A Casual Game Of Strip Poker Ch. 03A Casual Game Of Strip Poker Ch. 03


They all settled back down to play a new round and Steph sat on the couch sipping a Chardonnay. Banter soon started and as the cards flew out and it felt as if the stakes had been raised by Steph’s presence. Jake’s hand wasn’t looking too bad as he collected an ace and a queen. He studied everyone else and they all looked slightly nervous as most were one item off full nudity.

Jake took three cards and saw that he had a straight and knew that the dares ended until the next hand and he breathed a sigh of relief. Liz laid her hand down first and it didn’t look good with a jack high, Steve then followed with a pair, then Charlie with another, Jake his straight and finally Amy paused. Jake felt excitement again as he did the maths and realised a pussy would be in view in a few short minutes, but which one? Amy laid slowly but he knew she didn’t have much and was probably stalling for time. He glanced at Liz and could tell she was silently hoping. He knew she was a true extrovert but probably didn’t fancy being the first girl naked. Finally Amy laid the last and was nowhere near. Jake roared with a victorious laugh.

Amy stood slowly and for the first time looked slightly nervous and unsure of herself. Jake started to enjoy the fact that it was her up on display and not him. But above his sadistic feelings, voyeuristic ones invaded. The girl of Asian descent looked divine as she stood above them all in her 125ibs and 5’8″ frame. He studied her tight body and particularly her perk, naked breasts as she breathed, noticing her small hard nipples and then moved down to her delightful flat belly. Finally he stopped at her black thong, which had hands posed at either side. She paused and then started peeling downwards, knowing she had no choice. For Jake this took an eternity but finally black straight and short pubic hair came into view. He had spent many a night thinking about what laid between her legs and now he was about to find out.

The side straps of the thong were now curled up below her hips and the bottom of her pants stuck to her, but showed a perfectly cultivated landing strip of thin, wispy and short black hair. Jake had stopped breathing. Then the pants pulled away and Amy’s shaved pussy lips came into view. One for the bank, thought Jake.

Jake couldn’t help but take some other kinds of pleasure in this moment given the torment she had caused this evening and said sarcastically, “Welcome to the club, Amy.” She stared at him with almost disgust and stuck her middle finger up. Although he should have been offended, he had rarely seen a sexier sight than this as he took in the whole of her naked body. His erection was coming back.

Amy sat back down and silence fell over the group. Liz grabbed the pack of cards and started shuffling and the game got back under way. Jake suddenly wished it hadn’t as he was possibly looking at another defeat. God, he was having a crappy night with the cards. He swapped most and got nothing back. Shit he was in trouble and moments later he was beat yet again!

He glanced at Steve and his mate had nothing but sympathy in his eyes. He looked at Charlie and she looked at the table and was not having fun. Then to Liz as she caught his eye, but she even looked away. Finally to his side he glanced at Amy; God he wished he hadn’t said anything on the last round.

“I think he should perform as a male stripper for Steph and she should be allowed to get his thing back to full attention.” suggested Amy in an insidious way.

“Oh I couldn’t.” Laughed Steph, but suddenly music started blaring and Jake saw a naked Amy turning up it up in the background and changing tracks. Jake looked to Liz for support, but she just looked down and giggled. He rose to his feet.

Jake moved over to Steph who sat forward, almost chocking on her wine. She was laughing hysterically at both the approaching Jake, but also with nerves and embarrassment. Jake did some lame-ass moves as he stumbled over and stood in front her with his half-erect cock. Liz joined Steph on the sofa and he felt the presence of Amy behind him.

Liz encouraged Steph and kept telling her to pretend it was a stripper giving her a private dance whilst Jake shuffled nervously in front of the two sat women. Steph closed her eyes and then covered them with her left hand and reached with her right, making contact clumsily with Jake’s chest. She slid her hand over him but kept her hand almost flat and simply kept brushing over his nipples, which Jake didn’t feel was too bad and knew the song would be soon over. Then he saw the small hands of Amy grab Steph’s and guide them down his body. He felt her fingers brush through his pubes and then be guided around the shaft of his cock. Jake could feel himself start to get fully-hard and Steph slowly grew in confidence and slowly started to wank him. Amy’s hand moved away and she smacked him on the bum and laughed. Bitch.

Jake suddenly had new feelings as Steph was gripping tighter and tighter as he tried to dance. The concept of mersin escort him cumming in front of everyone was now a real possibility. He gritted his teeth and prayed for the song to stop. He heard Amy trot off somewhere whilst all of this was happening and then return by giggling with Liz. Unbeknown to him, Amy had returned and held a jar of wieners in brine and had pulled one out. She slowly approached his bum and rubbed it up and down his butt crack. Jake struggled to turn around in shock but was gripped by Steph and then sternly told by Amy to stay as he was. Then she slid it between his butt-cheeks. He was mortified whilst Steph just kept wanking him.

He naturally clenched around it and tried to keep doing his goofy dance. He also felt his balls bubbling with cum and partly wanted release given how much excitement he’d already had over the evening. He knew it was just seconds away. He took a depth breath. Here it comes he thought, when Amy suddenly stopped Steph and pulled her hand away. He froze, frustrated and confused. Then he saw Amy smiling with a camera in her hand and the flash went off.

WHAT THE FUCK!!! No one said anything about pictures! He knew then that he would get this bitch back tonight in no uncertain terms!

He couldn’t believe it, what had he done to deserve this humiliation as he stood with an erect cock and a wiener stuck up his bum. He was the nice guy, who did everything she ever asked and she treated him like this. He bum let go of the wiener and it fell to the floor. He walked ashamed back to the table, not daring to look at anyone. This had been a strange old night.

Jake sat and pondered what had happened as everyone took a break. On one hand he was angry with what Amy had done, but on the other he realised he had been integral to this game starting and was actually beginning enjoy the dares a little bit. He had always known deep down Amy was not the girl you settle down with and on many occasions his dick had essentially driven him to her company. This wasn’t love he thought, this was drown-right dirty lust, and hopefully tonight he would get to taste it. He also considered his life. Here he was acting ashamed and realised he might just be out of his comfort zone. The kinkiest thing he had ever done before tonight was to let those few shags he’d had go on top. He was in his mid-twenties, worked for an insurance company on their phones and was, now he thought about it, boring as fuck. Life was passing him by as he waited hoping to make an honest women out of Amy. He now knew that that was never going to happen and he had to let himself go and enjoy what could be the best sexual night of his life.

He walked to the small kitchen and spied Charlie making herself a drink. She had put a silk rob on but not tied it at the front, allowing Jake a partial glimpse at her body again. He watched her bend over to grab some orange juice out of the bottom of the fridge and he caught the swell of her contained breasts; god, she had a great body. It was perfect he thought; maybe if it was a stone heavier she would look slightly fat, but at this moment she looked great. He continued to watch and notice her almost pour half a glass of vodka into a tall glass, then top it with orange juice, downing most of it. She was obviously having as rough a time of it as him.

He walked into the kitchen and asked how she was doing. Sadly the sentiment was not perfect as he was still sporting a rock-solid erection which he suspected would never go down. He had thought about a bathroom break to take care of the problem, but he wanted to see where the dares went. Charlie looked surprised first to see him and then relieved it was him. She said she couldn’t believe where the game was going and couldn’t believe what had got into Amy. “Yeah, she was a bit wild at Uni, but never anything like this.” she added.

Jake turned the conversation back on her and she revealed that she was scared shitless of exposing any more of her body to the group, let alone being involved in dares. He explained his epiphany and could see she partly understood. He also told her not to worry as he wouldn’t let anything bad happen to her and he was going to get Amy back. Finally he said, “You really don’t have anything to worry about, you have the best body here and I think you’re incredibly sexy.” It was corny, he knew, but it worked. She didn’t reply but just hugged him tightly and he could feel his erection pressed against her belly. They parted but he hoped they would become greater friends from this experience.

They both returned to the game and Steph was now sat at the table next to Liz. She explained that Liz had convinced her to play. She had also removed a thin top she was wearing and her shoes and socks. Game on, thought Jake.

The next hand went just as Jake wanted and luck seemed out for Amy with the worst hand. That was until Steve laid his down, being last to reveal, and they matched perfectly. “Two losers!” Shouted Liz excitedly. Jake jumped in quickly, with “I think mersin escort bayan Amy should remove Steve’ boxers with her teeth as her dare.” Both argued, pointing to the earlier draw but Liz played ref and stated out that they were a long way past that now. “In fact, I think Amy should get Steve to stand at attention, if you catch my drift?” She added.

Steve was resigned to his fate and stood slowly. Amy stood too and allowed Jake to marvel at her nakedness once again, but something had changed. It was almost as if she was in character and she started to walk confidently towards Steve, swaying her hips in the manner she had earlier in the flat.

When she reached him she swung her arm behind his neck and pulled him towards her as if to kiss him but slid to the side of his neck at the last moment. She licked him downwards and went over his nipple, then his belly, pulled away and fell to her knees. She looked like a stripper, thought Jake. She moved behind Steve on her knees and her hands moved behind her back almost as if she was restrained by imaginary handcuffs. She then arched forward and bit the elastic of his boxers just above his butt crack, pulling downwards. When she was below his cheeks she let go and the boxers rested there. She then moved to his side and kissed the side of his flat belly, then going down and pulling the boxers further on the side. The group could see Steve pubes now as he was just covered. Amy crawled on all fours around the front of Steve, back onto her knees and her teeth brushed through this hair and latched onto the front of his boxers. She slowly pulled downwards and the top of his dick came into view; she pulled again and the band was now below his penis, which rested against her face. She looked up at Steve and their eyes met as she gave him a sultry look. Amy then looked at his cock and gave it a juicy kiss, flicking her tongue out to lick it on the underside as she pulled away. Everyone could see Steve’s penis start to swell and Jake looked at Liz, who was worried that a new line had been crossed.

Amy continued to pull his shorts down with her teeth until they were around his ankles. She then sat back up and looked again at the rising cock in front of her. Slowly she lent forward and started to lick alternate sides almost like a cat and Steve closed his eyes. His cock was almost at its full length of 6 ½”, when she took the bulb of his dick in her mouth and swirled her tongue around, leaving Steve groaning. A few seconds later he was fully hard and she let go of him with a plop sound. She rose to her face and eyed Jake, giving him a sly smile whilst she moved back to her seat.

The next few hands contained no dares, but offered an eye-full for the guys. Firstly Steph was reduced to her bra, revealing her large breasts and flattish stomach. Liz then finally lost her pants and showed a shaved pussy to all without much of a fuss. Steph did comment on her grooming methods and Liz replied, “Well, it’s how my men like me.” Hinting at her near always busy love-life. Finally, Charlie lost her bra and was shell-shocked. She took a bit of encouragement but she removed her bra to offer the best breasts Jake had ever seen. They were large and juicy, being at least d-cups he thought, and had little sag, if at all. Sadly the view was taken away mere seconds later as she went red from everyone looking and flung her arm across her chest.

The round after this Jake was presented with a crap hand and the writing was on the wall. He managed to get a pair of twos when he swapped a few cards, but it quickly became apparent it wasn’t enough. Jake rose to his feet and display his hard cock to everyone, awaiting his fate. “For this dare I think you should let Charlie get acquainted with your dick, Jake.” blurted Amy before anyone could suggest anything else. Jake loved the idea secretly and didn’t see it as much of a dare, but also felt protective of Charlie and knew she wouldn’t be comfortable with this. He glanced at Charlie and she looked like a rabbit in a headlight. Suddenly she started to say to no one , and everyone, “No, no, I couldn’t…I can’t…I couldn’t…I….”

“Oh come on Charlie, you’ve always wanted to get your hands on his meat!” replied Amy menacingly.

Charlie shot up onto her feet, and with her arms still covering her breasts, ran off to her bedroom and disappeared. A naked Liz followed straight after her. Jake stood perplexed fully as to what Amy meant with her last statement. He also didn’t know what to do; he felt like he should go see Charlie, but also felt Liz was the best person in there right now. Soon enough though Liz reappeared looking relieved and then Charlie followed, but looking more confident and she had dropped her arm, allowing her breasts to be on display for all. She walked straight up to Jake and whispered in his ear, “I want this Jake. It’s like you said before.” He nodded and agreed.

Facing away from the group Charlie rested against Jake’s side and her left arm went around his back. He escort mersin felt her breast, pressed against him with her head rested against between his shoulder and neck. Her right hand slid down his belly and the back of her hand brushed against his erect cock. She then then slid it around and cupped his balls. Amy coughed deliberately at this point and they were forced to display themselves to group by turning around.

Charlie regained her composure and closed her eyes. She reached up and positioned her fist around the shaft of his cock and Jake breathed deeply. She gently started to nervously stroke him and although she offered little pressure, Jake was in heaven. This continued for a while and Jake started waiting for Liz or Amy to stop them but there was silence across the group. He closed his eyes and continued to enjoy the sensations running from his penis. He rested his head against the top of Charlie’s head and almost immediately she gripped his cock tight and started to stroked faster and faster. It was at that point that he knew he was going to cum. The sensation took over him and he thought, ‘at last!’ He opened his eyes and looked down just in time to see himself ejaculate, with the first spurt flying about four feet in front of him onto the laminate floor of the flat. With the fact that he had the beautiful Charlie doing this to him and that he had been aroused for so long, he seemed to cum forever and then there was a stream in-front on the floor and all over Charlie’s hand. He looked down at her and she looked up and gave him a sweet smile. He kissed her forehead and smiled back.

Everyone took a break and Jake cleaned up his own mess, whilst Charlie went to the toilet to clean herself up. When they returned, everyone seemed a little bit more sexual charged and enthusiastic to play. Liz quickly grabbed the cards and shuffled, then dealt. The next hand put Jake in the position he wanted as Amy was led to a slow defeat with a poor hand. “I want you to masturbate for the group, Amy.” He suggested.

“Do you, Jake.” She replied. “You really want to keep challenging me!?”

“I’m a long way from finished, Amy.” He replied, not really sure how far he wanted to take this, but he knew he wanted closure on the evening in his own way, not hers.

Amy stood up and strolled over to the large serving hatch that joined the kitchen and living room and cleared a large space. She then jumped up and sat in it looking at the group. She then spread her legs and Jake stared at her glistening pussy that revealed more about her arousal in that second than her face. Jake admired it fully in those brief seconds before it was partly covered by her hand; he dreamt about her pussy for so long now and there it sat just feet away spread and obtainable. When he glanced up at her face she simply stared at him as she started to run her index finger gently along her slit. She ran it up and down along the lips of her pussy collecting her moisture as she did so, which in turn was replaced by more as she continued. Amy then ran two finger slowly along the inside of her folds upwards and then brought her hand up to her mouth, and whilst staring directly into Jake’s eyes sucked her own juices like some porn star. Where was she getting this from, he thought. She then returned her fingers to her pussy and started to rub gently over her clit. Everyone watched as this become engorged and clearly visible. Whilst this happened Amy’s breathing became more erratic as she was getting closer to climax. In a fraction of a second her movement become a blur and she closed her eyes. The top half of her body fell backwards and she rested leaning back on her left arm, knocking over several things off the counter. She starting moaning heavily and then let out a long gasp as she came in front of the group. Amy rested there a moment to catch her breath and Jake admired her panting chest supported by erect nipples. Just before she got off the counter he looked one final time at her opening and saw her juices slowly dripping from her onto the floor. Wow, he thought, she’s done that before!

Amy rejoined the group as if nothing had happened and regained her ice queen aura before the next round. The rest of the group weren’t quite as composed and Jake could tell most were quite turned on. Liz seemed a bit jagged in her breathing and even Charlie looked excited. The next few hands allowed the heat to simmer but not let things get out of control yet. Steph was the victim of both as she firstly lost her trousers revealing a pair of non-matching and basic pants to that of her bra, but still looked very sexy; and then she was forced to reveal her lovely 36DD breasts to everyone when lady luck deserted for a second time.

Jake noticed a blurry clock in the kitchen and saw it was nearly 2:30am. He couldn’t believe how long they had been playing or what had happened this evening. The game was becoming disjointed and messy as people were becoming tired, drunk or (more) horny. He smelt a long overdue spliff coming from somewhere and saw the bizarre and funny sight of Steve standing by one of the sofas naked, half-aroused and smoking. It wasn’t the most erotic sight of the evening but it certainly spoke of the plain wackiness of what had been and what was to come.

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