed loudly as the ride whipped them side-to-side and back and forth. They made quite a lovely sight as their red and blonde tresses trailing out behind them. The ride gave the boys a good, though fleeting view of Jenny’s naked pussy as her dress was constantly blowing up. Jenny had pretty much given up trying to hold her dress down and dedicated both hands to holding on and the brothers punched each other’s shoulder in appreciation.

Toward the end of the second loop Sarah felt a pop at her waste. She felt down and realized that she’d lost the button on her shorts, and soon she felt zipper coming down as they were flung back and forth by the ride. She tried to hold on with one hand as she used the other to hold her separating shorts together. On the fourth loop she felt another button go, this time as the wind balloon out her shirt. She had to choose between using her free hand to hold her shorts or her shirt. By the end of the ride one of her ponytails had also come loose which, combined with her semi-undressed condition, gave her that ‘fresh out of a hurricane’ look. As they walked down the ramp she needed one hand to hold her shirt together and the other hand to hold her shorts up. The group clapped and whistled in approval (or mockery in the girls case) as they all congregated at the bottom of the ramp to offer a shield while cousin Billy (she thought it was cousin Billy, anyway) undid the crossed teeth on the zipper. Sarah was alternately thrilled by the sensation and embarrassed by the cat calls as the backs of his fingers pressed firmly on her trim, red muff as he worked to fix the zipper.

One of the brothers offered to hold her shorts together for her, but Sarah declined in lieu of some quadded up string from the balloon stand as a temporary belt. In the end they all had a good laugh isveçbahis yeni giriş and the boys tried with all their persuasive might to get the girls to go on the ride again. The debate and the thought of flashing these two hunks again got Sarah’s juices going, but as they walked they came to a ‘Marilyn Monroe’ contest stand that immediately changed the focus of the conversation.

“Uh, I don’t think we want to go over there,” cousin Billy quickly opinioned (or was it cousin Bobby?). “Why don’t we go back to the rides?”

“Are you kidding?” Jenny responded. “I want to see what this thing is. With Sarah’s agreement the boys followed them over to the stand. Getting a little closer they saw a grate inside a plexiglass stall. Next to the ticket taker there was a sign that read: Marilyn Subway Contest Crowd Pick’s Winner ‘Be the Queen Bee of the Fair’

“You guys aughta’ enter,” Billy (or was it Bobby) urged Sarah and Jenny in a change of opinion once he saw how interested Jenny was.

“Yea. Queen of the Fair. That’ll go good on my resume. But I want to see how this thing works first,” Sarah responded.

“Oh… come… on!” Jenny responded emphatically. “You messed up getting my fortune told and I want to do this.”

“Go ahead. Have a ball. I want to watch.”

“You always want to watch,” Jenny replied pulling Sarah by the arm. “Be the first for once! Come do this with me, pleeease! We could both be Queen of the Fair.”

Jenny was laughing and tugging, and Sarah finally gave in, but looked with concern back at the sign that was now out of sight. “I don’t think it said ‘Queen’…, Jenny?” But no one was listening. The boys paid the $5 to the concessionaire and the girls walked together into the plexiglass cage. They looked down at the grate and saw the huge fan blade.

“Oh my GOSH!” Jenny exclaimed as she walked into the booth.

“Jenny! How can you be surprised? The subway grate is probably Marilyn’s most famous scene and you’re surprised you’re going to get wind blown up your skirt?”

Just as Sarah finished the fan started spinning. With the first puff Sarah saw Jenny’s skirt flipped up. Jenny screamed and reached frantically to smooth it down, one hand in the front and one in the back leaving the sides of her legs increasingly exposed. As the fan speed increased as Sarah noticed a crowd gathered around the ride to watch.

Jenny’s skirt was soon the least of Sarah’s concern. As the wind speed picked up her lost button became obvious as her shirt billowed up, held below her voluptuous breasts by at newly tied knot. Soon both girls hair was straight up, and their hands were busy trying to hold down whatever appeared to be the loosest part of their clothing at that particular moment. Sarah felt a rip and noted that the shoulder of her shirt had let go, and the blowing air and the free path ou the hole in her shoulder made it flap against her nipples making them harden more than they already had. As she turned around to lean against the plexiglass, she saw that Jenny was faring no better. Her dress had ripped up one side and it was taking all her effort to use her elbow to keep the rip from spreading while she continued to hold the front and back down with her hands. Sarah started feeling empathy for her friend’s worsening situation, thinking that the fan had to be shut off soon. Suddenly she felt her shorts balloon. She reached down with her free hand to push the material in so her now-naked pussy wouldn’t be seen from the side, but the added pressure from her hand seemed to be too much and the entire crotch let go. She kept one hand pressed on the front and momentarily released her shirt to pull the flapping backside of her shorts down. Her freed shirt immediately filled with air and ballooned out momentarily, then seemed to split every which way, the tattered cloth slapping at her hard, and now exposed nipples.

Sarah looked toward the ride attendant in utter shock, unable to believe what was happening, only to see that he was laughing and clapping along with everyone else in the crowd – a crowd that had grown considerably in size since the ride started. A quick glance at her friend and she could see that all that was left of Jenny’s dress were streams of cloth coming up from her neck. Jenny stood there in the howling fan exhaust, her hair and dress remnants extending up into the fan exhaust and her hands failingly trying to cover her pussy and tits, to the uproarious appreciation of the crowd.

Then suddenly the world went white for Sarah. The knot holding her shirt together at her midriff gave way and the material flew up over her face and Sarah realized that she was just as desperately, and futilely, struggling cover up just as Jenny was. Both girls were screaming STOP at the top of their lungs, and after what seemed like an eternity they felt the fan start to slow.

The blade finally came to a stop. Both girls stood in the silent cage, stooped over, their faces completely covered by wind-blown hair, the crowd eerily quiet. Neither girl dared move their hands to uncover their eyes, wanting neither to expose themselves more than they already were, not really wanting to see the final results of their ‘ride’. Finally, Sarah felt her hair part and she looked up to see a bedraggled, but smiling Jenny.

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