A Beautiful Lady named SheilaA Beautiful Lady named Sheila


How can I describe her – she is about 56yrs old, 5’10” tall, and weighed about 135lbs.  She had a very fine rack about 38C with a slim waist but a bulbous rear end.   A real bubble butt. I had admired this lady for many years as I grew up and was always willing to help her in any way.  She often had small things that I could do to make it easier on her around the house and garden.   As I approached my 18th birthday, she called me one day and asked if I would be available to help her out in a couple of weeks.  Of course I was only too happy to help her. I was due to have my 18th birthday that weekend and ended up having a great time with my mates. The next weekend I went over to her place and she greeted me at the front door with a big hug and thanked me profusely for coming over. She told me that she needed a tree cut down in the back garden as the leaves were being shed over the whole yard and it was too much for her to keep clearing them up.  When I realised what tree it was, I was very disappointed; it happened to be the tree that my brother and I climbed and played in when we were younger.  I didn’t say anything istanbul travesti but she could see the look on my face. “I’m sorry about this Davie, but I hope you understand.” “Of course I do, I realise that you can’t do the heavy work now that there is no man around the house.  I suppose you wouldn’t re-consider if I offered to come around and rake the leaves for you every week,” I offered. “Oh Davie, would you do that for me, I really don’t want to get rid of that tree. It is so shady in summer and it allows me to sit under its branches.” So we decided that was what would happen.  I would come over at least once a week and clear up any stray leaves. As I had originally come prepared to stay overnight, I cleared up the yard then and went inside.   “Can I have a shower before dinner,” I asked. “You know where everything is, go ahead while I get dinner on the table,” she answered. Later that evening after dinner and the dishes were done, I suggested a game of cards.   “What would you like to play?” “How about Poker, that is a lively game.  Lets play for something, but what?” istanbul travestileri “Lets have a few hands and think about what the prize can be, alright.” All the while we were playing we had been sipping on a bottle of red wine, and I got up to get another as we finished the first one.   It had started to become boring, so after we played another half dozen games and she had been winning most of them, she decided to up the stakes and suggested we play Strip Poker.   That stunned me but I was game if she was.  I thought later on that she wanted to see me stripped down. Well, I then really started to play.  I had visions of getting her clothes off before she got mine off.   I began to win game after game, only losing two until then.  By this time she had stripped right down to her panties and bra.  Of course, I being in the winning position was quite happy with what I was seeing.  It was the first time that she had let down her hair and allowed me to see her like this.  She called a halt to the game and lay back on the lounge. “Davie, do you like what you see,” she enquired. travesti What could I say but …. “Yesssss, very much so.  What can I do for you?” “I know I am much older than you, but I would love you to make love to me tonight,” she answered. “Wow,   I thought to myself.  This is something I never expected.” “Well Sheila, I have loved you for many years and always admired you but this has come as quite a shock to me.” “Davie, don’t worry about it then, I have been having these feelings for a while now and even though it seems so degenerate, I have longed to have you fuck me since you were a young teenager.  I could see even then the man you would grow into.” During this conversation, Sheila had moved closer to me.  She sat beside me now and rested her hand on my thigh, slowly rubbing up and down my upper leg and gradually skimming my hardened cock.  Of course, my rod was responding.  She reached over with her other hand and undid the button and then unzipped my fly, her hand crawling into my boxers.  She brought my hard cock out into the open and just gazed lustfully at it. “My my….. you have certainly grown into a big man, haven’t you,” was her comment. She lowered her head and immediately began to run her tongue around the head of my throbbing meat pole.  Slipping and sliding her tongue up and down and round and round.  She then engulfed the whole of that rod into her mouth and down her throat.

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