A Bar-StrangerA Bar-Stranger

Lady Boy

P simply waited. It was a long day, and she was heckled. Sipping on her gin and tonic, all she wanted was anything, anything that would alleviate the tension in her shoulders. She had come out, today of all days, because she wanted a release, nay, she needed a release.

Out of the corner of her eye, she notices someone making his way over to her. She snorted. Not him. Never him in a thousand years. She could be increasingly frustrated with her life, and yet, she maintained her standards. She didn’t like him. He didn’t match up. She wanted more. She looked on. She wanted to be pleasured. She wanted to feel fire. She wanted to arch her back and scream out to the high heavens.

But maybe, it wasn’t meant today. Maybe, all she would do was go back home, and brood over her solitude. Maybe.


I sidle closer. Looking at everyone around, she seems different. Maybe, because she isn’t staring at everyone while they are. Maybe, because she was quietly minding her own business, while everyone was dancing out of their wits. But whatever it was, this being of silence had intrigued me. It was my first day in this new city, and it would help having a friend around. Or more.

“What’s a place doing in a girl like you?” I knowingly botch up the line. She looks up, and smiles a little. Her gaze burying me to the spot, all I could do was stare. She was beautiful. With brown lock, full lips, and milky, creamy skin, she looked other-worldly in this place. I couldn’t help sizing her up. She in her little black dress, looking fascinatingly sexy. And, if my eyes weren’t mistaken, she was doing the same too. Well, black shirt and denims don’t usually burn out, do they? I locked eyes with her again, and smiled. Maybe, today was a good day.

Seeing isveçbahis the bar go empty around us, I asked her to accompany me for a short walk. Now, what I hadn’t figured was that January nights in this city could get really chilly, and it was all I could do to not press her close against my skin as we navigated the roads. I steered her, with my hand on the mid of her back, which did gradually creep downwards. She noticed, but just gave a tiny little smirk.

We were at an alleyway that was darker than the main roads we had crossed. It looked menacing, and I could feel her inching closer to me. Her intoxicating scent was overpowering, and it was all I could do to not push her against the wall, and devour her. Yet, I was unable to control the effect the scent was having on me as I leaned in slowly, and seeing her not step back, licked her lips with my tongue. She breathed sharply, and whispered, “Not here.”


P couldn’t believe what had transpired in the last 15 minutes. One moment she was turning down guys in a bar, and the next, she was in a lone alley with a stranger, who had his arms around her. She was excited. She wanted it. Maybe tonight, she needed it.


I drove her to my place, and we walked towards my door in silence. I glanced at her at times, noticing the sway in her hips, or the natural pout of her lips, as we went in. Once inside, I threw all caution to the winds, and took her in my arms. Leaning in, my warm breath on her face, I could see her eyes fluttering close, as I kissed her. My hands started flowing through the curves and rested on her ass, as our lips dueled for dominance. I started sucking on her lower lip, pulling it with my lips, nibbling on it, as my hands started to gently maul her posterior. I isveçbahis giriş gradually steered her towards the wall, and once her back touched it, kissed along the length of her jaw, to suck on her skin. She tasted pleasant, and her skin was soft to the touch. I could hear her sharp breaths, and soft means, as she dug her hands in my hair, and started grinding her hips with mine.

My hands came up, and started rubbing her full breasts over her dress, which I then hastened to remove. I slipped it down her body, and stared at the sheer beauty before me. Something in me snapped, and I pounced on her. I started biting her neck, licking her throat, and took her nipple in my mouth, which I started sucking. The intense blood thundering down my ears, the animalistic passion that had consumed me, was urging me to ravish her. To consume her instead, and I obliged. While I kept sucking her breasts, she started unbuckling my pants, and having done so, started rubbing my engorged penis. I was hard, and it was all I could do to not push it inside her the very moment.

I finally unhooked whatever was left of her bra, and threw it on the sofa, while my finger started rubbing at her glistening mound, soaked to the brim. I removed her thong, and gently pushed a finger inside her. She moaned loudly, and her legs started quivering. I didn’t relent and started fingering her with greater force, as she kept rubbing my penis harder and faster. As we battled for dominance, I took her quivering body to the bed, and spread her legs, taking a long lick at her wet pussy. The I started licking it faster, sometimes deeper, sometimes longer, I spelt her name with my tongue, I nibbled on her labia, as she moaned my name out loud. I took her to the brink of climax, only to not isveçbahis yeni giriş let her complete it. I teased her, until she was writhing, moaning on my bed, asking me to ram my cock inside her.

Then I stood up, and pulling her hips closer to me started rubbing the tip of my cock on her mound, never putting it in, just languishing it around, making it even wetter, as she kept moaning. Then slowly, I put it in, enough for her to adjust to it, and then the entirety of it. She screamed, as I picked up force and start ramming my penis inside her. I fucked her with long strokes, sometimes increasing my speed, while sometimes, I bent over to take her nipple in my mouth, as I sucked it, all the while fucking her.

I then lay down on the bed, asking her to climb over me. As she started riding me, I watched as her breasts heaved. Reaching out, I started playing with her nipples, as she kept slamming her hips down onto me again and again, while sweat glistened on her body, making her even more sensuous. I wrapped my arms around her, and pulled her down, so I could start licking her nipples, while she kept rocking on my hips.

Bringing both of us to the edge of orgasm, I decide to take things up a notch, and settled her down on all fours. She could see her reflection on the mirror, as I slammed into her from behind, pleasuring her more than she had bargained for. I fucked her hard, and increased the force, as she constantly kept moaning me to. I kept fucking her, and she keep gyrating her hips, her tight pussy a glove for my cock. I plunged my cock into her relentlessly, until she orgasmed, her juice glistening in the light on my penis.

I turned her around, and rubbed my cock on her nipples, while mushing her breasts together. I then pushed my penis inside the valley of her breasts, and started fucking them, leading me to orgasm. I couldn’t last any longer, and grunting, I came all over her breasts, painting them white.

Then I laid down next to her, completely exhausted.

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