A Bedtime Story for you… twoA Bedtime Story for you… two


Both of the people in my stories are over 30. Another night has come where you are falling asleep and have given me permission to tell you a story. I know you will be asleep before I am done, but you will read it when you wake…. You are in your bed and call me your pretty girl again. I know you are naked, as that is how you always sleep. I do love to think of you naked all night. It makes me very happy and always puts a smile on my face. You know I bite my lip every time I think of you like that. I bite then suck, then bite again and again. You tell me you are wet and your nipples tingle. I want so badly to lick them and rub my mouth over your wetness. You slide yourself down under the covers and turn off your light. kaçak iddaa Curl up on your side with your hand between your damp thighs, as you do every night. My lip is going to bleed soon, if I keep biting it like this. You tell me I can stay. That I am free to do whatever, wherever I want to you. I can touch and lick you in all my favorite places as you fall to sleep. I do love the outsides of breasts. I don’t know why that swell attracts me so. It is ever so soft, but there are other parts I love almost as much. The dimples on the lower back are so perfect. I go to you to see if they make you twitch when I nibble and licked them. I move to that crease just below your round little ass. They are such beautiful places kaçak bahis where the flat meats the swell. The perfect places to kneed and lick, so sensitive. I roll you slowly to your stomach by running my hands up your legs, squeezing and kneading all the way from your ankles right to that crease. Where I can stroke it and push my palms right up to it. I squeeze the pressed up round globes of your beautiful ass. I’ll hold it just like that, so I can lower myself all the way. You tell me I must cum with you if I am to make you cum. That will not be a problem though. I can do that just squeezing and clenching my thighs and pussy, because I am still tingling from earlier today. It will happen so easily, planning the illegal bahis things I am about to do to you already has me so wet. I use my hands to squeezing your ass so tight that I’m digging my fingers in. I push forward to tilt your hips for me, so I can lick you. I’m licking from before your clit back, to shove my tongue into your pussy. It will be so nice to see where the new angle will press the ball on my tongue. When I lick the back wall of your pussy the ball on the bottom pushes in too. It catches on the edge every time I push my tongue in and out. I swirl it around inside you leaving your clit untouched until you are rocking your hips, unconsciously trying to pull your ass from my hands. My work makes my grip is very strong, much stronger than most men, but my hands are completely uncalloused and smooth. I carefully remove all callouses often. My fingers do not abrade your skin, but your hips moving is still useless.

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