A Chance EncounterA Chance Encounter

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Dave pulled into his favorite bar’s parking lot and found a spot to park near the back door. He locked his car and walked into the Saloon bar. The Saloon was a meeting place for the thirties crowd and normally a lot of friends and acquaintances frequented the bar. Tonight was no exception as several regulars greeted him as he walked into the bar room. It was relatively early and there was no work tomorrow so he planned to stay awhile. The barmaid, Cindy, knew him and held up a Bud Light at him and Dave nodded. She popped the tab and poured some beer into his glass. They exchanged small talk and Cindy went off to tend to her other bar patrons. Cindy was a real dream, good looking all over and everyone wanted to get in her pants, but as far as Dave knew no one had been that lucky.

He sat quietly sipping his beer and listening to the jukebox playing some old time country songs. Dave liked all music, but he had a special place in his heart for country music. He didn’t much care for the ‘New’ country, but very much liked the original country music. Time seemed to be passing too fast tonight, Dave thought. Here it was nearly eleven o’clock and he hadn’t even been close to finding a woman to talk to, let alone make out. Oh well, he thought, ‘sometimes you get the bear and other times the bear gets you’. He noticed two women come into the bar and sit at the two open bar stools next to him. He smiled and nodded as they sat down.

After they ordered and had talked for a while, the blonde woman tried to light her cigarette, but her lighter would not fire up. Dave grabbed a matchbook on the bar and lit a match to her cigarette. She smiled as she took a drag and said, “Thank you. I guess chivalry isn’t completely dead, after all.” They both laughed and that broke the ice. Her girlfriend was asked to dance by some guy, so that left the blonde and Dave sitting together and chatting. “Hi, my name is Joyce,” she told him, and Dave introduced himself. This is my first time here at the Saloon,” she said, “Do you come here often?”

“I manage to get here about once or twice a week,” Dave replied. “What brought you and your friend to the Saloon tonight?”

“Well, we went to a movie and on the way home, Martha, that’s my friend, suggested we stop for a drink.” Dave smiled and motioned to Cindy to bring them another round. Joyce didn’t object and welcomed a second drink. As she lifted the glass in her left hand, Dave noticed the wedding band. He was a bit apprehensive as he rarely ‘hit’ on married women, thinking that it could only lead to potential problems. Joyce was watching her girlfriend dancing and Dave decided that he best look for an unmarried woman. “Hey,” Joyce pouted at him as she playfully pushed his shoulder lightly, “are you ignoring me already?”

“No I don’t mean to ignore you, but I see by that wedding band that you are spoken for.” Dave said as he looked into her blue eyes. She smiled and returned the look without responding. Dave quickly looked her over and she looked so good he wanted to bite his lip. She had very nice breasts, not big, but not small either. He nipples pushed out into two wonderful bumps on her low cut top. She wore a mini skirt that revealed lovely thighs and legs with a small waist to match. Her blonde hair fell nearly to her waist behind her and had bangs at her forehead.

“Well, Dave, how about if I say not to worry about the ring on my finger,” Joyce whispered to him.

“I guess I’d want to know why I wasn’t to worry about it, Joyce,” Dave replied, “I’m not looking to cross swords with an irate husband,” he continued, “They don’t know how to take a joke.”

Joyce laughed at the remark and sipped her drink. “All he cares about is beer, football and work, Dave,” she said with a tremor in her voice. “He just doesn’t care about anything else. He hasn’t touched me in two months because he’s ‘too tired’. I haven’t been anywhere in over six months, not out to eat or to a movie, let alone to get a drink somewhere,” she continued. “Tonight, Martha asked me to go see a movie and I said ok. When I told my husband, he said ‘go on and have a good time, cause he was tired.” Joyce took another sip of her drink before she spoke, “Martha took me to see some Adult Movies at the ‘Art Theatre’ and I was too embarrassed to tell her I had never been before. I couldn’t believe what I saw on the screen,” Joyce carried on, “I had never seen people do oral sex or group sex,” she said sounding amazed, “I had heard about stuff like that, but never seen it before.”

“How did it make you feel?” Dave asked her with ulterior motives in mind.

“Well, at first I was horrified, but after a while I got all hot and bothered,” Joyce replied. “I got to wondering what some of that stuff felt like,” she said blushing, “the girls in the movie seemed to love it.”

“Your husband and you never did anything like that?” Dave asked slyly.

“No, isveçbahis we never. He just jumps on top and when he finishes it’s all over for both of us.”

“He doesn’t let you get off too?” Joyce shook her head no, and told him that she had never had an orgasm. In fact she thought girls didn’t cum until Martha told her that she has orgasms all the time. Dave was getting both horny and perplexed. He didn’t want to get involved with a married woman, but how could he pass up this opportunity. Joyce was looking at him like a little puppy asking to be cuddled. A tear formed in the corner of her eye and she wiped it away. She gazed at her drink then up at Dave.

“Please show me, Dave,” she whispered softly, “please?” Dave felt like he was on the horns of a dilemma. Finally, after mulling it over in his mind he looked deep into Joyce’s eyes and stood up.

“Let’s go before I change my mind, Joyce.” She slipped off the barstool and followed Dave out of the bar. Martha waved goodbye to her as they and made a circle with her thumb and forefinger. Outside, Dave opened the car door for her and let her slide into his car. Getting in the drivers side Dave looked at Joyce and she moved to him to kiss him passionately. Eagerly, he drove out of the parking lot and turned onto the interstate. He decided to drive to a remote motel to preclude anyone from knowing where they going, as he was in no mood to be a fighter tonight. He knew of a nice clean country motel that he had used for other trysts. It was out of the way and each room had a garage for the car. In about fifteen minutes Dave pulled into the motel, registered and drove around back to park in the attached garage.

He helped Joyce out of the car and they entered the dark room. Dave drew the drapes shut and turned on a small lamp. Joyce went into the bathroom as Dave stripped naked and got into bed. In a few minutes, Joyce came out of the bathroom fully dressed. “Did I misunderstand you, Joyce?” Dave asked her, wondering why she was still dressed.

“No, it’s…I’ve never cheated on my husband before and,” she stopped mid sentence looking at Dave with tears welling up in her eyes.

“It’s ok, Joyce, I understand,” Dave replied, “If you have second thoughts about this, that’s ok. I’ll get dressed and take you home.”

“No!” Joyce said emphatically, “I have to do it…I can’t go another two months without… without…”

“Sex,” he said, completing the sentence for her.

“Yes, sex,” she said, “I’m so aroused.” Dave held out his arm to her and she clasped his hand to sit down on the edge of the bed. He kissed her neck and nibbled at her earlobe as she breathed heavily, her breasts heaving under her clothes. Slowly Dave’s hands began to pull her top up and Joyce didn’t object. Under the top she wore a lacy white bra, cut low with wires that pushed her breasts up enticingly. Dave undid the zipper to her skirt and she stood up slightly to let him remove it. Her breathing was hard and she quivered at his touch. She hooked her thumbs into her pantyhose and quickly pulled them off revealing see through white bikini panties. Dave reached around her to unhook her bra as Joyce reached out trembling and wrapped her fingers around his hard cock.

Tossing the bra aside he marveled at the beauty of her breasts. They were firm and stood out with just a hint of curve underneath them. Her nipples were hard and jutted out on areolas about the size of a silver dollar. Gently he rubbed her nipples and she gasped at his touch. He bent down to kiss her breast flesh all over avoiding her areolas and nipples. Joyce moaned softly as Dave continued to pleasure her tits. Tenderly, he pushed her down on the bed onto her back and began to remove her panties. Joyce helped him eagerly as her arousal grew with each passing moment. Her blonde bush was neatly trimmed and Dave could see a glint of moisture on her pussy in the dim light.

He bent over her chest and started to lick concentric circles on her breasts getting ever closer to her nipples. Joyce was gasping and quivering as he made love to her tits. “Yes, yes,” she moaned as his tongue touched her sensitive areola. “Oh God,” she sighed, “don’t stop, please,” she begged. Dave’s tongue swirled around her nipple and he pulled it into his mouth to lick and suckle it. Joyce bit her lip, groaned and shuddered through her first ever orgasm. She was breathing very heavily as she felt her juices flowing over her inner thighs and running down to her ass. “Oh my God…Oh my God…Oh my God…I…I just cum,” she gasped and stammered as though she could not believe it.

“Yes, you did, and very well too, I might add,” Dave whispered as he kissed her passionately. She was still trying to catch her breath as she grinned at him happily.

“God, that was so incredible. I never felt anything that good before,” she confessed. Dave moved to start licking her other breast and moving closer to her nipple. He sucked the nipple into his mouth and Joyce writhed in pleasure, holding his head to her breast. Releasing her nipple Dave began to draw his tongue down her belly, pausing to lick and ream her navel. She sighed, isveçbahis giriş breathing deeply, her breasts heaving as he continued to lick her navel. His fingers trailed to her pussy and he lightly rubbed her outer cuntlips as she twitched with each touch. She moaned as her clit responded to the stimulation and slowly exited its hood looking for attention. “Tease me,” she sighed, “yes, tease me…please.”

Dave placed his fingers on her cuntlips to trap her clit between them, as it became engorged and stood erect. Joyce squirmed in pleasure while he moved her cuntlips up and down on her clit, her juices providing all needed lubrication. He rolled her clit between her cuntlips and she shuddered from the extreme arousal she felt. Still moving her cunt lips up and down, Dave bent down and kissed her clit. Joyce jerked and bucked as his lips touched her upright nub. He drew his head back a bit and blew air directly onto her clit as she writhed and bucked again, moaning with pleasure. She was breathing arduously and trembling as she pleaded with him to play with her clit some more.

Dave placed his arms behind her knees and raised her hips up. He placed a pillow under her hips, lowered his mouth to her pussy and kissed it as though it were her mouth. She groaned with delight as she waited, trembling, for his next advance. He drew his tongue along her outer cuntlips, up one side and down the other without touching her clit. “Suck it…lick it…please!” she moaned lustfully. Dave flicked his tongue across the edges of her closed cuntlips as she quivered and seeped her juices from between them. He licked the juices from the edges and swallowed, telling her she tasted delicious. Joyce was nearly mad with desire as she begged him to pleasure her with his tongue or she would die.

Dave parted her cuntlips with his tongue and licked the insides of her cuntlips, nibbling each one a little and sucking on them. Joyce whimpered and moaned when he suddenly plunged his tongue deep as he could into her pussy. She screamed with delight as his tongue slathered the insides of her pussy. Instinctively, Joyce grasped his head to pull it into her cunt, crying out for him to lick and suck her. Dave did not disappoint her as he swirled his tongue around her engorged clit and back into her sopping wet cunt. She was moaning in a constant monotone as his lips closed about her clit to begin sucking her clit in and out of his mouth. Writhing and gyrating Joyce exploded in another powerful orgasm, drenching Dave’s face and mouth with her copious juices. She seemed to cum with each spasm of her body.

Dave would not let up suckling her clit as she tried to push his head away when the feeling in her pussy grew too intense to bear. “Oh God, please stop…please give me a chance to breath,” she gasped and her body shuddered through yet again another cum. Slowly her orgasm abated and she lay quiet except for her labored breathing and gasping. Finally, her orgasm subsided and she embraced Dave to kiss him and tell him over and over how marvelous her cum had been. Dave corrected her good naturedly, telling her that he had counted three hard cums with several jolts of mini after-cums too. Joyce smiled at him and pulled his head to her breast.

It seemed to Joyce that all the years of frustration, thinking that she could not achieve orgasm, were wasted. She felt wonderful and fulfilled for the first time in her life. Dave gently rolled her over onto her belly and began to lick and kiss her ears and neck. She moaned and purred as it felt so good to be loved totally and all over. Dave kissed her back, drawing his tongue lightly down her spine and Joyce shivered with arousal and excitement. He licked the small of her back then trailed his tongue over her lovely asscheek to her thigh. Kissing and licking at the back of her thighs he drew his tongue up over the other asscheek and then rubbed his face all about her magnificent ass.

Purring and whimpering, Joyce reveled in pleasure as Dave kissed, licked and gently nibbled her asscheeks. As he kissed and licked one asscheek, he would gently knead the other. She moaned and sighed with pleasure and renewed arousal. She knew that she was being drawn toward more sexual adventures, but she didn’t care. Her body and soul wanted to allow this wonderful man to use her to his hearts content. Joyce felt Dave tenderly spread her asscheeks apart revealing her rosy puckered and tight little asshole. She purred and sighed again as Dave drew his tongue down the cleft of her asscrack. She groaned with delight as he circled his tongue around her asshole without touching it.

He continued to tease her in this manner until she was gasping and panting with a primeval need for release. She wiggled her ass to try to capture his tongue, but Dave eluded her. Nearly crazed with desire she totally relaxed her body to try to breathe more easily. At that precise moment when she dropped her guard, Dave kissed her asshole. Groaning, she shuddered as he French kissed her asshole then lightly licked and reamed her asshole with his tongue. Joyce moaned and writhed at the unbelievable pleasure she was feeling. isveçbahis yeni giriş Her moaning grew louder until she erupted into a massive orgasm from Dave’s licking her rosy asshole. She pushed back against his tongue until her orgasm faded away leaving her gasping and crying, “Oh my God!” over and over.

She rolled over to embrace and kiss him deeply probing for his tongue. “Oh Dave, that was incredible. I didn’t think that I would ever like anything like that,” she confessed between kisses, “but I loved it.” She lay back on the bed and Dave rose up on his knees. He looked at her face, radiant from pleasure. Her exotic smile and the beauty of her naked body was so erotic that Dave’s cock throbbed with desire. He parted her legs and nestled his body between them. Joyce smiled at him as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He grasped his cock with his hand and parted Joyce’s cuntlips with his cockhead. Slowly he glided his huge cock into her pussy to embed it deep inside.

Joyce gasped and murmured as Dave’s manhood penetrated her tight quivering cunt. She clenched his cock with her cunt muscles to draw his foreskin over his cockhead as he withdrew in his backstroke. Clasping his cock, she held the foreskin enough to allow it to pull back exposing his sensitive cockhead to intense pleasure as it was engulfed by the pink folds of her inner cunt. Joyce held Dave close to her while her legs encircled his waist, locking her feet. She drove her hips into him, in rhythm with his thrusts into her wet and throbbing pussy. She gasped, “Fuck meeee…fuck meeee, Oh God, fuck me hard, Dave!” Her lovely body glistened with sweat as they fucked recklessly. She shouted and gasped as she was again slowly driven towards orgasm.

Dave was on the edge, nearly unable to withstand the intensity of her pussy as it clenched and clasped his cock in sweet ‘torment’ while they fucked. His balls slapped audibly against her asscheeks as his human piston drove them both relentlessly toward orgasm. Joyce screamed out first, jammed her hips and cunt up into Dave, holding it there as she shuddered into a mind numbing orgasm. Dave climaxed a few seconds after Joyce, driving his cock as deep into her as he could. His throbbing cock spewed volumes of thick white cum into Joyce’s pussy. His balls convulsed each time they pumped out his seed. He blasted volley after volley of thick frothy cum into her cunt as it held his cock in her flesh sheath.

Their bodies shuddered and bucked against one another as they orgasmed. Joyce released his waist and let her legs fall to the bed as she sought his lips to kiss him. Dave drove his tongue into her mouth to entwine his tongue with hers. His balls were drenched from her cunt nectar as it cascaded over them and down to wet her asshole. Neither one could breathe well as their orgasms left them spent and exhausted. Joyce lay still, gasping and panting, trying to recover her senses. Dave used every bit of energy he could muster, just to roll off his lover and lie next to her gasping for air

Neither spoke for several minutes, Joyce softly whispered, “Oh thank you…that was awesome. I didn’t know I could cum like that, Dave. Oh God… thank you Dave.” He turned his head and they looked into each other’s eyes. They smiled at one another and kissed tenderly. Joyce rose to her knees and bent over Dave’s chest to lick his nipples. He closed his eyes enjoying the marvelous sensation of her tongue swirling around and over his sensitive nipples. Looking up at Dave as she suckled, she drew her tongue along his sweaty lower chest and belly to pause and lick his sweat. She dipped her tongue into his sweat filled navel and drained it. Moving lower she nuzzled his trimmed pubic hair, burying her nose into his balls.

Joyce was pleasantly surprised that Dave’s balls were smooth and free of hair. She had never been this close to any mans cock and balls, but she was determined to return the pleasure Dave had given her so freely. Recalling how the girls performed in the movie she saw earlier that evening, Joyce began to lick his balls. She could taste her cunt nectar on his balls and found it tasty and pleasant. Her mouth enveloped one testicle and she sucked it inside to slather it with her tongue for several moments. She saw his flaccid cock twitch and seem to come alive again as she released his testicle to suck in the other one. Dave was moaning as he watched Joyce loving his balls. She tried to pull both balls into her mouth, but failed on her first few tries. Finally, she succeeded and Dave groaned in pleasure as Joyce swirled her tongue all over his balls.

Joyce released his balls and began to lick at his cockshaft. Thick white cum coated his cock, and she drew he tongue through the creamy cum. She thought she might gag at the thought of tasting his seed, but to her surprise it was salty and pleasant. She licked up more and let it roll over her taste buds, relishing the flavor. Drawing her tongue up to the rim of his cockhead she sucked in a large dollop of cum, looked up at her lover and grinned as she swallowed it. Joyce traced her tongue along the underside of his rim gathering his nectar and then engulfed his semi-hard cockhead with her mouth. Dave moaned and trembled as her tongue swathed his sensitive cockhead. She licked it clean of residual cum, wrapping her lips around his stiffening cock to lick and suck it all over.

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