A Cure For BoredomA Cure For Boredom


I pulled up to the curb in the rental SUV outside of Laurie’s house at quarter past eight in the morning like we had agreed. We both worked at Clinton State University, hired through a student affairs grant that focused on increasing college student health education through organizing and delivering a series of workshops around the state. The grant was officially directed by Dr. Harper, but she delegated the majority of the actual labor to Laurie and me.Laurie was the office manager, who mostly ran the daily operations of the grant. She was a curvy woman in her forties with curly red hair and freckles. For an older woman, she wasn’t unattractive, but she was too old for me. I was only twenty-four and in my first year of an MFA in film studies and composition at CSU. I was brought onto the grant as a graduate assistant to develop media and maintain our website (other duties as required). While the job didn’t pay much, it took care of my tuition, and I could work around my classes. Laurie, who was my unofficial boss, made sure it wasn’t too demanding.After months of preparation, we were finally holding our first workshop at Lake Parchunes. Dr. Harper had already driven up to the resort while we picked up the SUV from the rental place (paid for by the grant) and loaded it up with all of our gear (also paid for by the grant), including a top-of-the-line video camera they had purchased for me to record the workshops.“I’m here,” I notified Laurie through a text message.“Running behind,” Laurie texted back a couple of seconds later. Then “Come in” followed.I turned off the engine and climbed out of the SUV, already feeling irritable that I’d gotten up so early just to wait around for my coworker. I walked up the drive to the front door and knocked. “I said, come in,” Laurie called from the other side.“Hi,” I said, entering the home.“Matt, I’m so sorry,” Laurie apologized, looking frazzled. “I would have called, but it just happened at the last min-““Mom! I can’t find my charger!” a girl’s voice shouted from inside the house. A few seconds later, the girl herself appeared – an image of Laurie eighteen years younger, dressed only in a pair of grey and pink cotton booty-shorts and a matching bra. “Do you know where it is?” she finished.“Meaghan, we have guests!” Laurie hissed urgently at her daughter. Her face had gone the color of her fiery hair. “Put some clothes on!”Meaghan seemed to take notice of me for the first time. Her face registered an instant of surprise before settling into an expression of coy adolescent cool. I, of course, couldn’t help but admire her figure. She was slightly slimmer than her mother, more youthful, but had the generous proportions and large bosom. I caught myself staring and quickly shifted my gaze to the floor before either one of them concluded I was perving on my coworker’s teen daughter.“Have you seen it?” Meaghan pressed.“Meaghan!” Laurie shouted again.“What?” Meaghan shouted defiantly.“Get dressed!”“I’m sure it’s nothing he hasn’t seen before,” the teen shot back.I looked up again, questioning why I was being dragged into the middle of this.“Go!” Laurie ordered with parental sternness.“Ugh, fine!” Meaghan spun around on her heels and disappeared back down the hallway. I had just enough time to read the words ‘Hot Stuff’ emblazoned across her ass.“Oh my god, Matt,” Laurie exclaimed, still blushing fiercely. “I’m so embarrassed.”“It’s fine,” I said, hoping to just let the incident drop and get on the road as soon as possible. I was certain that Meaghan’s image would come back to me later that night as I was lying alone in bed, but that wasn’t something I wanted to discuss with her mother and my supervisor.I’d met Meaghan a handful of times before, in passing. She was a freshman at Clinton State. She came by the office sometimes to run errands for her mother, and I’d occasionally see her on campus. We were basically on a wave-and-say-‘hi’ basis, but that was the extent of our relationship. Even though we went to the same school, we occupied very different social worlds. I was deep into my studies, while Meaghan, isvecbahis from what her mother told me, was deep into sorority life.“As I was trying to tell you,” Laurie began again. “Meaghan was supposed to stay with her dad this weekend while we were away, but he cancelled this morning and I don’t have any other option. She’s got to come with us.”“She can’t stay on her own?” I asked. “I mean, she’s eighteen. I’m sure she can look after herself.”“Are you kidding?” Laurie returned. “The last time I left her alone, the neighbors had to call the police to break up a huge house-party.”“Ah,” I said, smiling. At twenty-four years old, I felt like I could appreciate Laurie’s perspective as a mature adult, while still remembering the care-free attitude of adolescence. I wasn’t too far removed from my wild party days, myself.“I’m sorry to do this to you,” Laurie apologized again.“It’s not a problem,” I said, reassuringly. “There’s plenty of room. And the car will do most of the work of getting us there. It doesn’t really make a difference if I’m driving two or three people.”“Thanks, Matt,” Laurie said. “I appreciate that.”Laurie offered me a cup of coffee and a seat on the sofa while she hectored her daughter into getting packed for the weekend. It was another thirty minutes before Meaghan re-emerged in a dark red t-shirt and a pair of tight black leggings, dragging a suitcase behind her. I took it from her, and quickly loaded the additional luggage into the SUV. Soon, we were on the road.   There wasn’t much to look at on the drive from Clinton City to Lake Parchunes. I followed the straight freeway through flat farmlands, cruising along at a steady seventy-five miles per hour. Laurie and Meaghan argued about the music. Eventually they settled on Laurie’s playlist, which Meaghan promptly tuned out, plugging in a pair of earbuds. She stared intently at her phone screen intermittently tapping at it. Meanwhile, Laurie had a file organizer in her lap and was sorting through paperwork.It was almost two hours before we heard from Meaghan again. “Ugh. I lost the signal.”Laurie picked up her phone and investigated. “Yeah, mine’s out, too.”“Must be a dead spot,” I offered.“How far is it?” Meaghan asked in a whiny voice.I consulted the GPS display. “Still a couple of hours.”“Ugh. This sucks. Why’d you have to have your workshop in the middle of bumblefuck-nowhere?” Meaghan complained.“Meaghan! Language,” Laurie admonished her daughter.“I’m so bored!”“Do you want to help me with the files?” Laurie offered.“No,” Meaghan sulked. I caught her face in the rearview mirror pouting.“Then I don’t know what to do about it,” Laurie said. “When I was a girl, going on long trips with my family. we didn’t have phones or anything. We just had to learn to entertain ourselves. We survived.”Meaghan made exaggerated faces behind her mother’s head rest and then put her earbuds back into her ears. Eventually Laurie caught on that her daughter was no longer listening, sighed, and returned her attention to the files.  With the memory of Meaghan in her underwear fresh in my mind from that morning, I was probably checking my rearview more often than was necessary. I kept picturing her with her breasts all but bursting out of her bra – her nice round tummy, the way that her shorts rode low on her hips, and displayed the words ‘Hot Stuff’ stretched tight across two ample cheeks that peaked out from below. In quick darting glances, I watched her absently twirl her ginger hair in her fingers. I saw her rub her neck, her shoulders, her hand wandering slowly, casually drifting down across her chest.Wait! What was this? Meaghan’s hand stopped on her breast as if she’d simply just forgotten it there as she focused on the passing scenery.  But no, her fingers began to subtly flick back and forth over it, raising her nipple to firm attention. She closed her eyes and bit her lip, clearly enjoying the feeling she was producing for herself. Her hand cupped her breast fully, and she gave it a not-too-gentle squeeze.I had to take my eyes off her to overtake a slow-moving RV. When I checked isveçbahis giriş the mirror again to make sure it was safe to switch lanes, I found Meaghan’s eyes looking back at me. She gave me a devilish smile, and raised her finger to her lips, signaling me to keep quiet. Then she began to lift her t-shirt up to her neck, exposing the same bra from earlier. Her nipple poked far more prominently through the fabric. Her fingers went to it, circling the proud protrusion with renewed interest.I could feel a tight tingling sensation building in my jeans. I looked over to Laurie, to see if she suspected anything. She was absorbed in her work, totally unaware of her daughter’s display directly behind her.Meaghan treated first one breast, then the other to the attention of her fingers over her bra. After a minute, she glanced quickly around the car, first one side, then the other. She turned to look behind her, but the only other traffic on the road was the RV we’d passed fading into the distance. With a mischievous grin, she reached around behind her back and unfasted the bra. The cups fell away from her big tits with beautiful pink nipples standing hard at their summit.I watched her for a few more minutes in the rearview, caressing her breasts, tweaking her nipples. The action came to an abrupt stop when Laurie bent forward to pick up her bag from the floor by her feet. In a hurried movement, Meaghan pulled her shirt down over her chest, and then swiped her bra from the car seat onto the floor. Laurie searched for a minute through her bag.“Gum?” she offered, withdrawing a peppermint pack.“Uh, no thanks,” I said, nervous that she’d spot my very obvious erection beneath the steering wheel. Thankfully, she didn’t take notice.“Meaghan, gum?” Laurie asked, extending her arm beyond her seat.“Thanks, mom,” Meaghan said, accepting a stick and returning the pack to her mother.“How’s the filing going?” I asked, trying to distract myself from thinking about the show her daughter had put on in the back seat.“I should have done it at the office,” Laurie said. “But we just had so much to do before we left. It’s coming along, but it’s slow.”“Sorry,” I said.“I’m sure I can get it done before we get there,” Laurie said. She placed her bag back on the floor, and started sorting through the papers again.I kept looking back at the mirror, but Meaghan left her shirt in place, and her hands were out of my view. However, her eyes caught mine. I saw them cast downwards, and then back at me. Taking the hint, I adjusted the mirror to take in more of her. Her hand was between her thighs, running over the crotch of her leggings. Then I saw her fingers slip inside, her knuckles pressing against the sheer fabric. When they emerged, they were slick and shiny with her juices. I watched her suck them clean, one by one.My erection was pushing urgently at the front of my pants, begging for attention, but there was nothing I could do about it. At the same time, I couldn’t bring myself to look away for more than a couple of seconds at a time.Meaghan continued to work her fingers beneath her leggings. Her face took on silent expressions of sensual joy as she fingered herself. After several minutes, she paused for long enough to raise her ass from the seat and the pull her leggings and underwear down to ankles. Her knees were parted and her shaved pussy gleamed pink and wet in the sunlight. I watched her fingers rubbing quick urgent circles around her swollen clit, flickering over it, slipping down into her wet crevice, pushing inside herself, then back to her clit again.Within minutes, Meaghan’s eyes squeezed shut tight in sweet ecstatic agony. Her thighs clamped down on the hand between them, and she rocked forward in her seat, her body shuddering. Her other hand was clenched so tight, her knuckles turned white. She raised her fist to her mouth pushing back every urge to cry out in ecstasy. For a few seconds it seemed uncertain whether she’d win the battle with herself for silence.Gradually, the tension subsided. The hand she’d held captive between her legs was released, isveçbahis yeni giriş and replace the other one in her mouth as she licked the creamy juices from her fingers. Then she pulled her pants back up, favored me with another devious smile and shot me the middle finger. She looked at her phone, picked it up excitedly, and began to tap at it again. I guessed the signal must have returned.“I’m going to pull over up here at the rest stop,” I announced as we passed a sign that said our turn-off was upcoming. Even though Meaghan’s show was over, my erection persisted stubbornly, insistently, desperately. It was all I could do not to reach down and stroke it through my pants, knowing that if I did, it would certainly draw attention to it. Even if I somehow got away with it, I could feel myself on a hair-trigger of excitement that could quickly go off and create a sticky situation.Soon, we pulled into the parking lot of a mega truck-stop complex advertising the “Cleanest restrooms in the State.” I quickly sprang from the car and rushed inside, slightly hunched over to hide my hard-on. Without pausing, I located the men’s room, and walked quickly to the first available stall, slamming the door behind me.In an instant, I had my cock out, gripped tight in my fist, and jerking it furiously as images of Meaghan flooded my mind. I felt the tension in my groin rapidly build and explode as I reached climax in about a minute. Streams of cum shot out of the tip of my cock, splashing into the toilet water. Little thick white clouds, sinking to the bottom of the bowl. It took another minute to completely drain myself and wipe up any residual cum that had dribbled down my cock. As I flushed the toilet, I allowed myself one more minute to enjoy the afterglow of the orgasm, and to compose myself before washing my hands and leaving the rest room. Meaghan and Laurie were waiting for me when I got out.“You okay?” Laurie asked looking concerned.“Yeah, is everything alright?” Meaghan added with a subtle smirk.“Yeah, fine. Why?” I answered. “You bolted pretty quick,” Meaghan said a little too knowingly.“We thought you might be sick,” Laurie agreed.“No. I just really needed to go,” I said. “I was just about to burst,” I added with a side-glance at Meaghan. She smiled back at me, knowingly. “Anyway, while we’re here, why don’t we get something to eat.”“Good idea,” Laurie said.After a quick lunch of burgers and fries, we got back into the car. There was still another hour to go, but after leaving the freeway, the drive became more scenic as we wound our way through hills and trees and around a number of lakes that weren’t Lake Parchunes, until we finally arrived at the right one.Laurie checked us in at the front building, where there was a lobby, a restaurant, a bar with a deck overlooking the lake, a business office, a gym, laundry services, and a meeting room, which was ours for the workshop. Everything was rustic in aesthetic but modern in conveniences. We left our registration stuff with the clerk, and then followed his directions around the lake about a quarter of a mile to our cabins.The cabins, like the front building, were all wood cottage interiors, but with perfectly made beds, a large screen television, air conditioning and all the other amenities anyone could ask for. As I brought my stuff inside, I wondered at how fortunate I was to stay in a place like this when my budget could barely afford a room at a Red Roof Inn. But the grant was paying, so Laurie had set us up in style.After fifteen minutes, a knock came at my door. I got up off the bed where I’d been relaxing to answer it.“So?” Laurie asked as I opened the door to her. “What do you think?”“This place is amazing,” I said. She looked pleased with herself. “So, what’s next?”“Can you help me set up the registration table for the workshop?” Laurie asked.“Yeah, sure,” I agreed.Technically, my job was just to be the cameraman and film the workshop, but I felt guilty being in such a nice place and not doing anything to help out. Laurie and I drove back to the front building, and the clerk showed us where we could get set up. Laurie had come prepared with signs to guide attendees to the right place, as well as the individual registration packets she’d assembled in the car with all kinds of information and materials.

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