A Bet’s a BetA Bet’s a Bet


Chris and James were sitting in their dorm room, playing GTA. It had been a hot day, a real hot day, so even though it was approaching midnight, it was still in the high 20s. As such, both of them were lounging around in their boxer shorts.

They’d been playing the last hour, just racing each other, with Chris having won every single race so far. This was expected; he was the far better driver, and so was always the driver for whenever they’d pair up for co-op missions. This race was no different: he crossed the finish line a full 5 seconds before James.

“Had enough?”

“No” James replied in a sour voice.

Chris raised an eyebrow. “You aren’t sick of losing?”

“Of course I am, that’s why we have to keep playing. I can’t go to bed after playing this shit all night. I have to at least get close to winning.”

“I dunno if I can be bothered still playing though.” Chris said with a shrug.

“Fine, we’ll make a bet on it. If you beat me again, next time I hook up with Kate, I’ll film it and show you. You’re always saying how much you’d love to see her suck a dick. If you beat me again then you’ll get to.”

Chris raised his eyebrows at this interesting prospect. Leaning back against the wall, he grinned a devilish grin. “I’ll tell you what. I can’t be bothered waiting for a payout I might not get, so I’ll do it if *you* suck me off tonight.”

James stared at him in disbelief; neither of them were gay. “Are you fucken kidding me?”

Chris shrugged. “Hey, I still remember you telling me you were bicurious.”

“I did *not* say that, I said I wondered what it would be like being with a guy. Once. That doesn’t mean I actually want to find out.”

Chris shrugged again. “Think of it as a way to say for certain you’re not bicurious”, he said with a laugh.

James was getting annoyed. He really wanted to keep playing, as he hated going to bed without at least one good game. He couldn’t believe himself, but he was actually considering it.

“Well?” Chris asked.

James looked at him. “Fine. But you have to win. If I win, you have to give me one.”

Chris was a bit taken aback. “Really? Loser gives the winner a blowjob, that’s how we’re gonna play it?” He thought for a moment, then with absolute confidence, replied “you’re on” and held out his hand. James tentatively shook it. His fate was sealed. Chris ankara travesti stood up and removed his boxer shorts, leaving him naked. Grinning at James’ horrified expression, he said “just getting ready so I don’t have to take them off later.”

Chris turned to the TVs and began setting up a race. Once it was loaded in, they both got comfortable, and waited for the countdown. As soon as it started, Chris was off like a rocket, but so was James. The race was a highway one, which allowed for greater max speeds and less reliance on braking and cornering. The traffic was the main hazard however, but they both weaved their way through it with ease.

After a few minutes, they were approaching the end, with James less than 2 seconds behind. With the precision of a laser cutter, he honed in on Chris as they both took a long slow curve that would put them in the final straight; the end was less than 20 seconds away.

“Well at least you had a good race, so it’s not…” Chris’ voice cut short as he misjudged and clipped the front of a car, making him fishtail, which caused him to spin off the road and into a tree, leaving James to shoot past him and cross the finish line as the winner. Chris simply stared at the screen for a few seconds, before turning to James, who was grinning smugly and nodding toward his groin.

“Hey, come on, you can’t hold me to that, that wasn’t a fair ending.” he stammered.

“You’re the one who set the race up, if you didn’t want traffic as a hazard, then you shouldn’t have added it. We shook on it, and we both know you would’ve made me do it.”

Chris scowled. James was right on all points. He never expected this. He expected an easy win and a free blowjob. But a deal was a deal. He could stomach this for 5 minutes right? “Ok, fine. But this does not leave this room, alright?

James looked genuinely shocked. “Whoa, of course not. I’m taking this to my grave.”

“Good. And I swear to god, if you cum in my mouth, I’ll bite the fucken thing off. Tell me when it’s about to happen.”

James nodded. “Yeah, of course.” He stood up and pulled his boxers off, so he was now naked. He made a mental note that Chris hadn’t bothered to put his back on, meaning that he’d be giving a blowjob while naked. He wasn’t sure if that made it more gay, but it was a curious thought.

Chris slowly dropped to his knees ankara travestileri in front of James’s spread legs. James wasn’t hard yet, but they hadn’t discussed how to get things started. James was just about to reach down and jerk himself to hardness, but Chris reached out and started doing it for him. The whole time, he had a disgusted look on his face, like he’d smelt sour milk.

James closed his eyes and imagined it was a girl doing it. The friction and the adrenaline soon had him standing tall, and he opened one eye to watch Chris. Chris stopped jerking, aimed the cock at his face, and stuttered forward, his mouth open and the same grossed out expression. After a few seconds, James’ cock was inside his mouth. He closed his lips, making contact for the first time. James’s breathing was quite thready at the anticipation, and after a few seconds, Chris started moving back and forth, finally fulfilling his part of the deal proper.

James watched as Chris moved his mouth back and forth on his dick. As far as blowjobs went, he’d had better. A lot better. Chris’s face was contorted in disgust, there was no suction, and his mouth was quite dry. His lips were essentially moving the foreskin back and forth, instead of gliding over it. But, a blowjob is a blowjob, and even bad ones are still good. So James leaned back and tried to enjoy it as much as he could.

As the time passed by, the only sounds were Chris’ nasal breathing, and the occasional quiet moan from James. But as time passed by, James’ noises started becoming more frequent. The blowjob was starting to feel better. He opened his eyes, and saw that Chris no longer had that look on his face; now it was calm concentration. This meant the lip contact was more consistent. The strokes had also become smoother, rather than the jumpy staccato they’d been at the start. James shrugged internally; Chris had evidently come to terms with what he was doing.

As he watched, Chris’ face became calmer and calmer, almost to a point where he looked serene, blissful. Like he was paradise. His mouth had become wet, and his lips were now gliding over the skin of James’ dick. And then it happened: suction. James’ both felt it on his dick and saw it in Chris’s cheeks. This sudden burst of pleasure caused James’ to sit straight up.

With his arse right on the edge of the bed, and his cock pointing travesti ankara forward, he was now looking down to watch Chris suck him off. And as he looked down, he noticed something he didn’t expect: Chris was hard. And not just semi-hard, but HARD. His cock was pointing straight out and wobbling, with a tiny drop of precum glistening on the tip.

As James absorbed this information, Chris brought his arms up and rested them on the top of James’ thighs, before wrapping around them and holding on, pulling himself in. The suction was ever-present now, and James could also feel Chris’ tongue snaking out to lick the underside of his head.

“Woah. You like doing this, don’t you?” he asked. Chris didn’t respond, he just stopped. Without taking his lips away, he paused for a second, then quickly nodded, before getting back to work.

James moaned again, this time not so quiet and not so small. “Ohhh fuck” he said without meaning to. Chris’ head began to bob faster, the lips and the tongue and the suction taking James to heaven. He couldn’t believe it. What had started as a blowjob he wasn’t sure would even be able to keep him hard had turned into the greatest he’d ever had.

Chris went deep. He couldn’t throat him, but he took him in as far as he could, then slowly dragged his lips along James’s rock hard shaft, before going right back to how he’d been doing it. James moaned again. This time, so did Chris.

James was stunned. Chris was *moaning* while sucking another man’s dick. It was all too much. James’s breathing become rapid and his orgasm approached. “Stop! Stop, I’m gonna cum!” Chris did not stop. He pulled himself in tighter, and sucked even faster, making James’ throat seize up as an explosion of pleasure propelled his cum into Chris’ eager mouth.

Anyone watching would never know that Chris had never done this before. Every single drop of cum went down his throat, and he never stopped sucking the entire time, draining James’ balls for all they had. As James began to thrash, Chris realised it was finally over. Taking his mouth off, he sat back, wiping his lips.

Though his vision was foggy, he managed to lock eyes with Chris, who instantly donned a look of shame and embarrassment. “Uh, it…it’s late, we should get some sleep” he spat out, before quickly moving to his own bed.

James blinked away his confusion, then just said “uh yeah. Uh, good night” He wanted to talk about it, but he knew that would probably make an even bigger mess of things, so he decided to give it time and see how Chris would be in the morning.

To be continued…

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